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McDonald’s will stop testing AI to take drive-thru orders, for now
  • Maybe stand a foot further apart from the screen? That way you'll be able to see the button better.

    What you hate about it are the constant upsell shenanigans, not the touchscreen per se. I dislike those, too, but I reckon the human staff are also trying to sell more than you want?

  • Europeans, do you take the train to travel to other countries?
  • I have never had a train journey where something hasn’t gone horribly wrong like missed connections, cancelled trains, trains overcrowded with drunk football fans, etc.

    Having to look for hotel at night in middle of nowhere or having to sleep in the station because the next train is going tomorrow can ruin the whole trip.

    Planes can be cancelled too but it’s not a guaranteed thing like with trains.

    The probability of a smooth plane journey feels like 90% while for trains its like 1%

  • Newbridge suction

    Egg Foo What

    Delocated suction

    Nicky's Grinders