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Saw a nazi today
  • Tell me about it… I got banned from asklemmy after leaving a completely innocuous comment, pretty sure because I have 88 in my username. I’ve been using this in various emails/usernames since before I even knew what fascists were.

  • Cultural differences
  • Facts. Eggslut in Venice Beach is fire

  • Crumb rule
  • The crumbs are fire though

  • Any recommendations for a "gym" App?
  • Strong app. I’ve been using it for years and love it.

  • Lawyer
  • He lives right next to Crentist the Dentist

  • What is the stupidest school rule you've ever had to deal with?
  • In elementary school, we were only allowed to have up to 8 people at each lunch table. One day we sat 9, and all got detention for it.