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Ruins of the fortress of Masada, Israel
  • Absolutely surreal place to visit and climbing the steps vs walking the Roman ramp really puts a lot of things into perspective. My second time visiting Masada, we climbed the steps to watch the sun rise over the Dead Sea.

    Amazing place with an amazing history. And it's all ruined by the same type of persecution that made Masada famous. I wish I could blame it on "hurt people hurt people," but that was a long fucking time ago; people are fucking monsters.

  • Pre-Mac OS X games

    Hopefully this is the right place to post:

    I've been trying to help my mother declutter her house, primarily of the stuff my father left behind when he died nearly a decade ago. I recently found a good number of discs for Mac from pre-OS X. I unfortunately don't have any running old Macs anymore and have neither the time or space to do anything with them.

    I hate tossing out anything that someone else could use and selling my dad's stuff makes me feel gross. If anyone is willing to cover shipping, I'd be more than happy to send them whatever Mac games I come across.