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I'm Not a Programmer, but Here’s Why Linux Is My Daily Driver
  • I feel like Linux would be easier to pick up and use for a non power user starting from scratch like my mother-in-law. It's so much easier to download programs with the package manager and settings are so much easier to navigate

  • The Internet is becoming genuinely unusable without an ad blocker
  • I feel this. Sometimes I'm looking up something on a fresh browser and I say to myself 'I'm just looking up one thing, I don't need all the extensions'

    Then the google results get buried and the article is clogged with ads. It could also be I'm so used to an as free internet I can't tolerate even the most innocuous banner ad

  • Bootloader equivalent to Rufus
  • Thanks everyone. I tried ventoy but it didn't work straight away. I do like the idea of having a list of isos to pick from, but it might take more tweaking to get right.

    I went with the boot loading tool in Fedora since I just wanted to flash mint to do a reinstall on my kids' laptop

  • Bootloader equivalent to Rufus

    I've been trying to find a linux programming similar to Rufus to flash images of OSes on a thumb drive.

    Nothing from the listicles on the internet or the programs in flatpak have worked for me as well as Rufus on Windows.

    What have you used that's worked well? Or, could I run Rufus on my linux machine with WINE?


    Recommended keyboard for Android

    I've been using SwiftKey since before the Microsoft acquisition, but now I want to move on because it's pushing copilot.

    What do you recommend? I'm fine with the play store or F-droid, and I'll pay for a good one if necessary