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Happy International Blue Screen Day
  • Falcon Sensor is one of the most popular security products in Windows servers. Practically every large company purchases Crowdstrike services to protect their servers.

    People who aren't affected:

    • Linux and Mac servers
    • Private individuals and smaller businesess who have Windows machines that don't buy CrowdStrike services.
    • Companies that bothered to create proper test environments for their production servers.

    People who are affected:

    Companies that use Windows machines, buy Falcon Sensor from Crowdstrike, and are too stupid/cheap to have proper update policies.

    In terms of numbers, we don't know how many people are affected or how much it will cost. A lot. Globally. Flights were grounded, surgeries rescheduled, bank transfers and payments interrupted, and millions of employees couldn't turn on their computers this morning.

  • Biden’s campaign faces critical moment, as Democrats encourage him to consider exiting 2024 race
  • I think you're underestimating how long it takes to fundraise, build a brand, and get on the ticket everywhere. You need volunteers and lawyers for 50 states, thousands of counties, and boots on the ground in every polling place. You need to glad-hand all the donors and mollify the party leaders. You meed to hire all the campaign staff and consultants and experts. The campaign Biden was running won't work for every candidate.

    And the number voters who don't read news articles would shock you. If you replaced Biden's name on the ticket today, there would be voters in November seeing the candidate's name for the first time in the voting booth. Even if it's Harris.

    Trump doesn't need any more debates. His brand is locked in, and his voters are voting for him because they are every bit at racist, misogynist, xenophobic, and selfish as he is. They want Project 2025 to be reality. Trump is distancing himself from the strategy because he wants people who don't support him to stay home, and Project 2025 scares reasonable people.

  • 33,000+ Comments Flood DEA's Cannabis Rescheduling Proposal
  • Let's summarize reactions:

    Medical science supporting rescheduling

    Sick people seeking relief

    "Enthusiasts" who enjoy getting high

    Stupid people with faith-based objections who don't understand science and assume everyone else is an "enthusiast."

  • Biden’s campaign faces critical moment, as Democrats encourage him to consider exiting 2024 race
  • I'm starting to think a lot of "high ranking Democrats" want a Trump victory so they can spend 4 years on defense raising money and making hay out of the national disaster. 2016-2020 raised the profiles of a lot of party leaders.

    It is far too late in the election cycle for the Democrats to find a new candidate. I don't like Biden, but I'll be voting for him because he will be better than Trump. If it's not Biden, there will be a fight for who gets to replace him on the ballot.

    If you want Harris, she's already on the ticket and the actuarial tables would put her at 3 to 1 to finish Biden's term. So a vote for Biden is a vote for Harris.

    If you want someone else, then start planning for 2028 because it's too late for anyone else. No serious candidates even want the nomination at this point, and they have all endorsed Biden staying in the race. Shut the fuck up about replacing Biden because it's a bad idea and it only helps Trump get elected.

  • 'Largest IT Outage in History' Sparks Global Chaos.
  • This is similar to what would have actually happened if not for the dilligence of IT workers fixing the Y2K code issues globally. Uninformed people were worried about missiles and apocalyptic violence, but IT workers withdrew some cash and made sure not to have travel plans.

    The difference here is that this was caused by massive and widespread negligence. Every company affected had poor IT infrastructure architecture. Falcon Sensor is one product installed on Windows servers. Updates should go to test environments prior to being pushed to production environments. Dollars to donuts, all of the companies that were not affected had incompetent management or cheap budgets.

  • Yesterday in Kroger (a supermarket for you non-Americans) I saw a bunch of cans of potato salad. Why would someone buy canned potato salad?
  • They might be using it as a base for something else, like breakfast hash browns.

    Canned potatoes take on a flavor I don't like, but there's no denying the convenience of having shelf-stable cooked potatoes ready to eat or cook with. I keep canned tomatoes in the pantry for a similar reason. I prefer fresh, but if it's going into sauce or stew, canned is a time saver.

  • does anyone use a modern screen-foldable phone as their regular phone?
  • I have a friend who got one of the big ones, and I can't remember which model. He loved it, loved showing it off, and loved all that screen real estate.

    Then it broke and he quietly went back to a standard flagship.

  • CrowdStrike Update Causes Global Microsoft Outage Affecting Banks, Airlines And More
  • Yeah, a lot of people are (understandably) mad at Crowdstrike right now, but I want to drag some c-suite executives into a conference room and impress upon them the value of allocating budget for test environments and disaster recovery. Banks, airlines, service providers, these aren't mom-and-pop bakeries and plumbers who don't have time for all that nonsense. Every service that went down should be looking for the fuckwit in their organization, and they're probably in the executive lounge. Anyone can make a mistake, but it takes dedication to systematically ignore the best advice of top experts in the field and run your infrastructure on a shoestring budget.

  • British cuisine is like...
  • The stew might be super tasty, but those white potatoes look bland as fuck. Throw them in an oven or skillet with some of that butter, get the edges a little crispy, sprig of whatever herbs were used in the stew, and they will be much better.

  • It doesn’t matter, VOTE
  • The vast majority of voters are not that dialed in to politics. They vote for names they recognize, or the name next to the D or R that they support. Name recognition is a commodity you can buy with money. If you asked a candidate whether they would rather have a billionaire donor or 10,000 volunteers, guarantee they would all pick the billionaire.

  • I'm ready to be hurt again!

    Look, we're obviously not the best team. We have significant flaws, and Embiid cannot carry this team by himself.

    But how can you not be hyped after watching Batum raining threes and Tobias on the bench? Embiid took his time getting it together, but he got it done when it mattered.

    We can beat the Knicks. We can beat anybody if we play our best.

    Maybe we don't. Maybe we lose again and everybody starts thinking about next year.

    But we are still in this. The Philadelphia 76ers still have a chance to show the world what they can do as a team. So let's get hyped and enjoy the ride!


    A "Healthy Amount of Cheese" is always an Unhealthy Amount of Cheese.

    I heard someone say this in a video recipe, followed by way more cheese than you should eat at once. It occurred to me that the phrase means ample, not nutritious.


    Hulu sucks. How are you watching the game?

    Basically title. I'm curious how others are watch the game. I cut cable a long time ago, and have Hulu live for this season, but it's just awful. Their app sucks, the unskippable ads are all over the place, and tonight it started recording at 4:30.

    So what is everyone else using?


    Can flies recognize that I'm holding a flyswatter?

    Has this ever happened to you? There's a fly in the house, buzzing around you, so you go to the cabinet to get the swatter. But as soon as you start wielding it, the little bastard disappears. You set it down, and now he's back, taunting you.

    Ok so obviously flies don't taunt, but do they have the capacity to recognize, even instinctually, that I'm holding a deadly weapon?


    So, Five Centers, huh?

    Anybody else want to see all five on the court together and just have them make a giant wall around the paint? No? Alright, me neither then.

    So what the fuck is Morey doing?