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Furious Trump told Speaker Johnson ‘we have to overturn this’ after conviction
  • I don't even understand what they're asking for here? Are they suggesting that the Supreme Court can overturn a state conviction? I didn't think that was allowed, but if any court is corrupt enough to do it I suppose it's this one.

  • Minecraft Dungeons and Legends 50% off
  • I also found the game this way but we opted to buy the game outright rather than renting it perpetually with game pass. It was a sound investment because my wife and I complete the tower every week.

  • How is Minecraft Dungeons?
  • My wife and I play this game every week. My kids have played it but they aren't as good as the wife. It's great and will give your little guy incentive to want to read the item descriptions, but they also feature unique badges that are good for non readers which you'll learn to recognize as you play. I recommend doing the tower, which is a great way to quickly try different gear and enchantments.

    My only caveat is we play on the Xbox one but it should be a similar experience.

  • At 11,000 feet up, scientists find Earth broke a scary record
  •  Thought experiment. Suppose tomorrow we invent a carbon dioxide engine that runs by pulling CO2 out of the air and is equally effective at pulling it out of the air as an internal combustion engine is at putting it into the air. This would be an ideal solution in that it would reverse our predicament and generate energy too. Consider how many engines we would need to run and for how long we would need to run them to get back to preindustrial levels. Factor in population decline and even this ideal (and unrealistic) solution would take centuries to restore the atmosphere to balance. 
     I'm a humanist and I believe we can solve the problem but it's going to take a mobilization of resources that would rival those used to wage WWII. I'm not sure the powers that weild those resources have the will to get the job done.
  • Linux May Be the Best Way to Avoid the AI Nightmare
  • I'm doing something similar with KODI and. NAS currently. I'm curious to know if you set up a MySQL database to sync your watch history across devices? I have been reading up on it but since my NAS is just a portable USB HDD plugged into my router, I don't think I can include this option.

  • French Fried

    This guy was on the Belgium float in the NATO parade in Norfolk today. He looks like he was celebrating another holiday too. !


    Toby and Hondo

    Toby and Hondo are neighbors and best buds.