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  • You could fight your teacher outside?

  • Amazon workers narrowly reject union in historic vote
  • Except most developed countries have strong unions and guess what, most everyone is happy with them and the workers actually have rights and get paid a fair wage. Only in the worker-trampling corporate-hellscape that is the US someone would think this nonsense.

  • Geometry
  • Yes but what if one side is so slightly curved that it's invisible to the naked eye? Then your total angles would be 179.99 degrees and it's not a triangle.

  • Europe’s most liveable cities
  • It's kind of an insult to Istanbul at this point.

  • What's your plan if Trump wins in November?
  • Unless you're queen or need an abortion or need healthcare.

  • Armed to deter cops
  • Cops much prefer to beat up their unarmed wife than an armed group.

  • me_irl
  • A purse?!

  • Since America is bringing back kings what other kind of stuff is on your medieval wishlist?
  • The stockade is something we desperately need. Some people need to learn how other people see them. Driving 50mph in a living area, stockade. Making a lot of noise at 6 in the morning, believe it or not, stockade. Being a racist cunt, straight to the stockade.

  • [from [email protected]] Spain - Adults who want to enter porn websites must have a 'digital card' with 30 accesses valid for 30 days
  • I don't use this term often, but which smoothbrain thought of this? 30 tokens per month (so, 30 individual visits per month, never mind if you can't find what you're looking for on that particular site or just plain want to see it more often), and then only 3 visits per site. I'm sorry, what? Did someone in that panel own a bunch of unknown porn sites or something?

  • Ladybird, a truly independent web browser.
  • Meanwhile on their website:

    Chris Wanstrath (Secretary & Treasurer)

  • Announcing the Ladybird Browser Initiative
  • Funny how in the video the guy say that all other browsers are based on Google's code. But Firefox is also independent right?

  • Highlander reboot, starring Henry Cavill in the lead role, the movie is set to start filming in early 2025.
  • Oh I didnt even hear anything about that. But if I trust anyone with that IP it would be Cavill.

  • We coulda had Bernie...
  • They're revering to the genocide in Gaza.

  • It's rare that I have to do it now.
  • Rubbing damp hands over wrinkled shirt.

    Well, that's ironed enough.

  • The Peace Corps released this warning for black people volunteering in Ukraine
  • American culture is interwoven with the black slavery history, most of the rest of the world is not. So no, they don't have that baggage when it comes to black face or the like. Like you don't understand the Indian caste system, for example.

    Making them out as racists is stupid if you stop to think about it and not just give kneejerk reactions. Not everyone is as obsessed with race like Americans.

  • exponential growth of wolverines
  • Wolverine is difficult because of his (unnatural) metal skeleton. So whatever is attached to the skeleton will regenerate. If you slice of the tip of his finger it will just die and he'll grow a new finger, but if all that's left is a tip of the finger clinging to the skeleton he'll regenerate.

  • [Gamers Nexus] "Google is Getting Worse," ft. Wendell of Level1 Techs
  • It's not even that their results suck, per se, but they straight up ignore most of my search query and focus on one or two words only. Obviously that makes your search results suck.

  • Think of the children!
  • Divide them into the ones thinking poor people also deserve to be healthy and...?

  • China's state subsidies in green technologies significantly higher than those in EU and OECD countries, distorting competition, researchers say
  • What the fuck is this bullshit article? China gives subsidies for green tech? GOOD! And then they want the EU to stop is? See, this is why we can't have nice things. When we lay parched on our barren sun baked fields this is who we can thank.

  • Does anyone know what jellyfish this is? I saw it at the beach in Thailand.

    Saw quite a lot of them in around 2m deep water. Looks like Phyllorhiza punctata but then with reversed colours. About 15cm long. Didn't seem very dangerous, as in I saw no one screaming in agony.

    Not my picture, but the only one I could find.