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Terracotta Air-Conditioner 🧊
  • Evaportaive coolers are only effective in low humidity enviroments like a desert. Unless the room is hermetically sealed, the cooler wouldn't add enough humidity into the air for you to notice.

    If you use it in a high humidity environment its just not gonna work.

  • Happy father's day to all the great dads of star trek
  • The Ferengi culture being what it is/was really elevates Rom's parenting to s-tier. Pretty much as soon as he realized things could be different and he could break the cycle he does.

    And Nog for sure gets the 'Best Son' award. Nog getting Rom to become an engineer lets him shine so bright he gets Leeta which leads him to becoming a Grand Nagus who is willing to try and make the Ferengi a better people.

  • It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose
  • For me it's gotta be 5 or 7.

    Those seem like the best pairings where both would make you feel comfortable and accepted no matter how outta your depth you are.

    All the other pairings have at least one person who would put me on edge for one reason or another no matter how much I like/repect the character.

  • After ~10 years, I think my heart has decided ... I much prefer Community over 30 Rock
  • For me Parks & Rec is slightly better than Community.

    I love and adore Community, but it's basically a live action cartoon or at least more in line with old school sitcoms than P&R is.

    Despite the craziness in P&R, it feels more grounded to me lol.

  • Even in the slowest lane
  • Nah theres a big problem with that.

    Like the other guy said big rigs get a pass at slow passing as they literally can't speed up fast enough anyways.

    Someone in a grocery getter? Fuck them. Thats a dangerously slow differential for the passer,passee, and everyone behind them.

    They can either speed the fuck up or go back behind the dude that isn't fast enough for them.

  • Even in the slowest lane
  • I'd rather drive like an asshole to get ahead of someone and only arrive 5 seconds before they do than deal with their shitty driving skills for 1 second more.

    It's almost like there should be more training before people are allowed to handle a multi-ton hunk of high speed metal.

  • Even in the slowest lane
  • I mean as long as you aren't being an idiotic asshole about it you're good.

    Unfortunately most of the people you notice 'going the speed limit' are kinda dumb at best and completely oblivious at worse.

    Camping out in middle and left lanes, overreacting to conditions, deciding that the guy going one mile under the limit is too slow for you so you better pass them at the speed limit while traffic piles up behind you.

    And on and on.

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • It can basically happen overnight. If your house is warm and humid you are fucked.

    Some places don't have access to air conditioning or maybe you just wanna enjoy some fresh air instead of the same old recycled germs and skin 24/7.

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • I mean it doesnt go stale that fast.

    If you eat a sandwich or 2 a day you'll go through the loaf faster than it will go stale in the fridge.

    Only keep it in the cupboard if you are in low temp/humidity area. If you live in an area thats high temp/humidity and don't run ac constantly its gonna get moldy even faster.

    Mold can literally take hold overnight.

    Also tortillas make a great alternative for regular bread for a majority of food. And lasts longer in and out of the fridge.

  • Games that stuck with you
  • Vangers: One for the Road (May not be the correct title)

    It was a really weird, really cool game from like the early 90s.

    It's a top down driving game in a three dimensional world.

    The only way to describe the world is batshit crazy.

    It also had a really cool feature that you still barely see used today - persistent environments. Tire tracks and such would be created and remain as you drive around.

  • It's exhausting...
  • Except nothing is changing (positively anyways).

    As it stands now voting is nothing more than a placebo for the masses.

    The disease is still killing us.

    But we're voting for the lesser of two evils in the meantime - and then doing jack shit to fix the broken system.

  • Sovcit is going to try and charge the IRS.
  • This isn't really insane though is it?

    If they can charge you money for being late with a payment why shouldn't you be able to do the same?

    Why do Doctors and such get to cancel appointments whenever with no consequences, but if you don't give sufficent notice, you get charged?

    Although I guess wanting fairness/equality in this world is insane now that I think about it.

  • Sex work would probably be less stigmatized in a currencyless society
  • So instead of being a 'whore' for money, Jane can be a 'whore' for a meal? Or a whore for a new dining set?

    Unless we are in a post scarcity world there will be 'currency' even if it's not 'money'.

    Anything that made sex transactional would just be more of the same old shit we see today.