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  • YouTube content creator and ex-police officer That Dang Dad notes that it's not just the current killology-riddled precinct culture in which every civilian is a potential threat that drives pro-escalation attitudes in law enforcement, but also a degree of combat PTSD, as police are directedmto where social trouble spots occur, and have to deal with the potential of violence even when all the people in a situation are polite.

    That Dang Dad quit law enforcement before coming to terms with how it affected his brain. He is a total police abolitionist now, saying not only that police officers are driven by the culture to be cold and cruel but also by the work to be afraid of everything, that danger might come from anywhere at any moment.

    These days, we know the police are not here to protect the public, rather to serve as an occupying garrison for the ownership class, and while this was always the case, the DEA and war on drugs and the 1033 program have made this role even more clear. But it also means we're not going to get a public serving response service until we are no longer occupied by the ownership class.

  • 86-year-Old Woman Beaten Because She Looked ‘Trans’
  • Alex Bailey, 30, said that he had taken so many drugs that night that he was in a state of "induced psychosis"

    Was this part of the situation ignored? Is Bailey dry now? Is his sobriety a mandated condition of his freedom?

    After they come for trans folk, and no one speaks, addicted ne'er-do-wells are going to find themselves only one or two lines down the purge list. Hate-driven politics is a device to control the people as the ownership class leaves the society to rot for personal gain.

    At least that's the common driving force behind self-medication and hate crime here in the US.

  • How do blind people know that they've sufficiently wiped?
  • Get yourself a travel bidet <$20 on Amazon, and start with that. You use warm tap water from your commode.

    No installation, but a bit of practice.

    My proctologist ranted about general bad wiping habits in the US that damage the hemorrhoid tissue over time. Don't spend your life in sin and misery as I have in the House of the Rising Sun, and stick to only dabbing with bathroom tissue, and use bidets to do the heavy cleaning.

  • Cern
  • CERN is where I'd expect horny wierdo xenophilic reptilians would hang.

  • Flesh rule
  • The tragedy of the commons is a metaphoric label for a concept that is widely discussed, and criticised, in economics, ecology and other sciences. According to the concept, should many people enjoy unfettered access to a finite, valuable resource such as a pasture, they will tend to overuse it and may end up destroying its value altogether. Even if some users exercised voluntary restraint, the other users would merely supplant them, the predictable result a tragedy for all. -- Wikipedia

    So no, it TotC is the concept of a descriptive problem, for which many people (all the way back to Aristotle) might have suggested prescriptions, but TotC does not include those prescriptions, rather a recurring pattern of negative consequences due to natural human behavior.

    In classical capitalist economics, the common solution is strictly-enforced regulation by a public serving government (which itself is susceptible to regulatory capture, a particular irony since I was in Economics 101 when Reagan was in office stripping away the government power to regulate). And this phenomenon is highlighted by Karl Marx in Das Kapital so even when we can poke at a given attempt to fix the TotC problem, the solution fails and the problem persists, and may well be humanity's last great filter.

  • Assuming we don't have free will, why do we have the illusion that we do?
  • Inception helped to bring the Penrose Stairs back into popularity and Penrose tiles are still a popular example of aperiodic tiling, so I suspect enough of the public has a connection to who he is.

  • F-16 Waifu
  • Crashes a lot, but that's your fault.¹

    ¹ Lots of collision with ground due to pilot error in the 1990s. She may have gotten better since. All my milinfo is old.

  • A desperate Trump wants to distance himself from Project 2025. Here's why.
  • I will now be tempted to call him Donald "Project 2025" Trump.

  • Flesh rule
  • I still think the notion has merit.

    I, too, can get persnickety about misconceptions. The slow-heated boiled frogs experiment dealt with frogs with their brains removed. Live frogs are difficult to keep in the pot in the first place, leaping out at whim unless trapped in the pot. If trapped, they get more active as the heat rises, so the metaphor doesn't reflect reality.

    An ostrich was observed hiding its head in a bush and acting as if it believed it was fully concealed. Ostriches do stick their heads into the ground anyway, to forage for food like worms and burrowing bugs.

    William Forster Lloyd may have had some misconceptions regarding the causes of and mitigations for the tragedy of the commons, but it remains a valid concept, as there are many limited resources that are over-exploited by human society, some of which present a great filter we will have to navigate. (That is to say, if they don't drive us to outright extinction they will certainly cripple the sustainability of civilization enough to hobble our future potential, say for space exploration and colonization.)

    While we can debate the consistency with which common resources are tragedized, it remains a useful metaphor, and there are plenty of cases in which a common shared resource gets depleted due to bad-faith in sharing negotiations and over exploitation. The depletion of wild cod in the Atlantic, for example, came due to overfishing by large industrial fishing interests and poaching within wildlife reserves in which no fishing was supposed to be allowed.

    The classic range wars on the US plains came from a conflict between cattle ranchers and sheep ranchers (sheep eat the whole plant, including the root, so vert has to be replanted) When sheep didn't keep to designated territories due to failure of planting, the cattle rangers determined the sheep ranchers couldn't be trusted with their word, and violence prevailed.

    Then there's the US economy, in which the ownership class captured the government (intended to serve the public) so they could strip away social safety nets, education and eventually, sustenance wages, because companies who make profits in the short term can overwhelm, close-out and buy-out competing businesses who try to preserve profits in the long term. Curiously, Marx gets into this in Das Kapital and we're seeing it play out before our very eyes. Also precarity is driving our lumpenproletariat to look for a Mussolini-wannabe strongman to sort all this out (Trump, or whoever, won't but will capitalize on such promises).

    And of course, there's the rising pollution of the atmosphere with greenhouse gasses that is raising the average temperature of the earth. In the 1970s, meteorologists and climatologists suggested a +2℃ could be globally catastrophic, and risk extinction. Then in the aughts and 2010s, politicians suggested we could survive +3℃ or +4℃ and now it seems that +1.5℃ is driving depletion of the food machine that keeps us fed and supplies of safe drinking water, and if we don't stop our emissions, we're headed right into a food crisis. However we're churning out more pollution than ever.

    So you can wish the phenomenon away, but given this is also how cartels break (price-fixing rackets eventually collapse, as bad-faith players arrange for secret deals to undersell their rivals), we know it is often a functional phenomenon that isn't being adequately mitigated by Ostrom's (or whoever's) suggestions.

    I believe you in that there are methods to assure common resources can be preserved. But there are critical situations in which we will have to do something we're not doing (whether those methods or not) or we'll suffer the consequences of depleting those resources, and that is going to suck for all of us.

    In the meantime, I'm still going to use tragedy of the commons as a metaphor, at least so long as I continue to survive those tragedies, which I expect will not be for too long.

  • Joan Jett Rule
  • My first purchased version was the CD after the movie release. Stunning, amazing work, the lot of it.

  • Can’t stop your cat from scratching the furniture? Science has some tips - Lemmy.World
  • I can only speak about my cat, for whom the solution has been mostly to make sure he has sufficient fresh scratching cardboard.

    Trimming claws helps but he doesn't like it. I get a partner to distract him, but mostly he keeps his claws in good, if sharp, order.

    If the scratch pads are too dusty or too used, he'll start favoring the sofa, but sometimes he'll do that for sake of mischief, getting away with something. He seems to like to test that we're paying attention.

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • It was a particular issue when we were getting fresh bake from the local Nugget. It didn't have preservatives so it was stale after a day or so. At the time we got small quantities and enjoyed it for the day or two after shopping. But we also have other bread used as a stable, say, for sandwiches or morning toast.

    Now we live away from Nugget, but still occasionally get fancy bread.

  • wrath month rule
  • No, but it might be a matter of finding volunteers. I am terribly embarrassed when I cross someone else's boundaries without consent. I had to send a stepdaughter into her sister's room to fetch the house vacuum.

  • We are wasting up to 20% of our time on computer problems, says study
  • Hack John Deere. And hoist the Jolly Roger when you get it working again!

  • Joan Jett Rule
  • Labor skinheads and neonazi skinheads.

    I was so sad when I discovered the Hammerskins were a thing (a White Power band inspired by Pink Floyd's Waiting For The Worms, but without the irony, with a corresponding militant movement). The Hammerskins took their logo:

    From the Hammers banner from the movie version of Pink Floyd's The Wall

    Which means when I reference the Hammers in parody of white power movements, I risk being associated with an actual white power movement.

    If they had balls, they'd call themselves The Worms.

    <looking up to make sure The Worms isn't a social movement yet>

  • wrath month rule
  • I, for one, am too disabled to get to a pride parade and march. It also doesn't help that I burst into flames in the sun like a vampire. (Okay, I exaggerate. I go into shock in less than an hour in direct July sunlight. I might be a vampire.)

    At the point that we can augment ourselves with cybernetics to not just mitigate disability but to have transhumanist advantages, we won't need a pride month so much as a remember the normies ᴀɴᴅ ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴅɪᴅ ᴛᴏ ᴜꜱ ᴡʜᴇɴ ᴡᴇ ᴡᴇʀᴇ ᴡᴇᴀᴋ month. (Same thing we do every year, Pinky.)

  • Child predators are exploiting kids on OnlyFans despite vows of safety
  • It's similar to 10 year olds being allowed on Facebook, only there's money and sexual activity involved.

    This reminds me of Russia after the Soviet Union fell, in which nine and ten year olds were offering sexual services for lunch money, because they literally had no other means to eat.

    In the States today, those jobs that were once a place for teens to get work experience and spending money are now occupied by people paying rent. Competition for fast food cashiers and grocery baggers is fierce.

    And yeah, teens who are very pretty find they control their own means of production when it comes to telecommunications sex, so it's natural they too would want to bypass regulations to get some of that sweet, sweet lucre that defines your power and privilege in this society.

    She's got a ticket to ride, and she don't care.

  • Flesh rule
  • Randall Munroe covered this process pretty well determining what happens with a mole of moles. If we manifested them we'd end up with a stinky planet of crushed dead moles, but if we bred them naturally by colonizing other worlds and letting them migrate with us, the mole would come along pretty easily.

    Humans manifest naturally only under specific conditions and even right now pop rates are declining, so if we want a planet's worth of human flesh we're going to have to colonize other worlds.

    Right now our priority seems to be making billionaires even more money (which they can ONLY use to try to make more money) which sounds to me like the human species is not the self-aware enlightened space-bound beastie it was advertised to be.

    Maybe we'll figure out some sociological trick to circumvent the tragedy of the commons and to want to cheat at Monopoly, but, you know, late is the hour in which this conjurer choose to appear and all that.

  • LGBTQ+ uriel238

    My beautiful child...

    LGBTQ+ uriel238

    I knew it!

    LGBTQ+ uriel238

    ...and giving it to the Frost Giants

    LGBTQ+ uriel238

    The abs that shook the pillars of civilization

    Moldy Monday continues.

    LGBTQ+ uriel238

    The Summoning

    LGBTQ+ uriel238

    It ALL makes sense now.

    Moldy Month of June goes on.

    LGBTQ+ uriel238

    Oh Hell No.

    LGBTQ+ uriel238

    Pride Frogs

    Not OC.

    If I'm the one responsible for posting Pride memes for June, then every day will be moldy Monday.


    Oglaf: Wrath

    Oglaf from a couple Sundays ago. ( source ). Less about the issue of theism so much as theocratic rule, but applicable to past and present.


    Classic Rule-X erasure

    I think a couple years later, they posted one that included us. As a fellow GenX noted, this kind of erasure is totally on brand for us.


    Headline rules

    I think this was from before the generative AI boom, so they've a high bar to surmount.


    A rule boy

    But deep down isn't human flesh something we all want?