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People are seizing, being intubated after eating microdose chocolates
  • I'd love a package to get access to all sorts of news, but each news source seems individually subscription-based, and that all adds up. So I just stick with AP and BBC.

    If I could pay like $25/mo and get access to all the popular news sources I'd do it.

  • So...
  • It's making it out like such a revelation wouldn't be damaging. Being a single woman and not being young is not easy. Her taking it in stride like that is unrealistic.

    Ask yourself how you would feel in that situation after investing years in a relationship. Would you be that thrilled to be on the dating scene again and having to start over with someone new?

    Not saying it couldn't be amicable like it has been portrayed, but this strip makes it out like there is nothing sad or difficult about the situation, only focusing on the perspective/agenda of the trans person.

  • Just discovered Disco Elysium,... I may not recover from it
  • I guess I'm not good at it or something. I pick it up and put it down and want to like it, sometimes I can get sucked in and make some progress but idk just feels like I forgot what I was doing or what makes sense to go do next.

    Hope I beat it some day.

  • [Discussion] Do you still use your Steam Deck much?
  • I hardly use mine. I bring it with me on plane rides but find myself just watching movies instead. Trying to play on a plane and having to share an arm rest, idk it works out better in my head than in practice.

    I find I really need to play a game consistently to stay interested, and that makes the deck hard cuz I reserve lighter games for it, like ori, but since I play so infrequently I don't really end up being interested in the game I startup on there.

    OTOH I play PC regularly, no battery concerns, much larger screen, better visual fidelity. The deck just isn't reinforcing enough.

  • I wish I could finish video games
  • I've had this problem. My solution was when starting a game to play regularly and semi exclusively. I.e. I only have one single player game I'm working on at a time, and I play it multiple times per week to make progress.

    And I just keep playing until I beat it. I then may take some time off gaming for a few days or weeks, but will eventually pick up another game and repeat.

    This works for me cuz when I don't play consistently and decide to take, say, a one week break from a game, I find I end up not returning. So it's crucial to keep revisiting the game and sensing that progress or it feels like it never ends and drags on and on. There's also things like muscle memory and strategy that if I don't keep fresh at least a few times per week, it makes returning to the game feel like more work rather than just jumping back in.

    I don't have diagnosed ADHD so it may not apply to you but that's what worked for me (and continues to work). I've played many dozens of games following this system for some years now.

  • A sergeant with the City University of New York’s Department of Public Safety told pro-Palestinian protestors he supports “killing all you guys” during a graduation ceremony.
  • There are a lot of good cops. ACAB is about pointing out that they all might as well be bastards because enough of them are that people don't feel safe around them.

    But that doesn't mean we shouldn't have police. We need much harsher penalties for misconduct, external investigations into misconduct, and better training to avoid misconduct in the first place.

  • Despite strong reviews, Hellblade 2 is struggling on Steam
  • I really wanted to like the first one but felt like the puzzles and movement were so tedious.

    To be fair I generally play videogames stoned, which generally I always find enjoyable even on cerebral puzzle games like talos principle. in fact, I like being high cuz it makes it harder.

    But senuas first game trying to walk around and match the pattern against the environment was absolutely miserable to do high, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have enjoyed it sober either.

    I loved the combat, but that was so infrequent it didn't keep me engaged. Finally after dying and having to restart and do a puzzle section all over again I said fuck it and uninstalled.

  • how do you make friends if large gatherings arent your thing?

    I do like large gatherings, but I don't really do well meeting people and making friends in them. I find it too chaotic and difficult to "be myself" with so many people. I also feel there tends to be more shallow conversation in these settings making it great for banter and social energy but less great for connecting and getting to know new folks.

    I am looking to meet new people to be friends, as in capital F friend, not just a random person I know. Someone who wants to hit me up and go do something fun, check in on me and see how I'm doing, etc.

    How do you go about meeting people and finding social settings that foster deeper connections?