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So Many Divvy Bikes Are In Lake Michigan That There's Now A Group Dedicated To Fishing Them Out
  • Are the bikes just left parked around the city? Here in Montréal, we have Bixi, with docks for the bikes every few blocks, and bikes have to be returned to a dock when you're done (or you'll get docked for the price of the bike, pun intended) so we don't hear about discarded bikes much.

    The program is also a resounding success here!

  • Clarence Thomas Torn Over Case Where Both Sides Offer Compelling Scuba Trips
  • But the bribe amounts have very little to do with how unfathomably rich the "donors" are! If you look at all those bribes, the amounts are still within the realm of what the 99% could put together.

    But I don't even think it would cost the 99% that much, because it would force the 1% to up their game (in other words, there'd be bribe inflation) until the 99% can't follow suit, which means the 99% wouldn't even need to pay, in the end. But the higher price would make some bribers think twice, which might lead to less bribery happening.

  • Pendant ce temps dans l'empire anglois
  • Québécois ici. Je suis arrivé sur Lemmy suivant l'exode de Reddit l'an passé. Sur Reddit, je n'étais pas exposé aux sous-Reddit Français et les seules communautés francophones que je visitais régulièrement étaient celles du Québec et de Montréal.

    Mais peu de temps après mon arrivée ici, j'ai commencé à voir le contenu Français, et maintenant je suis vous discussions politiques, ce qui me donne plus de matériel de conversation avec mes collègues de bureau qui sont des ex-pats Français.

  • The enshittification of music, by Rick Beato
  • How much of the music at that EDM festival you went to will you listen to again? Will you buy any of their records? Or maybe just add a few of their tracks to a playlist on Spotify such that you may hear that music a couple more times in the future?

    I may be making assumptions about you, but I think Rick's point about new music becoming "disposable" because there's just so much of it coming out remains valid. There's still new songs coming out that transcend this, but the musicians making this music are finding it harder and harder to build up a following, get exposure, and convince record labels to invest in them, when these labels can invest way less, produce a shitton of disposable music and get a better (short-term) ROI.