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Self-hoster/FOSS Pronouns: He/Him

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To fix the timeline, the prophecy must be fulfilled!
  • How is mayo Pete in the same league as Bernie or AOC?

  • An angry admin shares the CrowdStrike outage experience
  • I feel you with this. They do not see themselves as workers. Thank you for the preface.

  • Bro where did we park the carrier?
  • Wait till the Pastmaster is freed. Things are gonna get nuts then!

  • Bro where did we park the carrier?
  • T-Bone and Razor got caught in the open.

  • What is the most neatest Open Source smartwatch?
  • oh my bad, yeah. its all the same game to me.

  • Seattle police officer fired over "vile" comments after death of woman fatally struck by police SUV
  • Its magical what people can accomplish when they can all collectively target their rage at something!

  • is it possible to host a small instance on your pc without renting anything?
  • All great advise, but you missed pray that you're not the target of some 0 day exploit.

  • What is the most neatest Open Source smartwatch?
  • Notifications, media control, minor navigation aids, some heart rate stuff (they've linked some papers for their algorithm which I think is cool cause now we can discuss the validity of said algorithm for heart rate monitoring) and most importantly 1024 (the game)

    And 1 week (approx) of battery life

  • An angry admin shares the CrowdStrike outage experience
  • This dude here coming in hot with a name, Information Workers Union (IWU). Love it

    Soo are you gonna create the community or am I?

  • An angry admin shares the CrowdStrike outage experience
  • Agreed, just here they have then by the metaphorical balls.

  • Jaahnavi Kandula: US police officer who joked about woman's death fired
  • Usually yeah. Cops do one of the most domestic abuse

  • Fem Shapiro
  • Find your fit and work it!!

  • No PS3 backwards compatibility
  • I would argue its what you get when you build hardware without any consideration for the people writing the software. Which is just as much as an epitome if a kind of silly.

  • An angry admin shares the CrowdStrike outage experience
  • Sounds like the best time to unionize

  • October 7 Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes by Hamas-led Groups
  • Bro you didn't mention if you condom hummus

  • Weed and furry rule
  • Control the things you can, ignore what you can't.

  • Found some stuff which might be useful to those that would like WhatsApp on Linux phones
  • +1 for the mautrix bridge. The app only needs to be brought up once every 14 days after which you'll get kicked

  • if you like doing your job and going home, how do you bear with coworkers who are lazier but more popular than you and get away with doing less?
  • Not always, it's mostly office culture in many places. Finding one where that doesn't happen is hard. Usually depends on the discipline the manager or boss has to not accidentally pick favorites and catch that behavior. Which doesn't always happen. There are some people, but they are a rare breed. People always end up forming cliques, and whoever is in the clique with the boss had an advantage in the workplace.

  • ROCm-SlackBuilds

    AMD ROCm runtime+drivers needed for Slackware


    I have been working on ROCm Slackbuilds to support AMD GPUs on Slackware. OpenCL seems to work, but full ROCm doesn't work (so no PyTorch etc.) and this could use some eyes to help me fix it up and get it to spec.

    PRs are welcome!