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This is why you turn your wheels when you're parked on a hill.
  • Or set the parking brake.

    Or put it in park.

  • early birds
  • I have spent the last two decades being absolutely miserable because I have to get up at 6 a.m. and my body has never adjusted. No, it doesn't matter how long I sleep, if I get up before 8 a.m. then no amount of sleep is going to make me feel rested.

    When I take vacations and get up around 8:00 then I feel fine all day.

  • How the Recycling Symbol Duped People into Buying More Plastic
  • The three Rs represented by the logo are supposed to go:

    Reduce -> Reuse -> Recycle

    Plastic companies tricked people i to skipping the first step. They also love slapping it on plastic waste for reuse, but people just assume the whole thing means recycle now.

  • ooh big stretch
  • Not only is he a draft dodger, but he also regularly mocks veterans.

  • ooh big stretch
  • Not only is he a draft dodger, but he also regularly mocks veterans.

  • early birds
  • Them: "I just wake up at 4 a.m. naturally and can't seem to sleep in!"

    Also them: "Have you tried to bed and waking up earlier? All it takes is practice!"

  • Too powerful for their Euro arteries
  • Just like how italian, German, and Chinese foods came about! America is just more recent and we tend to keep the labels of the influences ao it is more obvious.

  • Why Smart People Believe Stupid Things
  • Name one time evo psych was used correctly and wasn't just reinforcing stereotypes.

  • Why was the American federal corrections system harder to escape compared to Colombia's?
  • US corrections don't provide opportunities for prisoners to intimidate their way out of jail, and if someone escapes it tends to get plastered all over the news. Plus the courts just are not as vulnerable to threats and we don't openly accept bribes in the US so the worry about appearances is a factor.

    Our corruption in government officials tends to be about personal financial gain that doesn't involve violent crime.

  • Why Smart People Believe Stupid Things
  • Your reading comprehension is lacking.

  • [article] Montreal becomes largest North American city to eliminate mandatory minimum parking spots
  • If that drives up demand for more mass transit infrastructure, that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

  • Nice clean shoes
  • Mashing together all the languages into a Frankenstein form of communication is English grammar. It has nothing to do with birds!

  • I am hungry, but I can't eat.
  • That was my behavior prior to taking meds, although I don't take that one.

  • Why Smart People Believe Stupid Things
  • That’s the same as saying darwinism is garbage because it led to eugenics.

    Quantum mechanics isn’t a garbage field because Deepak Shopra thinks it can cure baldness.

    Evolutionary psychology at its core twists the concept of genetic inheritence into justifications for racism and sexism, like phrenology before it. These two examples are people taking existing science and misapplying them to things they don't have anything to do with.

  • Why Smart People Believe Stupid Things
  • Phrenology wwas an active field until it wasn't.

    Evolutionary psychology does start with a reasonable starting point, that some behaviors are passed genetically, but then uses that to give excuses to things that are primarily learned or discourged through social and environmental pressures. It takes something that is reasonable to speculate about as part of being biological but then twists it into justifications for racism and sexism by painting with broad brushes.

  • Why Smart People Believe Stupid Things
  • Evolutionary psychology is as scientific as phrenology.

  • The Schwartz Is With Us: That Spaceballs Sequel Is Apparently Actually Happening
  • It was a joke when Part I came out, then they ruined the joke decades later.

  • The Schwartz Is With Us: That Spaceballs Sequel Is Apparently Actually Happening
  • Let's not.

    I love Mel Brooks movies, but they were groundbreaking for their time and after trying to watch History of the World Part II, I would rather just rewatch the older stuff.

  • "Google Gemini tried to kill me"
  • If they can't do it themselves then they have no idea if the output is good. If they want to run it through the bullshit machine they shouldn't post the output unless they know it is accurate.

  • The planned PSN requirement has been canceled!