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Vegan home meal assemblers
  • Genuine question, do you eat the whole pea pod or do you peel or remove any bits? I've found so much fiber that I couldn't swallow.

    Same question for the beans, they were so hard to chew that I was 3rd guessing myself.

  • I just found out the popular coworker kicked me out of my workplace. Our of spite I'm thinking about rage applying and quitting or moving departments ASAP. Is this the right way to go?
  • I'm sorry to tell OP this is accurate.

    That's the things about bully victims getting the consequences. The bullies go as far as they can without getting in trouble, and they probe deeper and deeper and only get mild warnings. Because they understand the rules. If you get pushed over the line you get the consequences, not the nagger, not the bully.

  • How do Texas residents afford electricity during high-demand?
  • Oh right I see here the old fallacy that economic agents have a full thorough understanding of all the choices and make fully rational decisions based on all the facts that exist, because why would you have facts not accessible to everyone?

  • Something is growing and I didn't plan it

    I think I dropped seeds here many months ago.

    Not the first time I see something growing that I don't recognise. I guess we have to settle for what the plants want instead of what I'd like to grow.