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What are your mundane grievances?
  • You misunderstand what a learning curve means. The x-axis is the desired level of productivity/proficiency, and the y-axis is necessary knowledge/skill. A steep learning curve means you need a lot of knowledge/skill to even be slightly productive/proficient, making the learning process daunting for new users. A gentle learning curve means you get rewarded throughout the learning process with frequent productivity/proficiency gains. A "cliff" means there will be a long period of learning with little to show for it until the end.

  • Help! Violonist's drug of choice?
  • Violinist here.

    Violins make sound by dragging the bow (stretched horse hair) over a string, causing the string to vibrate. At the micro level, the bow pulls the string to one side using friction, until the tension on the string pulls it back - this happens hundreds of times per second, and forms the basis of the sound we hear. Horse hair is slippery by default. To create the necessary tension violinists apply a small amount of solidified tree resin by wiping a piece along the length of the bow. This piece of hardened resin has the same approximate texture as glass or hard candy, and is called rosin.

  • Live weather updates: Evacuations in parts of Tai Rāwhiti, Hawke's Bay
  • Little told Checkpoint the weather had been "devastating", with some previously existing homes that had never been underwater getting submerged as well as new homes built after Cyclone Gabrielle.

    We're pretty stupid, aren't we

  • My own cryptic "There's No Business"

    Not sure how this will be received in this community. Happy to remove if it's not a good fit.


    Material design


    Tricky But Fair #5 (Reddit hated this one)

    This puzzle was incredibly polarising when I posted it on reddit. Some hated it with a fiery pashion, others loved the twist.

    I like to think that the haters just didn't get it...

    As always, perfect score is possible. Good luck!


    Tricky But Fair #4

    As always, these are tougher than official puzzles, but a perfect score is 100% achievable. Good luck!


    Tricky But Fair #3

    As always, these are tougher than the official ones but a perfect score is 100% achievable! Good luck


    Does this community like custom puzzles?

    Apologies if this is a purist community. I'll delete my post if this is out of place.

    I've started making custom puzzles which take a little bit more thinking than the NYT ones, but are not quite as hard as OnlyConnect. Would love feedback on whether people want more!


    Pillar of the community

    DJs themusicman

    Engine DJ 3.2 and SoundSwitch 2.8 First Look: Here's Day Mode! | Beatsource Tech





    Reddit themusicman

    Deleted my reddit account and over a decade of comments

    I'm all in on Lemmy