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If Windows XP was released in 2024
  • That option was actually fully removed in 8 I believe, then restored in 11 (and newer versions of 10 iirc?) because everyone hated it so much lol

    Also I think it was Vista that replaced the flag shield on the power button with a yellow exclamation mark shield instead to differentiate it from the new UAC which used the flag shield logo

    edit: images bc i love this stuff lol

  • Why do people throw out old motors, bicycles, anything metal into rivers and lakes instead of a junk yard or the trash system?
  • You may be misreading something? We are definitely in agreement but you frame it as though we are not.

    The person I responded to said “It's not a poverty issue, it's a drug issue.” I made the comment to combat that ridiculous Reagan-era bs.

    edit: Also the full text of the study is available for free at the link I posted. Encourage you to peruse it.

  • Why do people throw out old motors, bicycles, anything metal into rivers and lakes instead of a junk yard or the trash system?
  • ye, and if you don’t like the negative connotations of “lazy,” substitute it with “attentive to making cost effective decisions.”

    if it costs more, in time or in money, for an individual to properly dispose of something than the negative consequences of just chucking it in a river, the latter option will be chosen. this hilights the importance of community organization to set up a means for disposal, to make it accessible, and to make it known. by working together both the labor cost of disposal and the externality cost of environmental damage can be limited beyond what any individual could do.

  • Why do people throw out old motors, bicycles, anything metal into rivers and lakes instead of a junk yard or the trash system?
  • Misinformation, you are lying.

    Many factors contribute to higher illegal disposal rates. As stated by many researchers, the most common reason is poor waste management infrastructure, such as waste collection facilities and transportation [6,7,8]. Therefore, providing infrastructure may be a solution to reduce these business-as-usual (BAU) practices [9]. However, Sedova et al. found that illegal dumping behavior is also influenced by other factors such as education level, awareness, dumping cost, and income level [10]. Dumping costs are related to low-income communities. Communities tend to participate in illegal dumping practices rather than pay a certain amount of money [8]. source

  • Total Recall
  • Thank you lol. It’s disheartening to see people up in arms (majority of MS related posts in the past week) spreading vague misinfo about a disableable feature when they are putting ads in the OS.

    Just, priorities, people 🤦‍♀️

  • How it's going
  • I am pretty sure that poor public health education plays a part. I think many of us underestimate the raw value of “common sense” knowledge like “don’t eat random wild animals,” or “salmonella is a thing,” because we have never lived without it.

    We don’t often consider it, but someone has to communicate these health facts to people, and in a low-income state like this where the government actively scoffs at the idea of caring for its constituents, that probably just doesn’t happen as much as it should.

  • [meta] "." is not a rule
  • eh it’s important to note that this is 196, not just default lemmy. 196 has always tended toward being more chill and respectful to its users.

    i have done some minor callouts of mods outside blahaj zone in the past, and the end results were much less constructive, much more reddit-core, if you will, than this.

  • [meta] "." is not a rule
  • honestly i am pleasantly surprised too. 196 culture has always trended towards being decent and i am glad this didn’t get me a lot of pushback, because of course im just looking for what’s best for the community :) and obviously this wasn’t the worst of abuses compared to other communities but better to nip it in the bud than wait till there’s dealbreaking abuse going on

  • Cottagecor(ul)e
  • i get what OP is saying but yes they are identifying correlation and calling it cause and effect.

    i appreciate the level of criticism OP brings to the table, but there is plenty of opportunity to adopt such a lifestyle while still being vehemently anti-racist, anti-misogynist, etc etc.

  • TIL that despite the frequent assertion that lesbian relationships have the highest DV the source data paints a different picture.
  • also people that do this are almost certainly healing in therapy and their therapists probably encourage being mindful of the content they consume so your snarky edit falls a little tasteless.

    again i am not expressing my own experience but just how i have seen others interact with their platforms and how that habbit may have spread to reddit which was then reposted by a bot here. i am not even defending them, just saying what i have seen. but this platform is so toxic it devolves into homophobic comments (not from you) and unkind mental health snark (from you) even as i am trying to express a parallel explanation as politely as possible.

  • [meta] "." is not a rule

    Screenshot shows three comments being removed from [email protected] (this community) by one of 196’s mods with the reason for removal being “.” (literally just a period).

    I looked into this and discovered that the comments were just some fairly polite, if snarky, comments in response to the mod themselves. I could not identify a reason for comment removal per the site or community rules, so if there was one, “.” doesn’t cut it.

    This is a callout post y’all. Do better. Start putting actual moderation reasons into the modlog for the benefit of you and other mods, otherwise what is the point of a transparent and federated platform?

    As of now, it looks like the mod involved is just using their mod powers in a self-serving fashion. I am not making that accusation now, but that’s how it looks.

    Please and thank you. Mods here do an excellent job keeping 196 on Lemmy a bearable place to be, and I know you are already struggling to staff the positions, but please also hold one another accountable when it comes to misuse of power. Thanks :)


    as much of a PSA as this is a meme lol. don’t seek dietary advice from randos on the internet. everyone is different and the advice you see from @[email protected] on !memes can be dangerous and should be taken with a grain of salt (metaphorically, not a dietary recommendation 😜). instead consider one or both of:

    a) going to a health professional b) seeking out and joining a trustworthy community (online or irl) who back themselves with medical research

    Political Memes spujb
    Political Memes spujb
    Victim Blaming

    *Not equating the total violence between the situations of course. It’s just important to label oppressive and non-representative regimes what they are, even when they happen to reside in the US.

    Political Memes spujb
    a distraction to keep us at each other's throats

    My reasoning:

    • “While not applicable in all cases, mental health problems often played a role [in Florida Man stories]. Mental health is a huge issue in Florida, which ranks at the bottom of all states for mental health funding, according to the Florida Policy Institute. Lou and Orjoux, CNN 2019
    • Florida has a known track record of intimidating and suppressing voters, particularly voters of color.
    • ”It’s a democracy, we are just making fun of the voters who made it that way.” Except it isn’t. The will of the Floridian people is not represented in the actions of their leaders. One of many examples: 68% of Floridians want the state to do more on climate change, meanwhile “The Florida Legislature not only bypassed proposals to address climate change during the most recent legislative session, but lawmakers also passed a measure (HB 1645) that would strip the term “climate change” from much of state law.” Does that sound like democracy to you?

    Instead of addressing these—and other—root problems, Florida Man posts trivialize the hardships of marginalized individuals, perpetuating societal inequities.

    Political Memes spujb
    soft, but at what cost #BDS 🇵🇸

    Ahava Cosmetics, bought by Chinese conglomerate Fosun in 2016, runs its production site, visitor center, and main store in an illegal Israeli settlement in occupied Palestinian territory. Known for extracting minerals from the Dead Sea for cosmetics, Ahava has been a key target of the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement.

    Political Memes spujb
    fixed it

    i don’t even know if this is good or if i stand by it 100% but it’s a helluva lot better (less tone deaf) than the other one ☺️

    PSA for reporting best practices

    Created using feedback from Maybe this can be useful.

    Transcript: See something off? Do your part to keep the Lemmy community safe:

    R - Read the rules of the community. E - Explain your report, including rule # when possible. P - Provide context the mods should know. O - Opt-out, disengage, downvote or block. Don't add to the drama. R - Reach out or report right away. *For extremely time-sensitive content (CSAM, gore) DM an admin via Matrix: Instance homepage > Sidebar > click admin's @username > Send Secure Message T - Trust your instincts. If in doubt, report it.

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