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Measles erupts in Florida school where 11% of kids are unvaccinated
  • I never heard of Gene Tierney, I'll look at your links. I can't imagine what it was like for them to know that an ignorant fan caused their child to have such difficulties for the rest of their life. I got MMR booster a couple months ago and my husband is currently getting bloodwork done to see what his titre levels are too. There's been a concerning uptick of cases where we live and the MMR booster is in shorter supply now so our doctor doesn't want to give them out unnecessarily if he doesn't need them.

    Thank you very much for your well wishes, it was nice reading a kind comment (even if I am 2 months late).

  • Derps of Tiktok
  • Yeah I was also really surprised by the contagiousness of suicide. When I first saw the article I linked I thought "how cruel they won't give a student a space in the yearbook, it would help the grieving family so much". Then I read it all and it made sense. I feel horrible for those families but at the same time they likely don't want to be responsible for other families suffering what they have gone through just to have a photo of their child in the yearbook.

  • Let’s Outlaw Being Homeless! That’ll Work!
  • I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound argumentative. You are making a lot of good points. If I'm understanding you're saying that people who have a higher risk for drug addiction could suffer from addiction after being exposed to it in a completely legal and legitimate setting (example dentist pulled your teeth and you got prescribed codeine, you liked how it numbed your emotional state, and now you want to use it to cope with your other non-related mental issues)?

  • US man extends record for most Big Macs eaten in a lifetime to over 34,000
  • Oh I see. Yeah I imagine if someone said they went to Red Lobster (or somewhere else) x2 a day that would be kind of gross to me too. In my country it's probably not that bad for a 6 foot + man to eat a couple big macs a day. Our version doesn't use pink slime meat like the USA. The sodium is likely high and I guess the fat content is concerning. Compared to what a lot of people make at home in regards to macros it's probably not that different or awful. But he is in the USA so it is likely different. He seems happy and healthy enough though so he should keep doing whatever is working for him.

  • Gaza war protesters shut down Golden Gate Bridge, block traffic in other cities
  • They're still suffering? Why does it matter about USA funding the military in regards to what I am saying.

    At least 16000 dead this last year in Sudan.. look it up, educate yourself. It's really horrific what those human beings are enduring. I'm also not American yet there's big protests disrupting our cities, so your country providing money to whoever doesn't mean anything to me.

    Why do you care about the Palestinians or Israelis or whatever but you aren't putting the same effort into caring about the Sudanese suffering? It seems extremely hypocritical.

    I guess my point is more that it's hypocritical for all these big protests over this one war but they aren't caring about this other war.

    I want you to stop and think about something. The same indifference you are showing towards the Sudanese is the same indifference that a lot of us North Americans trying to live our life feel towards this stuff happening in Gaza.

    You don't "care" about them (unsure of wording, maybe "don't think about them" is better?) the same way we don't care (or can't gather the mental energy to worry about what is happening across the ocean when we are struggling to take care of our families with high rent and high food prices and our own problems). We have our own life issues and while it's no where near as awful as what's happening to the people in either of those regions, it's hard to gather energy to care beyond "oh that's terrible" when you are struggling in your day to day life.

    Stopping up a major bridge isn't going to help anyone. If they want to make a difference perhaps going to the place the politicians are would work better. Screwing over normal citizens trying to live their life isn't going to make any of them care more, it will have the opposite effect, people who are tired or don't care won't suddenly be sympathetic. They'll get angry at the protestors for making their day even harder. Disrupt the politicians lives, they're the ones who actually control this stuff.

  • Right-Wing 'Reacher' Fans Flip Out After Alan Ritchson Calls Trump A 'R*pist And A Con-Man'
  • But you still know it's that word and read it as that word, all you did was replace the A with an asterisk. It's odd that it is supposed to help prevent a trigger when the word is still there and very obvious what it is still. It's not completely blacking the word out so you can't see it anymore.

  • Who are you talking to?
  • Long fingernails digging inside a vaginal canal are not the same thing as a woman letting her genital hair grow to its natural length.. one will cause pain and bleeding and possible infections. Other is maybe you'll get it in your mouth sometimes..

  • Going to hell? We're already here!
  • Yeah where I'm from you can't donate blood, plasma, platelets, your eggs or sperm, or be a surrogate in exchange for money. That was working okay for a while but after the pandemic hit they've become desperate for donors.

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