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Proton Mail goes AI, security-focused userbase goes ‘what on earth’
  • Well, I was contemplating Protonmail...

    I'm in the process of degoogling and dewindowing. I'll be dammed if I'm going towards ANYthing even related to"artificial intelligence" if I can help it.

    Feckin bullshit.

  • What did people do before smartphones to pass the time when you were bored?
  • I clearly remember 10-year-old me lying on the floor watching Sunday morning tv. Soccer, football and the rest of the world, was on. I was bored out of my skull.

    Flash Forward 50 years, can't get a freaking moment to myself.

  • Mullvad VPN: Fourth Infrastructure audit completed by Cure53
  • What did I miss?

    Cure53 concluded their report by stating that they “..attempted to identify any potential methods by which a user's VPN traffic anonymity or integrity could be compromised. No such issues were found, and no vulnerabilities affecting the core product were detected.”

  • Disk imaging

    What are we doing for disk imaging theses days?


    Et tu, Guinnéss?

    500ml to 440ml?

    Edit: the 440 on the right, is the last of a can that I bought in a four pack. The 500 on the left, is one of three I bought as singles.

    Packaged Guinness comes in 440 milliliters. Single cans of Guinness come in 500 mL.

    Apparently, that's how Guinness does it here in Canada.

    And apparently, I lazily avoided any attempt to research or apply any level of critical thinking before posting.


    LMDE and Alienware 17 r4

    Hi folks. Anyone running Debian on Alienware 17 r4? Or am I dreaming because of the "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti" graphics? My preference would be LMDE


    Adult daughter. Should I disown her!?

    Edit: LOL love the responses. You ain't wrong...

    Edit2: I posted this for giggles and have enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for the "parenting advice" (rolls eyes). My daughter is a shit show, but I wouldn't trade her in for anything. She has three daughters, one of which is exactly like her and the two others are not. So...


    LMDE on Dell Precision

    Hey all. Going to take advantage of dellrefurbished sale. Dell is all abour Ubuntu. But I'd like to play around with LMDE.

    Anyone running LMDE on Dell Precision? If so, how'd it go?

    Edit: oh well, dellrefurbished doesn't ship to Canada. Question still stands.


    Another example of shrink flation... oh, my beer...

    That's, what, 7% less...


    What the heck is this insect, anyone?

    They're driving us nuts. Thanks in advance :^)

    Edit: it's a signal fly -- thank you!