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Turkish student creates custom AI device for cheating university exam, gets arrested
  • I mean, there are things that you are just more interested in than others.

    Tinkering with electronics and coding some kind of "complicated" method of cheating for some people would be way easier than studying, especially if the cheating is through something that already is your hobby.

    I can work on my motorcycle and fix various things for hours and not mind a thing, but if you ask me to study a chapter from my production management textbook, I'm going to complain all the way

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Latvian here, ah the memories of finishing all of my school stuff at the end of May and knowing that I won't have to do anything until 1st of September.

    Although, now as a university student, I basically get 2 months free between each semester if I don't sign up for any session classes

  • Democrats haven't exactly hidden the political motive behind these prosecutions of Trump.
  • Honestly, this whole sublemmy or whatever is weird. It's supposed to be a general place for sharing twitter screenshots, but it's just one guy (bot? Who is also the head mod, and the only other mod is his obvious alt account) spamming posts non-stop