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America is not ready for what comes next
  • The best way for America to get past this dark fascist chapter of its history is to have a large Biden win this election to finish off the MAGA movement and bring back the proper Republican party and beliefs, not just this cultist crap.

  • Elon Musk calls for “criminal prosecution” of Twitter/X ad boycott perpetrators
  • Thank god this muppet wasn't born in the US, or he would definetely be making a presidential run. Maybe he will just try and pull a Trump and disrespect the constitution and try and change rules to benefit himself personally.

  • Tesla Cybertruck Fail: Fan Frustrated By Repeated Breakdowns Of Not Just One But Two Vehicles!
  • Anyone who can convince this many people, to spend that much money on a giant paper clip deserves the 44 billion payout. As long as the TSLA shareholders are good holding the bag.

    How the hell does he find this many gullable suckers with money ?

  • Xbox Game Pass is getting MAJOR changes, with a new tier without day one games, and a range of price increases
  • Last day 1 game I tried to play on game pass was starfield, and the queue was so long everytime I tried to play I was unable to play for hours and stopping using the service all together which sucks because I have another year or more left.

  • Headlines
  • Dude they have been fighting for the whole time and for every bad thing Isreal has done Hamas has done one back.

    Ever heard of the saying "and eye for an eye and the whole world is blind". Well both sides are blind now.

    The only correct take is that both sides suck and the palastenian people are the ones who suffer. To take a side in this conflict is uninformed, as both sides have way too much blood on their hands. This is very far from black and white and simple.

  • Biden says he 'screwed up' debate but vows to stay in election
  • When the choice is between and Felon, with many more charges coming, and just an old guy, I am super shocked at how many Americans can't decide between democracy and a corrupt dictatorship. It's even being presented factually to them, directly in front of their faces, and they still choose to ignore reality. As if continually doubling down will eventually work out... not sure what their plan is going to be, but they have all burned every bridge aside from other MAGA losers.

  • Biden says he 'screwed up' debate but vows to stay in election
  • Dems showed us in 2016 when they screwed Bernie and set the country on course for this madness. It completely comes down to Hillary and the establishment back in 2016, and keeping forever establishment candidates in isn't going to win anyone over.

    They screwed us hard because she thought it was her turn, and now Biden is making the same error.

    Republicans didn't like Trump at first either but they saw how popular he was and didn't undermine their supporters atleast...