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Weed and furry rule
  • Weed is still illegal in most places, and they've already expressed their intention to attack porn federally.

    Although the porn bans in place haven't done much to stop me getting my fix.

  • Under a bench rule
  • Man, i couldn't imagine actually declaring to the public i was fascist, even if i was. It's like letting everyone know that not only is your dick tiny, you really wish that it wasn't.

    I just couldn't project my insecurities that hard to everyone who walks by.

  • 'Drill, baby, drill': Trump’s Project 2025 would gut all U.S climate policy
  • I'm pretty sure the only options are losing democracy, just at different rates. Not to say don't vote or whatever the libs think people complaining about Biden mean, it's stupid i gotta clarify that but whatever.