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It's a very unique experience
  • DS2 is my favorite of the Souls games. Its got so many diverse locations and build types. I LOVE that its so different from all the other games, it really feels like they put a lot more emphasis on the RPG elements. Its the one that feels most like an adventure to me and its got such a uniquely lonely atmosphere in a different way compared to the others.

    I also love how distant it feels from DS1, like you are eons in the future of DS1, and everything from DS1 is just ancient legend. I kind of dont like how DS3 feels so direct as a sequel, and I kind of wished they had taken the distant approach of 2, minus the final boss, who I feel was very appropriate for what he is.

    That being said, I do think DS1 is a better gane overall. If I had to rank the games as I enjoyed them, it would be: BB, DS2, DS1, ER, DeS, DS3

    I dont get the hype around DS3. I really really dont. The game feels like such a boring slog, and it feels like your options to approach a situation are so limited. I think my biggest issue with DS3 is the roll. In DS1 and DS2, the roll was a tactical tool that you should use in some situations, though general movement could be a better way to avoid damage, or using a sheild, tanking, or dealing enough damage. In DS3, rolling is almost the only way to really avoid damage. Due to the fact so many enemies in 3 have very fast and long combos, it boils a lot of fights down to pure reflexes, which, imo, is kinda boring. I WANT to use my brain and position myself tactically in a fight, avoiding slashes by actually moving out of the way, rather than rely on i-frames.

    Now, I am in the vast vast minority of players who play souls games. So at the end of the day, DS3 is just not for me. I understand that its considered a great game, but I simply do not like it. Elden Ring, however, I enjoy very much. I think the tactical options of Ashes of war, jumping, and the ease of changing builds makes the game a whole lot more interesting to play. Still too much rolling imo, but at least a super heavy build is very fun and viable!

    I havent beaten Sekiro, but I really enjoy it so far! Sorry for the essay!

  • Long War Engineer vs Rocketeer

    I like to have one of each on my team, but if I absolutely have to pick between the two, Id go engineer, at least until the Recoiless rifle upgrade. I like engineers because I know exactly where the grenade will go, and, if sapper is picked, what terrain will most likely be damaged.

    Rocketeers are fun however for those "fuck it" moments, when you need to deal a lot of damage to a large number of nearby enemies. The wide explosion radius also helps a lot with the native tile spread they have.

    Which to you prefer?


    Long War Council missions are the bane of my existence

    Look, its ok in normal xcom when 5 thin men drop in on overwatch flanking everyone, but LONG WAR THIN MEN CAN GO STUFF IT! I know, i know, thats the reason i have scouts. But still, council missions are the only missions ive actively restarted. Why do they feel so incredibly difficult compared to the normal missions which are tough, and ive lost soldiers on, but never soul crushing like these?

    CD Project devs want to "call out" big problems like homelessness and the wealth gap in Cyberpunk 2077 sequel
  • I really enjoyed Cyberpunk, but I dont think it did enough to make me hate corporations. I wanted to see them activily being terrible, but you mostly just hear about how bad they are and idk, they just weren't portrayed as villianously as I think the game wanted them to be. Adam Smasher was the only enemy that I like really wanted to get my hands on, and even that was because of Edgerunners.

    I did start to notice things during gameplay, like how there arent any animals, save for a few cats, no birds, nothing like that.

    Now when I finally to the dive into the tabletop lore, that was when I found all the henious shit that I wanted to. Multiple corporate wars, purposly getting people addicted to cyberware, overthrowing governments (hey Ive seen this one!) And all sort of just vile disgusting actions that make you want to be Johnny Silverhand. Actually made me sad we didnt blow up Arasaka HQ again. Or Millitech for that matter, theyre actually kind of worse imo.

  • How cooked am I?

    Alright, Im playing Long War. Im no expert at long war, but i do have a pretty good idea when im falling behind. Its early June of first year, and I just got laser weapons. How far behind am I?

    Also I recently lost 3 soldiers, an assault Specialist and 2 Corporals on a landed medium UFO, but eeked out a victory with my other soldiers. Big loss, but not irrecoverable, right?

    DOOM: The Dark Ages | Official Trailer 1 (4K) | Coming 2025
  • Yeah i really prefer the lovecraft aesthetic of Quake 1 over the tech, body horror of the sequels. Science coming into contact with something that defies science and reason is one of my favorite genres of fiction. The Myst, Event Horizon, Doom (especially Doom 3,) and the newest Rimworld dlc all really scratch that itch of coming into contact with something outside of reality, outside of reason and understanding. Really wish for more of that.

  • DOOM: The Dark Ages | Official Trailer 1 (4K) | Coming 2025
  • Something that I think doom 2016 and doom eternal failed spectacularly in for me is enemy counts. I wanna open a closet and be greeted by 40 revenants, 30 Chaingunners and 30 Barons. Gimme that Plutonia experience.

  • Hello, Im having a connection issue.

    Hi, i am having a problem with my internet speeds. I should be getting 100mbps, but am only getting 50ish. I have a dual boot machine, Windows 10 on my ssd and MX Linux on my m.2

    In Windows 10, my internet speed is a lot faster, but going to Linux, it just drops off. I use the same device, TP-Link Archer T3U Plus. Can anyone help me?


    Did anyone else notice this?

    The sites of grace are humanities from Dark Souls 1. Pretty sure its just a smart reuse of assets, but its fun to theorize. I like thinking that Grace and Humanity are similar, if not the same. Losing both leads to similar outcomes.


    I am now a linux person

    Im using MX linux, my husband helped set it up. That is all :3


    Need help with my husbands pc

    My husband recently upgraded to an AM4 platform. His issue is that there is no display. The gpu fans look like they are trying to start, but cannot. Additionally, there is no POST sound and the power button, while able to turn on the pc, will not turn it off. The lights on the motherboard work, as do the cpu fans and case fans.

    I told him i think its a short, but he says the case has preinstalled standoffs. My other suspicion is a bad PCI-E port. It is a used motherboard.

    Specs: Processor: Ryzen 1700 Motherboard: B350M Gaming Pro MSI RAM: DDR4 XPG Adata GPU: GTX 1060 6gb Also tried: Radeon R7 250

    Thanks in advanced!

    Edit: Oh wow so many posts! I'll try various solutions and keep you all updated on what work.


    Quick Question about the community goal

    Is it frowned upon to do community goals offline? I tried doing it only and got smoked by a pirate in like 10 seconds. Not upset or anything, piracy is fair game, and it was exciting for the 10 seconds I was alive, but if I actually want to contribute, should I be offline?


    Hello, returning player here.

    Hiya commanders! I havent played since 2018 but recently got back into it, and I've been exploring like nuts! I got a thargoid question? Can they show up outside of invaded territories? I was around Ueon, getting back from an expedition and I picked up a lot of nonhuman signals in a star system? I didnt check it out cuz I was in a hurry to get home, and didn't want to risk loosing 25mil in data

    Edit: Nuen! I meant Nuen, dunno where Ueon came from lol

    Furry trslim

    Vivian Nox

    Vivian Nox, Team Leader of one of ARIA's investigation teams. She's outgoing, flirtatious, playful and enjoys the company of her team. On the job, she's much more professional, and is quite competent.

    She's in charge of Simon Jürgenson, Leon Darkstar, Talon Nem, Viin of Claxxia, Jokim Yoricho and Samaana Collins. Her callsign is Night Mother.

    Commission from Hopart, thanks!

    Furry trslim

    Hi, I'm from reddit.

    Hi, I'm from reddit, thought I'd show off a commission I got of my character Simon Jürgenson. Art is by Hopart.