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What's your biggest gamer achievement?
  • I see people talking about Disco Elysium and particularly the communist quest line online all the time. I have an achievement for completing the quest line that like 1% of people have. I should play Disco again.

  • Just bought my first fem piece of clothing.

    I'm so fuckin happy rn. Gonna go shopping a bit more tomorrow I think. I took Elise's advice and ended up going to a fetish shop, ended up only buying some stocking but I feel like I need more lmao. Did look around the city to see if any shops would kind of fit the bill (LGBTQ+ friendly, drag) but everything else was so public facing and I'm definitely not ready for that. I also checked local LGBTQ+ alliance page websites and there wasn't anything listed in my city.


    Trans friendly store advice?

    Any ideas to find trans friendly clothing stores near me? Live in a fairly conservative place but don't really have access to online shopping. Idk, just want to actually try a dress on somewhere.


    Eruda on Lemmy pages?

    I suddenly have a little widget called Eruda on Lemmy pages and cannot seem to disable, and did not install this myself. Any ideas? Not sure where else to post.

    Lemmy Support VinceUnderReview

    What is Eruda? Only active on Lemmy tabs

    On Firefox mobile, suddenly have a little widget that links back to something called Eruda. I didn't install this, and can't seem to disable. Any tips?


    Sharing RAW files?

    Hey there, I have been shooting a couple of Autocross events recently. I intend to edit and give the photos I am happy with away free of charge. A person in the photos has requested the raw shots and I just want to hear some opinions as I am conflicted.


    Behind the Bastards Lemmy! Behind the Bastards - Blåhaj Lemmy

    Behind the Bastards fan community. Don’t be a prick, good vibes only (other than the show’s content).

    Behind the Bastards - Blåhaj Lemmy

    For all Behind the Bastards podcast fans, please come by!

    [ Behind the Bastards ] ( /c/[email protected] ) [email protected] Link that should actually work