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What do you think of the culinary industry ?
  • I'll never forgive them for what they did.

  • What policy or program would you pay more taxes to support?
  • That's a problem here as well. I'm hoping that if we invest more resources into it, they'll not feel that they have to withhold and prioritise treatment. Give them the resources to treat everyone, rather than the few who tick all the right boxes.

    Although that's just wishful thinking on my part, most likely. And probably also requires social change as well as economic...

  • What do you just not give a single fuck about that so many people try to make you give a shit about?
  • It was! If you broke line of sight or the transmitter lost power, it would just play static at a loud volume.

  • What do you just not give a single fuck about that so many people try to make you give a shit about?
  • I prefer wired headphones (perhaps after bad experiences with infrared headphones), and used to only want phones with headphone jacks...

    But the latest one I got doesn't have one, so I had to buy an adapter. Honestly, it doesn't seem a big deal now I have it? I can keep the adapter in the same case I keep my earbuds in, and they're decently cheap.

  • What free2play game are you currently hooked on?

    Dr. Robotnik’s Ring Racers. A Sonic fan game that's similar to Mario Kart. It's kinda drawn me in and it's very technical.

    In terms of multiplayer games to play with friends on Discord; been playing a lot of Apex Legends recently. Sadly I suck at aiming.

  • What policy or program would you pay more taxes to support?
  • Improved access to mental health treatment. We have free healthcare here, but the mental health side isn't great. This would also include support for those who are neurodivergant, suffering from trauma, experiencing gender dysphoria, etc..

    Honestly, I think something that would be good as a policy is that at least once a year schoolchildren see a counsellor. Just to talk about anything that's bothering them, and give them help for things that are happening in their home life.

  • A root-server at the Internet’s core lost touch with its peers. We still don’t know why.
  • Oddly, any DNS requests made to the server after it came back started returning IPs outside the 0..255 range. Despite that, devices could still make HTTP requests to them. When they did so, they only got served a single text file containing PLEASE STOP. IT HURTS.

  • removed
  • I'm cool with Obsidian because everything is just a bunch of Markdown files. If they go off into the deep end then I can just switch to VScodium or some random text editor.

    Vendor lockin is the real problem with proprietary software.

  • What did you bring to the table?
  • Hire that frog.

  • Do you like wasting workplace supplies?
  • What an expensive and enviromentally unfriendly way of being petty...

  • Are there any household gadgets you found unexpectedly useful after you'd gotten them?
  • Halogen oven: I live alone, and even though it's relatively small, it's big enough for me (unless I want to cook a pizza). It preheats much faster than a regular oven, so meals take much less time to make if I'm just throwing something in it too cook.

    Headphone stand: I got a stand that you can hang headphones on, and it's so much nicer than just tossing it on the table or whatever.

    Battery powered lamp with a flexible "spine". I have an adjustable lamp which charges via usb and has a flexible neck. It saves the hassle of trying to prop up a phone or something with the torch turned on.

    Did you know you can get toilet roll holders that have a little shelf for you to put a phone on? If you browse on the can, they're rather handy.

    Extension cables: If you have a desktop or tv, you can just grab some USB, hdmi or audio extensions and swap things using that instead of leaning behind the device.

    Egg cooker thingy: I have a thingie that you put a certain amount of water in and it boils an egg using the steam and turns off when done. Saves the effort of setting a timer or boiling a full pan of water.

    Kettles: Apparently not a thing in the US? I don't know how you live without them.

  • How are you?
  • Honestly been feeling pretty good recently. Started taking some antidepressants and they seem to be working! I guess I now have this feeling that everything is going to be okay and work itself out somehow.

  • question about how to create communities
  • Just a heads up: Some instances don't allow creation of new communities by non-admins. If the "Create Community" option isn't there, you're probably on one of those instances.

  • Which file system do you recommend for Linux?
  • For standard use, ext4. If you want to tinker and use fancy features, btrfs (or maybe zfs?).

  • How does your dream Utopia look like?
  • A society that allows everyone to be free to do whatever they want, provided that all parties involved fully understand and consent to it. Economy wise, I'd like everyone to just unconditionally receive a basic income that covers enough for them to live comfortably.

    Perhaps unrealistic yeah, but that's the dream society I wish could happen.

  • Furry SavvyWolf
    I just stumbled upon Accell's art

    Stumbled upon this artist on bluesky ( ), and their art is adorable.

    Not sure how well known they are, but look at how soft everything is!

    Xenia Desktop by [email protected]

    Source: Full version on their Ko-Fi:

    It's very nice!

    What's a fun office prank? Christmas themed if possible.
  • Put up Halloween decorations and claim you got the date wrong.

  • What is your experience with btrfs snapshots?
  • Used them to debug a problem. Forgot to remove them. Wondered why I ran out of disk space a few weeks later.

  • Videos SavvyWolf
    Pipefox Box
    Has exercise helped your mental health?

    Just a simple question to those of you suffering from depression, anxiety or are just going through a tough time. Now or sometime in the past.

    Have you tried exercising, and did it help? What kind, and how did it make you feel?

    Advocacy and those with severe difficulties

    Content Warning: This is a post detailing arguing with a friend about ND rights. It's probably going to cover topics of discrimination, eugenics, conversion therapy/ABA and other serious topics.

    Hey. So I have this friend, let's call him Woof, who I'm close to. Like, close in an almost-dating-but-its-complicated way. I find it difficult to find new friends, so basically he was the only real person I could lean on and confide in as a friend.

    Due to various things, I've kinda gotten emotionally invested in the whole neurodivergence movement thing recently. The idea that things like autism should be treated as diversity rather than disability.

    Woof... Doesn't see the same way. He works as an ambulance driver and as such has seen a lot of people who have all sorts of difficulties... My understanding is that he thinks the whole ND movement thing is a bit naive and ignores some people who really need help and support.

    It's something we've butted heads about before, but it's gotten really bad the past two weeks. I just... Think there's something we're miscommunicating and misunderstanding. What he's saying sounds logically sound, but feels uncomfortable to me...

    I know I probably shouldn't rant about this stuff to the internet, but I could really use some comments by a neutral party. Especially since it feels like I'm strawmanning him super hard and projecting some of my own uncertainties onto him. Or maybe I'm avoiding uncomfortable truths? Or maybe I'm overlooking something and will make a fool of myself (which happens every time I talk about politics...). Again, just looking for extra views and thoughts.

    The crux of his thoughts are that some people really suffer. There are autistic people that have severe problems, like intense hypersensitivity, weak cognitive ability, inability to communicate. Those kinds of things.

    Outwardly at least, I personally don't have much issues. I have a job (for the time being - my quality of work has been slipping due to mental health), I can travel around unaided and I can communicate to people decently well. I have a lot of mental fuckery and problems, but that doesn't stop me getting the coveted title of "high functioning".

    So I can't really say that I have experienced the hardships faced by everyone. There are a number of people that will never be able to adapt and fit into society. Or those that are constantly overwhelmed by the world and have severe trouble coping. They have my sympathies, but I'm not them.

    Given that, am I forcing my views on people where I shouldn't? Am I assuming people are generally like me, and so I ignore the voices of those who have greater difficulties?

    Are we all like that here? Most people here are adults who can articulate their thoughts and desires clearly enough and can function "okay" enough in society.

    Can we truly advocate for people with more severe versions of the same symptoms? I think so; it's similar to how bi people can advocate for gay rights despite being able to have "normal" relationships. Woof doesn't think the same way for ND though. Different severities of conditions might require different allowances and support, which can get overlooked by people fighting just for themselves.

    I was going to go into specific cases about specific events, but that's probably not going to be useful. We've argued about a lot of the main controversial autism things, so I'll try to give a summary.

    My stance is usually on the "pro-ND" side. I think regardless of neurotype, everyone should get the support and not feel the need to change who they are. That even those with severe difficulties deserve to live their lives as best they can and be who they are.

    Woof's stance seems to be usually on the "pro-change" side. That if there was a way to remove people's neurodivergence without causing harm, it should be offered to them. And that for those that are truly suffering, it should be the choice that is encouraged.

    ... I guess his stance also reacts with my anxiety beast in a bad way... I would consider myself as someone who has suffered my entire life. Would it be better if I were someone else? Would Woof prefer me if I were someone else? Do I have a moral obligation to prevent people like me from existing? Do I deserve to live? Blegh.

    But yeah, sorry for rambling. It's all been stuck in my head and I'd appreciate some different viewpoints. Even if it's just to tell me that I'm wrong. If you've made it this far, I appreciate you reading it.

    Anthro Comics SavvyWolf
    Duncan and Eddie | Slice of life webcomic Duncan and Eddie

    Two boyfriends stumbling their through life together. They may not be the most competent couple, but that won't stop them from loving each other to bits! Updates every SUNDAY

    Duncan and Eddie

    Webtoons Description: > Two boyfriends stumbling their through life together. They may not be the most competent couple, but that won't stop them from loving each other to bits!

    You've all probably seen this before, but posting anyway because I want to see this community become a repository of furry webcomics. :D

    It's a comic about two people being gay and adorable together.

    First Page:

    0 4 billion if statements

    I recently stumbled upon this screenshot while researching social media on the train. Of course, it was followed by a cascade of spiteful comments, criticizing this fresh programmer’s attempt to solve a classical problem in computer science. The modulus operation.

    Videos SavvyWolf
    The Parable of the Dagger


    Got recommended this channel by The Algorithm, they have a few videos on AI and logic with cute dogs.

    Looking for advice/sympathy about anxiety

    Hey autistic peeps. I'm not really in a great space mentally right now, and figured I'd ask if anyone knows of any good coping mechanisms or tricks or whatever.

    Anyway, some background. I'm one of those perpetually online types with no real irl hobbies. As you probably are aware (because Lemmy), there's been a lot of disruption in the online space recently. There's also been a fair amount of disruption in my personal life which I shan't go into. Kinda tempted to make a post here or /c/mentalhealth detailing my woefull history, but I'm not sure if there's interest.

    Anyway, the main thing is that since May, I've been struggling with anxiety, and been kind of letting it rot, get worse and pull in other things. It's at the point now where it feels a bit overwhelming and it's actively getting in the way of my thought patterns, which is as scary as it sounds.

    Through talking to people (including friends who I really appreciate taking the time to put up with me) about it, I've been able to drill it down to two main "fears":

    • I'm scared of trying new things or enjoying familiar things in case they get taken away from me in the future.
    • I'm vey uncomfortable with the idea of being restricted from things because of who I am or what I believe in.

    They struck me as being, for want of a better term, "autismy" thoughts, and get the feeling my nt friends dont "get" it. Just wondering if either of these statements resonate with anyone, or if anyone has advice on combatting them.

    Videos SavvyWolf
    Furries Out of Context [Suggestive at times, but nothing explicit]


    Youtube recommended me this series, and they're quite funny.

    An emotionally charged rant/vent about fediverse politics

    Fair warning, this is something that's been in my head for a while now, and I just want to get it off my chest. This is going to be a very emotionally charged post, so... I guess take everything with a grain of salt and with the understanding that I suck at word choice.

    So this is partially in response to l_b_i's thread asking about Lemmy/Yiffit here: . Would have responded there, but that seems to be focused on Lemmy (and particularly Yiffit) side of thing, and I want to rant about the fediverse as a whole.

    So, firstly the software. I think Mastodon is a really good piece of kit. As a Twitter competitor, it's really good and has more than enough features. It also makes a fairly solid ActivityPub reader, although it doesn't really work with Lemmy that well.

    Lemmy is rough around the edges, but that can be fixed with work. The leanings of the developers might be concerning, but it's AGPL so whatever.

    ActivityPub as a whole is a cool concept, many social media networks connecting together regardless of platform. Anyone heard of pixelfed? No? It just kinda happened and if you have Mastodon you might have been following a Pixelfed user without realizing it.

    I just... Have been increasingly frustrated at the aristocracy running everything recently. There's just so much drama between admins that result in them completely severing connections between instances. And this isn't petty squabbles between two small instances either, these are large instances with up to several thousand users each. Constantly falling out and causing their users to fall out of touch.

    Personally, I've been using the Fediverse seriously since like April (or whenever the Reddit drama started), and currently have 5 fediverse accounts (excluding my super secret AD ones). I'd consider them all to have been on instances involved in fediverse politics that had resulted in some amount of connections being lost.

    Since April, to my knowledge, there's been three major fediverse-wide "dramas" that have resulted in major instances either defederating or threatening to defederate. One was started by someone who had perhaps too much influence and inability to listen to feedback, one was started by a literal troll and one was started by Facebook. How does a platform that prides itself on being censorship resistant let itself fall apart this easily!?

    I don't want to have to feel like I have to keep on track of the latest fediverse politics. I don't want to have to feel like I have to keep a backup of my followers list just in case something happens. I don't want to feel like I have to frequently change instance due to the influence of some other instance. I don't want to have to feel like I have to "pick a side" in conflicts that are mostly hidden in an unsearchable space.

    Hell, the Mastodon devs literally had to add a screen to the defederation flow that basically says "this is how many people you are going to fuck up".

    I just want a place to look at people in funny animal costumes and fancy coloured pixels. Maybe it's because of autism, maybe this is a neurotypical thing as well, but personally I am very uncomfortable with the idea of losing contact with people I follow without realizing it and not being able to regain that contact. I'm also heavily vulnerable to obsessing over drama and politics (and try to curate my feed to avoid it as much as possible), which I can't really do against this stuff.

    For the Fediverse to work, we NEED to fix this. We need to get better. Maybe something simple like this: . Maybe a public record of accountability for instances that explains why things happened.

    Honestly, with these issues being a frequent enough occurrence I can't really wholeheartedly shill Mastodon as a Twitter/Bluesky alternative anymore...

    For reference, if you were a furry content creator looking for an instance to maximise reach, I'd personally recommend you avoid the following instances (from personal experience):

    • Any instance with a hidden blocklist
    • Very small instances, since they have limited reach and may vanish.

    Not saying these instances are bad, it's just that, through their fault or otherwise, they've been involved in drama that has effectively cut them off from parts of the fediverse.

    Anyway, thanks for reading my rant. Apologies for having to do this and ruining your day, but I just needed to get it off my chest.

    Red Landscape [OC]

    Just something I threw together last night, figured I'd share it here. Enjoy!

    Think it came out decently, although I think the "grass" is a bit messy.

    Videos SavvyWolf
    Let's Play | Holly Streams Super Lesbian Animal RPG


    A couple playing through Super Lesbian Animal RPG; a game that is unashamedly both lesbian and furry.

    It's a good game!

    Videos SavvyWolf
    Underground Eevee


    I can't get this out of my head. Send help.

    Videos SavvyWolf
    The Industrious Rabbit - Technical videos mostly focused on the Amiga The Industrious Rabbit

    Get your paws dirty and learn something new! Animations, live streams, and other videos, published whenever. By @[email protected]. Read blog posts, browse the wiki & code repository, ...

    The Industrious Rabbit

    I know you've probably seen their videos before elsewhere on Lemmy, but I figured I'd give @[email protected] a shout out here.

    I wasn't an Amiga person myself, but it's all very interesting, and illustrated well.

    (Also, this is kind of an experiment to see if the pings work or not)

    Stellaris: Astral Planes | Announcement Trailer link, for the googly disinclined:

    Stellaris: Astral Planes | Announcement Trailer link, for the googly disinclined:

    3 Friday Facts #380 - Remote view | Factorio

    Hello, we would like to talk about the remote view changes coming in the 2.0 base game update. This is one of the foundations to be able to talk about the space platform and planets later, so lets get into it!

    Friday Facts #380 - Remote view | Factorio
    [OC] Fox Head!

    I've been doing pixel art for a while now, and I've finally made something that I feel comfortable showing off. I don't feel it's as good as some of the other stuff I've seen around, but I got it to a state where I think it looks kinda cute.

    Any feedback or advice would be welcome!

    [OC] Fox Head!

    I've been doing pixel art for a while now, and I've finally made something that I feel comfortable showing off. I don't feel it's as good as some of the other stuff I've seen around, but I got it to a state where I think it looks kinda cute.

    Any feedback or advice would be welcome!

    savvywolf SavvyWolf

    Hello there!

    I'm also @[email protected] , and I have a website at .


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