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BBC News - Stonehenge covered in powder paint by Just Stop Oil
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  • BBC News - Stonehenge covered in powder paint by Just Stop Oil
  • I disagree with their evaluation of the magnitude of climate change catastrophe affecting our lives. There isn't going to be a Day After Tomorrow "extinction event". Instead climate change is more insidious and will initially affect people who do not live in the West (as it is already doing). We are going to have global crises due to climate change but it's not going to be on the same level as, say, a Mutually Assured Destruction scenario with nuclear weapons.

    They have also failed to convince the majority of the rest of the public that it will be an 'extinction event'. Since democracy has not got the result they want they are pursuing anti-democratic means of forcing their agenda onto news segments with stunts that poison the well for other - less extreme - climate change activists.

  • Question: Megami Tensei - Where to start?
  • I don't think 3 is that hard if you are familiar with Press Turn but the Matador fight is a filter for people who have not learned buffs/debuffs. All of the games tend to get easier as you progress.

  • Question: Megami Tensei - Where to start?
  • Persona is heavier on story, has dating sim elements and operates off a calendar system to progress the story. Hard to explain the calendar system but essentially events are timeboxed and there can be dead time if you finish the main mission quickly. Persona games try to emulate an anime.

    SMT is the original series. Easier to explain: it's like pokemon with mythological creatures and a light philosophy story. I don't know if I'd recommend starting with SMT 1 or 2, even if they are arguably some of the best in the series.

    Edit: I also prefer mainline to Persona. Should reiterate that Devil Survivor is definitely worth checking out. Not patient gamers but the new release of SMTV would also be a good starting point.

    SMT1 has a great intro but it is confusing and does not hold your hand. Some mechanics are straight up broken so you can steamroll the game if you know about them (electric bullets). All of the games are like that to some extent. SMT2 is less confusing and might have the best story in the series.

  • Question: Megami Tensei - Where to start?
  • I'd say SMT4 on the 3DS is a good starting point if you wanted to dive in head-first to the mainline series. Otherwise maybe Persona 3 Reloaded for the Persona games.

    Edit: A curveball good entry to the series would be Devil Survivor for the Nintendo DS. It's extremely easy to emulate with modern phones, physical copies are not as expensive as the 3DS games (but still expensive) and there is no region lock on DS so you have some lattitude to shop around if you want to use original hardware. In some ways that game does Persona better than the Persona games do, all while having a classic SMT mainline story of law vs chaos.

  • view of St Peter's Basilica - by Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1775)
  • Piranesi's Imaginary Prisons are one of my favourite series of prints. Up there with 36 View of Mount Fuji by Hokusai, albeit in a different medium since they are etchings instead of woodcuts.

    The story behind them is that many artists during the 18th century were forced to make prints for rich tourists from other European countries who were doing the Grand Tour. Often the features of major landmarks like the size of the coloseum were exaggerated to make the prints more impressive. The Imaginary Prisons series of prints takes all of this embellishment and inverts it to create a series of fantastical, claustrophobic dungeons. They are very gothic and have impossible architecture which may have inspired later artists like MC Escher. I also personally think they might have inspired the architecture in the Dark Souls video game series.

  • SMTV:V Hype Thread
  • First impressions from anyone? I've only started it during my lunch break today so the plot has not deviated yet in the Vengeance route.

    Quality of life improvements do seem to be nice though.

    One small gripe I've got is that I thought that the demons you could carry over from a save on the original game would be selectable. However it just took my most recent save and grabbed the demons I had summoned at that time. These were some early-mid game demons because the save file was from NG+ where I'd only kept the compendium but not the demons themselves.

  • SMTV:V Hype Thread
  • SMTIV:A is a completely different story, with new mechanics and a lot of new characters. Some people think that it's the peak of the series in terms of combat but the story is divisive. They took a few influences from Devil Survivor/Persona in terms of having a friends system too.

    I think I still prefer SMTIV but it's a tough call which is better.

  • SMTV:V Hype Thread

    My copy is arriving on Saturday - it seems that the days of ordering on Amazon and occasionally getting games a day early has passed.

    I was a fan of the base game and I don't think the story was as bad as some people made it out to be. However I am excited for the new story that they are promising with the Vengeance route. Getting hyped up seeing the positive reviews coming through!

    I have been replaying SMTIV:A this week in the run up to the release to keep me occupied. Had taken a detour into the Devil Survivor series most recently so it has been nice returning to the mainline gameplay.

    What are you all thinking about the release this week? Any hopes for the new title? Fears?

    Nostalgic Distros?
  • If you want to experience travelling back in time with an operating system then OpenBSD feels like a time capsule, albeit one which is still being maintained. I realise it is not linux but using it is very similar to what linux was like before 2010.

  • Nostalgic Distros?
  • I think the LARP elements of this distro put me off trying it back in the day. Calling the package manager a "Grimoire" and having to "cast" packages to install them was just too much for me.

  • Kunisada - Kabuki Actors in the play _Ise Ondo_ (1850)
  • Fun modern link: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi was apprenticed to Kuniyoshi (who shared a studio with Kunisada). He was a great woodblock printmaker in his own right, but many art historians note that he was one of the first artists to popularise comic book prints known as "chuban" which were one of the precursors to modern day manga.

  • Kunisada - Kabuki Actors in the play Ise Ondo (1850)

    Apologies for the slightly skewed picture. I actually own this artwork. A close family friend has been collecting 19th Century Japanese woodcuts his entire life, and he gifted this one of a wedding scene to my wife and I when we got married.

    More details about the work. The artist Kunisada lived from 1786 to 1864 and he shared a studio / teacher with the (perhaps more famous) artist Kuniyoshi. This work was published by Hayashiya Shogoro in 1850.

    The work depicts a Kabuki theatre scene; traditional Japanese theatre. Actors are playing the roles of Aburu-ya Oshin and Fukuoka Mitsugi in the play Ise Ondo. In this scene the couple are getting married.

    Noam Chomsky, 95, ‘no longer able to talk’ as intellectual’s ‘health deteriorates’
  • Such a towering figure in the field of linguistics, politics and philosophy of psychology. Especially his linguistics work was something I found personally extremely engaging as a student. Reading his review of B.F. Skinner's book was a highlight of my philosophy of psychology class.

    I know he has been active since the turn of the century but his influence was definitely more of a 20th century phenomenon. Not many academics reach the level of popular awareness that he did.

    For you yongsters out there, Chomsky vs Skinner was the original Kendrick Lamar vs Drake.

  • Alien: Romulus | Official Trailer
  • I would be interested to hear your opinion on 3 if you watch it. It is very divisive and I never liked it but it has some serious fans. Directed by David Fincher so it has a strong vision, even if it's not quite the one I was looking for.

  • Philosophy steeznson

    My MSc thesis from 2016 critically evaluating the solution to the Ship of Thesis problem which denies that there ever was a ship to begin with (mereological nihilism).


    Montpellier : Hogg, la surprise du chef ? Montpellier : Hogg, la surprise du chef ?

    Info Midol. Si Montpellier n’est pas encore assuré de sa présence en Top 14 la saison prochaine, le club héraultais reste offensif sur le marché. Selon nos informations, il pourrait réaliser un des recrutements les...

    Montpellier : Hogg, la surprise du chef ?

    I guess punditry isn't working out for him with his current image woes. Couldn't find an english source for this one.

    4 Loaded magazine returns to reassure men they can ‘ogle beautiful women’

    Men need to be men, according to the editor of the revived magazine hoping to reclaim its rebellious place in pop culture

    Loaded magazine returns to reassure men they can ‘ogle beautiful women’

    Heard the editor being interviewed on Radio4 Today Programme this morning. This 90s throwback is bizarre. Do people really think there will be demand from this after the initial novelty?

    I read a couple articles this morning and the "journalism" reads like a Sunday Sport article.

    Interesting thought experiment - since the magazine is online only - are the nonces going to have to print out the magazine now to leave it in shubbery for kids to find? Those reddit threads where every man over the age of 40 seems to have a story about finding porn mags in bushes always had a creepy undertone. I'm not sure that the 'porn fairy' commenters sometimes refer to was a very savoury character.


    Senua's Saga: Hellblade II: Accessibility Review

    Playing Hellblade 2 at the moment myself. Personally I'm fortunate not to need any of the accessibility features but I found this review to be a fascinating read.

    The reviewer also compares the accessibility options to some other recent AAA releases in this reddit comment.

    In terms of my opinion of the game: I've only got the Series S version so it's not the full fat graphics but even then they are stunning. I think some of the negative reviews were from people wanting it to be a different type of game, however, if you are aware it is basically a walking simulator with Punchout combat every so often then the story and world takes centre stage. The world is similar to God of War (2018) but grittier and focusing on other aspects of Scandi mythology. I think I like this world more.


    Touhou Artificial Dream in Arcadia

    Tohou Artificial Dream In Arcadia is hands down the best SMT-clone I've ever played. It's extremely cheap, got it for a fiver. Devs are regularly updating it. The gameplay is closer to SMT1/2 than anything else I've ever played. Clearly a labour of love from the devs.

    Edinburgh steeznson

    Edinburgh International Festival ticket prices

    EIF tickets are so much more expensive this year. They used to be cheaper seeing the opera during the festival than during the rest of the year due to subsidies from the arts councils. This year it is more than double the price! A ticket for Carmen in the upper circle with a restricted view was more than £100.

    Granted, I did have a concession for being under 25 at the time, but I saw La Boheme at the festival a few years ago for £15. In some good news they've raised the concession age threshold to 30 this year but not sure how large a discount it applies.

    FWIW I still think that the quality of the EIF is worth the price. Comedy shows in the Fringe can be like ~£25 these days and the quality is extremely variable. Will probably only go and see my mate's show at The Stand this year

    Free Fringe can have hidden gems but I've ended up being trapped in some extremely awkward shows with 3 other audience members before. Might be a while before I spin that paeticular roulette wheel again lol.

    0 BBC Radio Scotland Rugby Podcast - Tuipulotu on rugby, fatherhood and family ties - BBC Sounds

    Scotland centre Sione Tuipulotu joins Tom and Andy to discuss fatherhood and family ties

    BBC Radio Scotland Rugby Podcast - Tuipulotu on rugby, fatherhood and family ties - BBC Sounds

    Tuipulotu is such an asset. Great interview with him and excited to have his brother joining Edinburgh. Hope they got that supposed nonsense with Dave Cherry sorted out!

    2 Just Stop Oil protesters in their 80s target Magna Carta

    The women used a hammer and chisel to try to break the glass case protecting the historic charter, which was the first document to put into writing the principle that the King and his government were not above the law.

    Just Stop Oil protesters in their 80s target Magna Carta
    Edinburgh steeznson School reported parents of ‘trans’ child to social services

    George Watson’s College in Edinburgh alerted social workers in 2020 after the parents asked the school to adopt a ‘watchful waiting’ approach to their child

    School reported parents of ‘trans’ child to social services

    Interesting story since it's my old school. From what I've heard the headmaster can't be arsed dealing with these difficult parents anymore and is retiring.

    My wife was a teacher and she believes the school made the right call since it sounds like the family were not coping with their child's needs and needed extra support.

    Rumour from the school is that the child had socially transitioned but the parents were not aware of this until their other child informed them. Mother is currently campaigning on twitter and name dropping all of the teachers involved in an unpleasant manner.

    One interesting angle is that this is a private school so the parents probably feel that they ought to be able to dictate exactly how the school ought to handle the situation. At the end of the day they are still a school though with a duty of care to the students. They need to follow government regulations assiduously and at the time the guidelines were clear.


    Unnerving Enemies

    Careful with this one, it's an antique


    [BBC Sounds] Helen Lewis has left the chat

    I've really enjoyed this radio4 series about internet culture and the impact that messaging apps have had on our lives/politics.

    Each episode is a half hour with different themes: WhatsApp groups, Politicians using WhatsApp, Slack, Chatbots/AI, Discord leakers, Telegram in Russia.

    Probably would say the first half is more UK-specific but the show does a good job of making the later episodes relevant, thought provoking.

    16 Amazon's Just Walk Out technology relies on hundreds of workers in India watching you shop

    Amazon promoted Just Walk Out as AI-powered cashierless technology. But the tech reportedly relied on workers in India for accuracy.

    Amazon's Just Walk Out technology relies on hundreds of workers in India watching you shop

    Train Sim World 4 - Fife Circle Line Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

    Ladies and gentlemen, strap yourself in for the gaming event of a lifetime. We're going to Fife!

    Finally a new game for the PS5 that we can get excited about.

    2 Scotland rugby hero Stuart Hogg arrested at estranged wife’s house

    The former Scotland captain was arrested on Sunday, February 25 and released on an undertaking to appeal at Jedburgh Sheriff Court at a later date.

    Scotland rugby hero Stuart Hogg arrested at estranged wife’s house

    She's turned the weans against ye, aye?

    12 Police called to Willy Wonka-inspired experience in Glasgow as families demand refunds

    Organiser House of Illuminati was forced to cancel the weekend event midway through its first day on Saturday and has promised full refunds.

    Police called to Willy Wonka-inspired experience in Glasgow as families demand refunds