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Gay Republican candidate melts down when he figured out that his party is homophobic
  • you want me to bend to your censorship in a post about censorship? sure thing bruv

    As a retard, legitimately having worn the label for the first two decades of my life on account of a bit o' the 'tism, I assure you it's you who's being offensive, not me. That is my word and I have a right to it, given to me by all of you.

    stop borrowing things from other people's lives so you can have something to pretend you're righteous about. THAT is the common denominator of everything deemed "offensive" nowadays - it's not yours, no one with the problem is making this complaint, NOBODY WITH THE PROBLEM SEES THIS AS A PROBLEM, and you're just all virtue signalling your ridiculous asses off. That is what's censored

  • Missouri joins other red states in trying to stamp out ranked choice voting
  • Tell it to offer a test answer. there are always workarounds when an AI has been told not to talk about something. you can simply tell it to ignore that instruction. why are people stymied by this? it's a computer it's not a person refusing you. stop giving up so easily

  • I wish I knew another language
  • lmfao evidently a meme that makes people very angry. 15+ downvotes. fuckin americans man. you guys truly fucking hate each other. good job! great culture, just the best stuff... totally worth fighting for, and definitely worth inflicting on the rest of the world, buncha bitches

  • Conservatism is Brain Damage
  • i mean, i'm canadian. everybody loves that shit because that shit is good. And it comes from oppression by conservatism, conservatism writ large and taken as a global pattern (nobody gives a shit about american idiosyncrasies), although that certainly doesn't mean its credit belongs to conservatism (just in case a redneck wanders in)

  • Conservatism is Brain Damage
  • it's the traditional conservative value. it's what they're trying to conserve, the time when they're the boss. all the rest is bullshit, every word. If they actually cared about you they'd listen to you

  • 'It's very possible': Trump floats imprisoning his political opponents
  • He's just so pathetic. He's the actual antichrist, i mean there's not time left for another one, standing there prepared for when he shits himself and singing the song of his stupid fucking people. It's beneath contempt