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You have 15$. How would you spend it so that you'll be the happiest you can be for 15$ ?
  • Yes, but this is specifically a dollar sign, and in every country that uses dollars, the $ goes before the number.

  • Responsible guidance is a choice
  • Possibly him, possibly others you don't know.

  • jpg rule
  • I often choose female characters in games because I like variety and male characters are super common. I always make them non-white if given an option, too, although non-human is best of all!

  • Three Wishes
  • Depending on what definition of communism you choose to use.

  • well shoot
  • And water can be contaminated with just about anything.

  • The latest Ads
  • I know, why do people have ovens when they could just cook everything in a fire pit? Lazy assholes!

  • Three Wishes
  • Because communism requires everyone to be willing to work for the betterment of society, not money. But unless everyone (or at least almost everyone) does that, it doesn't work.

  • Three Wishes
  • Humans are too tribal for communism to work on a large scale. Making them see all humanity as their tribe would be a good start.

  • DnD with non-native English speakers
  • If the whole door is a jar, it's probably easy to fit in.

  • Responsible guidance is a choice
  • Macon loves bacon!

  • Responsible guidance is a choice
  • If it's their lifetime, it's forever.

  • Responsible guidance is a choice
  • Oh, better put a metal lid over it to keep that from happening, then!

  • Responsible guidance is a choice
  • Not just tenant. That can affect everyone around you as well.

  • It would be a living nightmare
  • They're frequently used in protests!

  • Strong
  • It still could be.

  • Three Wishes
  • If you're wishing anyway, you might as well go to the root of the problem and change human nature.

  • Three Wishes
  • Both words are considered acceptable, although abolition is indeed preferred.

  • Big scared
  • The "symbol" being LGBTQ people asserting their right to exist. Without those "displeased" people, the symbol would have never been necessary.

  • Raspberry Pi becomes a public company
  • The 3B was a far superior alternative to the NES Classic I couldn't get at the time (and taught me what little I know about Linux - I even got a lesson in sudo one time when a command wouldn't work). o7