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Want more GNU in Linux, so Guix, btw. पूंजीपति will be sent to corrective labour camp.

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How do I calibrate a new battery on Linux?
  • It's a Lenovo S540-15IWL, with the MX250 dGPU. I've tried checking the BIOS, and there seems to be no setting for the battery in the BIOS.

  • How do I calibrate a new battery on Linux?
  • The laptop? Yes, I've done this already. I've also removed the battery and the CMOS, held the power button to discharge the laptop, booted it without the battery, and then installed it again.

  • How do I calibrate a new battery on Linux?

    I've installed a new battery on my laptop, but to my surprise, the percentage of charge in the battery is at 0. Here's the upower diagnostics:

    console $ upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0 native-path: BAT0 serial: 0 power supply: yes updated: Thursday 11 July 2024 09:54:55 PM (16 seconds ago) has history: yes has statistics: yes battery present: yes rechargeable: yes state: pending-charge warning-level: none energy: 0 Wh energy-empty: 0 Wh energy-full: 0 Wh energy-full-design: 0 Wh energy-rate: 0 W charge-cycles: 100 percentage: 0% technology: lithium-ion icon-name: 'battery-caution-charging-symbolic'

    The "energy-full-design" capacity of the battery should be 70Wh, but here it is, at 0Wh. None of the statistics above (except date and time) have updated, and it's been two days already. How do I calibrate this battery?

    Military top
  • That's the remnants of old British English, which probably preserved one if the features of Latin. It means "also/and".

    So penetration-cum-blast round means penetration-and-blast round. On second thought, this really doesn't fix how wrong it sounds.

  • GNOME 47's New Font
  • Isn't Noto Sans just better, with lots of typography support for other languages? What's the issue then?

  • please
  • My cousin sister lost all her files to a malicious script on her pendrive, and I am fixing it right now (at the time of writing this). The unreliable pile of crap called OneDrive didn't even back up properly, and well, Windows has gone so bad, it's terrible,laggy and slow on a Ryzen 5800U with 8GB of RAM. I wish she was open to learning Linux desktop environments.

  • where can I get second hand laptop or PC?
  • I guess you should look for something like a old Lenovo ThinkCentre or a Dell Optiplex. Pick something with 4 or more physical cores, add 16GB to 32GB of RAM, 1-2TB of space and you should be good to go? Just hope that you don't broadcast your own links to other folks, or your server won't be able to take the huge influx of network traffic.

    Btw, I've heard that eBay (the site) protects your against scammers. Now, I've personally never used eBay, but I'll soon be, to get myself a used ThinkPad for cheap.

  • where can I get second hand laptop or PC?
  • I am curious about what you're trying to self-host. If it's something as simple as a static website, you can simply use a cheap, secondhand Raspberry Pi? Maybe, even a cheap RISC-V SBC, or an ESP-32 web server?

    If it's anything similar to a substitute mirror server for Nix/Guix, you'll be needing lots of storage.Now, if its a build farm you're talking about, then I'm afraid you'll have to spend a good amount.

    eBay has a lot of cheap stuff from the USA. Including the shipping charges (which I'm assuming also includes duty), you can save almost around ₹5-10k.

  • Opinions on the Acer TravelMate series
  • I wanted to ask what a Thinkpad user thinks of this Acer device. I know that Dell XPS/Precision and HP Elitebook is often compared to Thinkpad, but I've never heard about TravelMate.

  • what do you think of mit??
  • I hate them, because university rankings have kind if become a neo-caste system. Ivy League universities are elitist brain-rot. Sure, they house great minds, but the sham that is meritocracy will crumble if everyone in this world had the privilege to start from the same line one the race track.

    Just think of it - is advancement of human civilization a dick-measuring contest, or do we prepared folks to be better professionals to excel in the respective field they've chosen?

    Well, I am not really sure if you should be celebrating MIT, just because Richard Stallman has graduated from there. That's like saying - we should bomb the fuck out of Harvard for producing graduated that have bought terror in this world through human rights violation of varying degrees?

  • ThinkPad velox_vulnus

    Opinions on the Acer TravelMate series

    I've seen their last few laptops, and it looks like as if they stayed true to their laptops being repairable, compared to the ThinkPads of the same generation. I'm talking about devices like the TravelMate P2 and the P4.

    Was wondering if these weren't seen as a nicer alternative to the Thinkpads, and if so, then why? Is the TravelMate build quality not that great?

    Are electronics in Slovenia super-expensive?
  • Not really. So far, I've been looking for the Thinkpad T14 (T4xx), the X13 (X3xx), the P14s, the P1 and the X1 extreme. But most of them were either out of my budget, or quite outdated

  • 5:57 am and dreading the possible inevitabilities
  • Bro over here said WhatsApp is good, lmao. Add all the filth available in other countries, plus the Meta AI and the UPI integration we have over here in India - it's a privacy nightmare, a locked monopolistic ecosystem, a data farm and a huge attack vector for insecure system.

  • This Is The Smallest Linux Gaming PC! It's Fast & Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand - Bazzite Linux
  • I guess this is my kind of system. I am the type to play older, low-end pre-2016 games, and build apps locally, if they're not available on the substitute servers. Not sure why there's so much disagreement towards this video?

  • Are electronics in Slovenia super-expensive?
  • Most of the Thinkpads are from the USA on eBay, so there's really not a lot of options for used/refurbished products from European countries in general. I'd love to use any other platform that ships their products to South Asia.

  • Are electronics in Slovenia super-expensive?
  • Are European eBay sellers blocked in Asia? For some reason, all I can see are USA-only laptops. Maybe a few Italian and Slovakian ones, which are again, priced ridiculously. So far, I've not come across even a single seller from German.

  • Are electronics in Slovenia super-expensive?
  • I've messaged them, and the least they're willing to go down is 760£, which is still quite a lot for a 1st gen Ryzen mobile processor.

  • Are electronics in Slovenia super-expensive?

    I've been searching for a used Thinkpad for so long, and the shipping price from the USA is ridiculously high between 80-120$, so I've been looking for any European options on eBay.

    I came across a Thinkpad X395 from 2019, with AMD Ryzen 5 3500U, 16GB of RAM and a measly 265GB of space. On rough estimates, thus exact build will be sold for 150-250$ in the USA, plus the shipping cost. Now, this laptop is from Slovenia, at a whopping 900£, plus the 40-60£ shipping.

    Now, what's with this ridiculous pricing for an almost 6-year-old device? Are electronics sold in Slovenia so expensive that they are barely affected by yearly depreciation?

    GNU Taler is not your friend
  • Oh, I just realized that OP is the crypto-guy.

  • When a piracy website is cleaner than almost all the web!
  • You can use Decentraleyes for CDNs.

    Edit: not sure if it works with the above...

  • Can you believe it?
  • And I'm still unemployed, which makes it two years. Welp, time to immigrate for my Master's.

  • Do you have this guy at work? I do
  • Back then when I used to have elitist techbro brain-rot, I used to feel the same. Now that I've become very pro-labor, I think that this guy is based.

  • Help choosing distro for old EOL Chromebook
  • No, Nix and Guix uses too much space for symlink. That 32GB space can't handle it. I had a 128GB storage, and it was running out of space after a week. 512GB and 1TB? Just fine.

  • The German language velox_vulnus

    How do I pronounce "Ich"?

    The "Ich" sound is confusing - I am having problem reaching that sound. Is it "ick", as in icky, "ich" as in sandwich, or "ish", as in feverish?

    ThinkPad velox_vulnus

    My luck with finding used affordable-but-slightly-modern Thinkpad hasn't been the best....

    I've been trying to find Thinkpad laptops with specifications equivalent to, or better than my old Ideapad with i5-8265U. So far, I've only been using Ebay. Unless explicitly mentioned, all prices are without shipping charges. This time, I've restricted myself to the following rules:

    • Assume +100$ for all product (international shipping)
    • Look for 8th, 9th and 10th gen Intel processors, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd gen AMD processors.
    • 8 (assuming SODIMM is free for another 8GB)/16/32GB of RAM
    • 256GB (if device is cheap, I can upgrade it myself)/512GB/1TB
    • Pick devices with 8th gen Intel processors under 200$
    • Pick devices with 9th gen Intel and 1st gen Ryzen processors under 250$
    • Pick devices with 10th gen Intel and 2nd/3rd gen Ryzen processors under 300$
    • Assume an extra 50-100$ for workstation dGPU
    • Do not buy anything higher than 450$ (with shipping price included)

    However, to my surprise, 8th gen devices are still being sold around 250-350$, 9th gen devices and almost every Ryzen-based devices are non-existent, and 10th gen devices are surprisingly the same or lower than 8th gen, but their prices get inflated after auction - perhaps by shill bidding bots.

    I also can't figure out this - why are there no listings from Europe or Middle East? Shipping from America is too expensive (although way cheaper that the local listings here).

    How can I get better for finding used/refurbished/renewed Thinkpad?


    Is the internet really that terrible?

    This is what a comment from the 2019 YCombinator user says. Is the infrastructure still that bad?

    3 Why a Farm Worker's Gruesome Death in Italy Is Not Just an Occupational Accident

    Satnam Singh, who was 31 years old and left India to seek a future in Italy, was abandoned too long without treatment; his blood pressure was too low to allow him to survive the traumas he suffered.

    Why a Farm Worker's Gruesome Death in Italy Is Not Just an Occupational Accident
    0 Videos Appear to Show 'Slipper-Like Object' Landing on PM Modi's Car in Varanasi

    This was Modi's first visit to his constituency since his victory from there in the Lok Sabha election.

    Videos Appear to Show 'Slipper-Like Object' Landing on PM Modi's Car in Varanasi

    Has anyone tried buying open-box/refurbished/used laptops from Ebay international (USA to India)?

    I've been looking to buy a Thinkpad from Ebay. Compared to the refurbished market in India, the prices are really low, even after the addition of shipping costs.

    For example, consider a Thinkpad X13 Gen 1 with i7-10510U/10610U (6c, 12t, I believe), 16GB onboard RAM and 512TB storage being sold for ₹12,000-₹18,000, plus ₹6,000 for shipping, versus paying ₹35,000-₹65,000 overall when buying from a refurbished laptop seller locally.

    Are there addition expenses to pay - like for example, import duty? What other stuff should I take into consideration?

    A community for the lovers of the scheme programming languages velox_vulnus

    How do I explain two years of doing nothing to a university for masters?

    Ever since I've graduated on September 2022, I've not had a job. Maybe a crappy internship, but I wasn't provided with a 'certificate', or letter that proves if I've worked for them. That was around October 2022, and I quit voluntarily at the end of January 2023. Since then, I've not worked anywhere as a software dev, be it internship or full-time, because the job market is so fucked up in India.

    Now, how do I explain this to avail scholarship? I have yet to read other scholarship docs from other countries in Europe, and I'm already shitting solidified blood-clots reading this from the DAAD Helmut-Schmidt announcement document:

    >a curriculum vitae in reverse chronological order including the date of issue (format: europass, please note: the europass template does not include a date, please add it yourself) with exact information about your studies and practical experience; gaps of three months or more must be explained

    (Update: And I just realized that I am an idiot for not reading that this is only for non-STEM folks. Well, it looks to me that DAAD for STEM is also almost the same, with more stringent requirements.)

    In my college, there was no research programs - I mean, you know the typical 'Indian colleges encouraging academic plagiarism', so I didn't learn or do shit. And obviously, I have no job experience. I did contribute to open-source from GitLab, a few Ruby gems, a new unknown front-end framework for JS, then Nixpkgs and now Guix, but that's it. Honestly, I wouldn't even call it contribution, because only a few patches were merged - most of it was just me interacting with those folks. After that, I've done nothing since September 2023, because my laptop broke and there were no spare parts. Maybe a little bit of playing around with Nix and Guix, writing package expressions and that's it.

    How do I explain this? CVs are supposed to be at least 2-3 pages, but this? I can't even write half a page with this.

    ThinkPad velox_vulnus

    What is a MDM? Can it be wiped off, or is it ingrained in the motherboard?

    One of the used Thinkpad I was looking at has a MDM. Is it going to be an issue? If so, can I bypass it? I'm going to be using Linux anyway, so would it cause any issue?


    [Metric] - Lost Kitten HD


    Nitish Kumar was the CM of Bihar for the 9th term, and this time, it will be his 10th term. He was also the longest serving CM. Biharis of Lemmy, what has this politician done for your people?

    I will not invalidate the mistreatment and hate towards Bihari people, and I think that it is a valid concern. But this isn't about that. The people of Bihar can, for all of eternity, curse and blame the rest of India for their poverty and downfall, but is it really the case?

    When the rest of India was against the faulty tax-distribution between states, because we object to our taxes going in the pockets of scummy politicians, but they keep getting to power, is that not a valid justification?

    The four-lane Sultanganj-Aguani Ghat bridge has collapsed twice in two year, and god-knows how many shitty infrastructure was built in Nitish Kumar's time? Or does no one keep track about such incidents, because the bridges are apparently not for them?

    Oh, and about education. Bihar is plagued with paper leaks for almost any exam that happens in that state. There's no good universities or industries in that pitiable state, and the youth are forced to migrate to other states, making it difficult for the natives to get job. But was that not their own fault? Why did they vote back Nitish Kumar again to power, knowing that their state is failing?


    Modi's Cabinet: Six With Rs 100 Cr+, 28 With Criminal Cases From Murder to Crimes Against Women Modi’s Cabinet: Six With Rs 100 Cr+, 28 With Criminal Cases From Murder to Crimes Against Women

    Bandi Kumar Sanjay, Minister of State for Home Affairs, has 42 cases against him with at least 30 serious charges while Shantanu Thakur, junior minister for ports, has 23 cases and 37 serious charges.

    Modi’s Cabinet: Six With Rs 100 Cr+, 28 With Criminal Cases From Murder to Crimes Against Women
    ThinkPad velox_vulnus

    Thinkpads so hard to find in the refurbished market?

    I've been trying to find P1/X1 Extreme (Gen 1/2/3) and X1 Carbon laptops (Gen 7/8) that come in the configuration of Intel 8th/9th/10th gen (newer is better) in i7, or the AMD Ryzen equivalent of it, 16/32GB of RAM, 512GB/1TB of storage space, FHD display and preferably 2xSODIMM, if possible. No dedicated GPU, because I'm not going to be playing games. Also, no operating system, because I'll be using Linux. So far, this effort hasn't been going well. What will improve the success rate for finding a refurbished/renewed device?

    The budget isn't finalized, but I've imagined it to be somewhere in the ₹30k-40k range. I'd prefer if it were in ₹20k-30k. Country is India, by the way, and I am open to getting them imported, as long as I can get it for cheap, and have it last for almost four years, and get parts readily available. I've tried looking in DesertCart and UBuy and they're expensive in both the sites. E-Bay does not have enough devices.


    Is it just me, or was the opening song for God of High Season 1 not that great?

    I remember listening to Fly To High by Younha, and around that time, I started reading the manhwa and I was in love with it. And when I learnt about the anime becoming a reality, I was so excited about this song being used, or maybe something as good by her. Contradiction by Tyler Carter sounds like a repetitive rip-off of Camellia's glitch-hop. Similarly, other manhwa series like Solo Leveling or Tower of God have opening themes I just can't vibe with.