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The decline of Intel..
  • Lol

    The intel atom had a 4w tdp ... a snapdragon 855 has 5 w tdp ....

    Intel is out of the smartphone market because Google built and optimized...( not as much as Apple ) ... android for the arm shit.

    This fucked everyone and helped android... since now we are dependent on the chip vendors . Android can't be replaced on the damned things ... and every 3 years you ha e to buy another piece of crap.

  • Removal of piracy communities
  • Lololo

    That's a corporation imbecile



    Let me tell you a secret ... THE GOVERNMENT is a corporation ... the church... IS A corporation ....


  • The decline of Intel..
  • I hope for the best for AMD ... they make great products... I own several AMD machines.

    But ARM and the trust built around it ... continues to eat their market .... I see Intel as having more of a fighting chance.

    IF THEY RESTRUCTURE ... or whatever the fuck their strategy is.

  • The decline of Intel..
  • Just EAT some shit off the arm pushers dick !

    Don't worry imbecile... the vendors will make the other architectures JUST AS CLOSED AS ARM IS !

    Because imbeciles like you will buy them !

  • The decline of Intel..
  • Bro ... if you think people need to chill... you just need to eat some shit!

    Arm and all it fucking VENDORS CAN EAT SHIT AND DIE . They do make less power-hungry chips ... but completely shit when it comes to OPENNESS !

    FUCK ARM ... FUCK YOU ... And fuck all the ARM PUSHERS !


    The intel atom had a 4 watt tdp

    And a snapdragon 855 has a 5 watt tdp


  • The decline of Intel..
  • Lol ... If they don't manage to make a decent one ... they're done.

    That being said I would love an "not so good " x86 smartphone with usb video out and desktop mode.

    But clearly that ain't going to happen... all the ARM shit must be sold .

  • DeviantArt’s Downfall Is Devastating, Depressing, and Dumb
  • To take it from the publishing industry, A.I. is already decimating once-common job prospects. An April report from the Society of Authors found that 26 percent of the illustrators surveyed “have already lost work due to generative A.I.” and about 37 percent of illustrators “say the income from their work has decreased in value because of generative A.I.”

    I have to say ... I LOVE THIS !

    Adapt or else ...