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I'm a computer janitor that sometimes streams trying to learn dev

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Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog), 2004
  • Brown buntu was best buntu

  • Bad news: Playstation is starting to block their games from running on Proton. Playstation Overlay is blocked on Linux in Ghost of Tsushima. The same thing happened with the Concord beta.
  • Funny how all the games that don't work on Linux also want your data must just be a technical thing though sure they aren't being malicious.

  • Do Krimes
  • Robbery at the old eucalyptus factory

  • Donald Trump Does Not Get Post-Shooting Poll Boost
  • A bit unrelated but the Stock price for Trump Media went up

  • ergo ftw
  • Korne kit?

  • Which existing Lemmy communities do you wish were more active?
  • The whole thing tbh, no one bothers posting, including the mods. Things like news being days and days behind. People posting communites on this thread they want to be more active on here, but the subs are empty. Get posting.

  • Anon watches game of thrones
  • The whole season turned into half arsed fan fiction.

  • Caption this.
  • 30lbs in 30 days with this one simple trick.

  • Cyclists are dying on our roads at an alarming rate - why don't we care?
  • We're just cyclists, basically asking for it right?

  • Gardeners urged to cut uneven 'strips' in lawn this summer
  • No mow may, it's the equivalent of inviting guests and kicking them out as soon as their bags are unpacked.

  • Anon makes up a word
  • Remember kids intelligence lead jobs don't mean intelligent people the opposite is true also

  • You think you know a person...
  • I don't think he's heard of second extras blu ray

  • Greatest fear
  • If you can't handle me in my crocs you don't deserve me in my socks...and crocs

  • We're coming for you
  • Never used to get bit in the UK but something I can't quite put my finger on has allowed them to exist now.

  • Jimmy would rather see butterflies and eat fresh produce.
  • Remember we need left hands too donate yours today

  • Jimmy would rather see butterflies and eat fresh produce.
  • I find it mad that hoa were allowed to be established. Sorry how much money did you pay for this land oh it's it 0 weird it's exactly the amount of fucks in my pocket.

  • Loyalty
  • On investing in better materials that are better for people and the environment. The other marketing..

  • No common rube
  • The real world experience

    "Hi so to save us some time I've restarted the computer, went ahead and assigned a static IP to all devices and put them all on the same sub net. While in the router I noticed there was a firmware update so I managed to do that removing the ROM chip and wrote an open source os that uses half the resources of the factory one..."

    "Ok sir could you restart your computer"

  • Gardening
  • It was cherry

  • Let Larry in!


    Which high-profile MPs have lost their seats?

    A number of high-profile Conservative and Labour MPs have lost their seats as Rishi Sunak conceded that his party had been defeated in the general election and Sir Keir Starmer declared a historic victory.

    Conservatives Liz Truss Seat: South West Norfolk Lost to: Labour

    Truss served as UK prime minister for 49 days in 2022 and was previously foreign secretary and trade secretary. She was forced out of office after her government’s “mini” Budget spooked financial markets and triggered a crisis in the pensions sector. First elected to parliament in 2010, Truss becomes the first former premier for almost 90 years to lose their seat in a general election.

    Penny Mordaunt Seat: Portsmouth North Lost to: Labour

    A former Royal Navy reservist, the House of Commons leader ran in the 2022 Tory leadership contest as a moderate and had been tipped as a future contender to lead the party if she held on to her seat. Her sword-bearing role at King Charles’s coronation raised her national profile, but she lost to Labour by about 780 votes.

    Penny Mordaunt © Ben Stevens/Shutterstock Alex Chalk Seat: Cheltenham Lost to: Liberal Democrats

    A respected legal advocate, the ousted justice secretary is expected to return to practice at chambers 6KBW College Hill. Chalk had the tough task of managing a government department with an unprotected budget as it reeled from severe cuts. But he helped push through legislation to exonerate sub-postmasters caught up in the Horizon scandal.

    Gillian Keegan Seat: Chichester Lost to: Liberal Democrats

    The education secretary lost out in a three-way battle for the seat she first won in 2017. Keegan faced the unenviable job of closing more than 100 schools during her tenure over the use of unsafe concrete in their construction and was captured on a microphone complaining she received no praise for doing a “fucking good job”.

    Grant Shapps Seat: Welwyn Hatfield Lost to: Labour

    A veteran cabinet minister, Shapps was frequently turned to as a “safe pair of hands” by Sunak. A strong media performer and “attack dog” for the Conservative government, he rose to prominence in 2012 after it emerged he operated a business while an MP under the pseudonym Michael Green.

    Grant Shapps at his Welwyn Hatfield count © James Shaw/Shutterstock Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg Seat: North East Somerset and Hanham Lost to: Labour

    A prominent Brexiter, Rees-Mogg entered parliament in 2010. He served in the governments of Truss and Boris Johnson, holding positions including business secretary and Brexit opportunities minister. The social conservative repeatedly urged his party to enter a pact with Reform UK in this year’s general election.

    Sir Liam Fox Seat: North Somerset Lost to: Labour

    Having served in cabinet, Fox fell from grace under prime minister Boris Johnson and sat on the backbenches for the duration of the last parliament. He was embroiled in the expenses scandal in 2009 and stood down from his role as defence secretary after he allowed a close friend and lobbyist into confidential meetings.

    Mark Harper Seat: Forest of Dean Lost to: Labour

    A reliable figure for Sunak during his time in government, the former transport secretary was one of the few MPs not to be caught up in the expenses scandal. He resigned as immigration minister in 2014 after he discovered his cleaner was in the UK without proper documentation. This paved the way for his return to government less than six months later.

    Michelle Donelan Seat: Melksham and Devizes Lost to: Liberal Democrats

    Donelan decided to become a politician aged six. The former science minister was a strong proponent of a “culture war” strategy in government. Having served for nearly a decade, she gained attention when taxpayers footed her £15,000 legal bill after she falsely accused an academic of supporting or sympathising with Hamas.

    Labour Jonathan Ashworth Seat: Leicester South Lost to: Independent

    Ashworth was shadow paymaster-general on Starmer’s opposition front bench. First elected to parliament in 2011, he served as shadow health secretary during the pandemic and was regarded as a strong media performer. But he was pushed into second place in his constituency by an independent candidate running on a pro-Palestinian ticket.

    Thangam Debbonaire Seat: Bristol Central Lost to: Greens

    The shadow culture secretary had represented the now-reshaped seat of Bristol West since 2015 after ousting the Liberal Democrats. But on Thursday she lost to Carla Denyer, co-leader of the Green party. Previously shadow housing secretary and shadow Commons leader, Debbonaire is a former professional cellist and had been backed by figures in the arts world.


    The moment Liz Truss loses her seat


    The moment Liz Truss looses her seat


    Let's address the significant issue confronting the nation today.. Which Mr/Mrs Men are you?


    Let's address the significant issue confronting the nation today.. Which Mr/Mrs Men are you?


    Has anyone else noticed a similar trend to shy tories and secret pro-brexit voters in the public interviews

    I've been watching several YouTube videos featuring interviews with people from various constituencies, and there's a common theme among those voting for Reform. They often say, "I can't vote Tory, and I won't vote Labour, so I have no choice but to vote Reform."

    This sentiment gives me a strong sense of déjà vu, reminiscent of the confidence among Remainers before Brexit and the optimism of the left in 2015.

    Is it possible we could be heading towards a dark timeline with a Tory-Reform coalition?


    So many Mods for old games got updates this month, here's a list for Ubisoft's shame

    I started this as a comment on this post

    Then I thought, let's just pop them all into a thread.

    For some reason this year, all the major mod teams have been producing gold for games going back to the 90s, proving that if you let people mod, your game will never die. With the Steam game sale on, you can get a lot of game for not much money

    -------------------------------------------- #Mod name:Falcon BMS 4.37.4

    Mod page: YouTube link:

    OG Game:Falcon 4.0

    OG game release date:1 Jan, 1998

    ------------------------------------------- #Mod name:Real RTCW 5.0

    Mod page:

    YouTube link:

    OG Game:Return to Castle Wolfenstein

    OG game release date:20 Nov 2001


    #Mod name:Project Reality 1.8

    Mod page:

    YouTube link:

    OG Game:Battlefield 2

    OG game release date:21 June 2005

    ----------------------------------------- #Mod name:Project Diablo 2

    Mod page:

    YouTube link:

    OG Game:Diablo 2

    OG game release date:28 Jun 2000


    Wake up babe new track just dropped






    Labour Party launch manifesto


    Just finished Spiderman Miles Morales

    Just finished it on the pc having everything on high it looked so pretty. It was the perfect two weekend game about half as big as the first one introducing some more mechanics and leaning into stealth which became the most fun way for me to dispatch most the combat encounters.

    It really only started falling apart at the end


    As usual with these games I'd done all the side missions with the aim of doing a ending run in one session. Map looked complete but no got to do one more for uncle Aaron.

    The whole ending section of the game was just needlessly padded out from the museum section nice cameo though, to the final battle with the Tinkerer outstaying it's welcome after about the fifth time she yonks Miles into the air to the very end watching him crawl to the reactor for something that should have just been a cut scene.

    Found Phins arc kinda meh all rushed at the end. Thought it would have been a lot better if she just trusted Miles and died trying to stop the reactor.

    The game was a great noodle game I really like Miles as a character well worth it if you want a big game feel in a small package


    'This is ridiculous': Tory chair Richard Holden refuses to answer selection questions


    Imagine if Bethesda retained this level of detail..


    A Chinook on the way home

    11 Hackney shooting: Girl, 9, critical after four shot in Dalston

    The "innocent victim" was among four people hurt in a shooting outside an east London restaurant.

    Hackney shooting: Girl, 9, critical after four shot in Dalston

    UK petition of "Require videogame publishers to keep games they have sold in a working state" just got thrown back to the Government

    I just received this email saying that the response "did not respond directly to the request of the petition"

    You recently signed the petition “Require videogame publishers to keep games they have sold in a working state”:

    The Petitions Committee (the group of MPs who oversee the petitions system) has considered the Government’s response to this petition. They felt the response did not respond directly to the request of the petition. They have therefore asked the Government to provide a revised response.

    When the Committee receives a revised response from the Government, we will publish this and share it with you.

    Thanks, The Petitions team UK Government and Parliament


    Just getting into JS


    A real chicken-and-egg situation