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Connections #409 2024-07-24
  • Connections 
    Puzzle #409
  • Iowa law banning most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy to take effect Monday
  • I wonder if this will push the state towards Harris in the election

  • Darthfield, why do you hate Mondays?
  • I could go for a lasagna right about now

  • White Man's Burden, Lloyd, my man! White Man's Burden.
  • I would say MAGA is anti woke, and woke is whatever dear leader wants it to be

  • me_irl
  • Don't give me any more ideas

  • Good question
  • I always imagined she "remembered" through her force sensitivity; not unlike Dune's genetic memory concept

  • If Clinton, Trump, and Did Not Vote were presidential candidates in 2016
  • Teacher: If you don't go to school, you'll be punished!

    Student: Oh yea, what's the punishment?

    T: Suspension from school

    S: Great, glad we're on the same page, see ya never

  • Simpsons did it!
  • What happened to you, China? You used to be cool!

  • 'Is Stephen Miller okay?': Dems gleeful as Trump adviser has 'meltdown' over Biden dropout
  • Every Who down in Who-ville, the tall and the small,

    Was singing! Without any presents at all!

    He HADN'T stopped Christmas from coming! IT CAME!

    Somehow or other, it came just the same!

    And the Grinch, with his grinch-feet ice-cold in the snow,

    Stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so?

    'It came without ribbons! It came without tags!

    It came without packages, boxes or bags!'

  • Donald Trump is now the oldest party nominee for president in US history
  • Many people have been saying it for a long time, folks

  • me_irl
  • Hidden panel: jellyfish eats clownfish

  • violently cries and sobs
  • Erm, yea, I'd say so.

    If you don't recognize and call out dogwhistles then it makes it easier for chuds to hide in plain sight. It should not be easy for them. They should not be able to hide. They should be called out, named, shamed, and overall be met with the persecution they wish on marginalized groups that they target.

    If you believe in such things, it's a moral imperative to make their lives more difficult, and knowing their dogwhistles is an important part of that.

  • Googling
  • New job skill just dropped

  • The future
  • Implied, GBU_28? Or implode?

  • What kind of spider is this?

    About 1.5 to 2 inches across. Found in Santa Cruz, CA

    Edit: Thanks all for your responses!


    New single from Froglord: Frogman

    New track out today. The video has them running around the woods, hiding from a cryptid frog/man hybrid, playing drums on a log. You know, usual stuff.

    Spotify link

    Apparently this is the title track to a movie being released soon (maybe also today?) according to the band's instagram


    Anybody see SNL? They got Jydney Jeanie to host


    Maybe not goblincore but definitely goblincore-adjacent

    I've been listening to Froglord a lot lately and after looking through a few posts in this community I thought you fine folk might appreciate it