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Creating a home cloud storage network?
  • Other replies have given you good advice to use as a jumping off point but assuming you are taking data you find very meaningful (pictures and videos) and putting it on hardware you own there are two concepts you should familiarize yourself with asap before going too deep into purchasing stuff and building/installing

    RAID: provides redundancy for when a drive inevitably fails. Will require multiple drives to create an array (the amount of drives depends on what kind of raid) but this helps you avoid downtime. Drives will fail, it happens.

    Backup: provides resiliency for when your raid array entirely fails so your data isn’t completely destroyed. As you learn about and experiment with raid you may be lulled into a false sense of security, especially the first time you resliver a drive into the array. It’s honestly a bit like magic, you pull the dead/dying drive out and pop in a fresh drive, test it to make sure it’s good to go (not essential but good practice), and then after awhile it’s rebuilt from parity and your data is back. But this process is stressful on the drives and after years of running a home server I’ve finally had an occasion where reslivering caused an additional drive to fail.

    Additionally all of the above is pointless in a disaster situation. If there’s some kind of extreme hardware failure that zaps all your drives at once, your house floods/burns down/etc, raid won’t help you obviously at all.

    This is where backup gets annoying. If you have 4tb of data it’s pretty inexpensive to create a local backup, a 4-8tb external hard drive (or even larger) can be purchased or made for a couple hundred bucks. Sometimes you can get a refurb 18tb drive under $200 and slap it in a cheap external enclosure.

    But offsite for that amount of data is costly and pulls you back into the amazon/google/apple/etc ecosystem, which if you’re anything like me you’re trying to get away from. Another option besides an external drive is a bluray burner and discs. They’re relatively cheap now. I have a different off site backup solution now that I was able to purchase property but the bluray thing was what I did prior to buying land. The downside is that backups were done at longer fixed intervals so there was a risk of losing ~3 months of data. I would burn them and then take them offsite, to a trusted location that I visited fairly regularly.

  • Pony Rule
  • Drug tolerance is generally not associated with acetaminophen or NSAIDs although using them frequently to manage headaches can definitely cause rebound headaches on discontinuation

  • [Trump Shooting] Suspect was registered as Republican voter, state records show
  • I wouldn’t say it’s common, that’s misleading. some people do it, probably, but I’ve lived in PA for 2 decades and have never met anyone who has claimed to do so nor have I seen any actual statistics on the matter

  • Now we know how much it costs to make a $2,800 Dior bag
  • On one hand if you actually read the article this number is already misleading because they didn’t even bother to include the price with materials, which are leather (and assuming high quality leather at that), which probably drives that number up a bit although nowhere near the final cost.

    On the other hand, duh, this is how commerce works? I make something (or buy it from someone who can make it in high volumes) and then sell it at higher price than I sold it for. I guess it’s just the commentary that there are people out there with enough disposable income to spend 3 grand on a bag? That is ridiculous for sure but it’s nothing new, been around for decades

  • Emotional overload
  • While I think scanning baby brains is not really viable for this (see my other reply) they actually do basically put babies in a restraint for X-rays and neurological scans that looks pretty fucked up. But I mean if a baby is having seizures or has a suspected broken bone you have to get imaging, even if it’s kind of cruel



  • Emotional overload
  • Oh yeah let me just plug in an fmri and find out if someone is definitively experiencing “joy”. That’s high level somewhat subjective emotion, not pain. Neurological understanding is not nearly as advanced as you think it is. I spent my post doc doing fmri research; the best thing you could come up with here is “areas of the brain associate with pleasure are highly activated” but even that doesn’t necessarily indicate the baby feels overwhelmed. Maybe I’m wrong and there’s some fancier neuroscientist out their that can read baby brains but I doubt it

  • Emotional overload
  • I hate it when people say shit like this so authoritatively. Like this is some conjecture at best. It’s a baby. No one knows why a baby does this. Someone assumed that and some other people said oh yeah that makes sense.

  • All 3 Major Music Labels Are Suing AI Start-ups for Copyright Infringement
  • I disagree. It was 6 in 1998 and 3 by 2013.

    Conglomeration of internet spaces and the surrounding corpo entities ultimately fucks over independent distributors. Streaming may have given indies a modest boost but that is likely what pushed the big 6 to conglomerate into the big 3 in the face of a changing market. They’re playing the long game

    Look at other examples: google search has been utterly destroyed by the conglomeration of both google as a company as well as ad networks. Now the independent companies that were thriving because of google search boosting them are on life support or outright dying because google no longer has to cater to them and can now outright cater to business interests that will pump their bottom line. Amazon marketplace is killing many small businesses because the conglomeration of amazon businesses has reached a point where they can undercut and copy those small businesses to kill them off and increases amazons bottom line. Youtube has reached a critical mass and pushes sponsored and corporate creators, it is essentially impossible to grow a channel organically at this point without some kind of backing.

    The streaming services are going the same route. Do you think apple, spotify, deezer, tidal, etc won’t tweak their algorithms for additional funds from warner? It may not even be about money, it might be about keeping sony music happy because they are essentially a cartel that controls 1/3rd of your catalog. So then the indies slowly but surely go back to relying on word of mouth exclusively. But good luck with that because facebook, tiktok, youtube, etc, is where all this discussion happens and warner/sony/universal is far more likely to have an in with google or whoever than podunk indie label with 10k in the bank. It won’t even be that they silence the indie labels, they’ll just say “when people search for new reggae push these artists in the algorithm”

    The future is grim dude. It’s why I use soulseek and torrents to find music. Fuck algorithms. Ill go to shows and buy merch

  • Looking for recommendations for homebrew security system cameras
  • This but also if you’re going to a 100m run keep in mind that also assumes everything randombullet said is true plus at least 22-24awg and kept under 20c. If you’re truly looking at runs that long it’s time to consider fiber imo.

  • Looking for recommendations for homebrew security system cameras
  • Do you rent or own your place? If you have the ability to run Ethernet drops to camera points imo the best solution by far is to get poe cameras. Amcrest/reolink are good options. You’ll need a poe switch, this can be expensive but you can pick them up cheap used if you look for old ones sold as ewaste. I got mine for $40 and it has 24 ports which is far more cameras than I’ll ever need.

    Similarly, you can get a nvr, which is basically a poe switch with a built in management system and a slot for a hard drive. These can be a couple hundred. Or you can get an old ewaste pc, like literally an $50-$100 sff core i3 pc from an office off ebay. Thow a decent sized hard drive in this, the bigger it is the more recording you can do. I have this connected to my home server for storage so if you have a home server/NAS that’s also an option but not necessary, just gives you more record time and eliminates the need for buying a computer to act as a server.

    Then software to tie it all together: ZoneMinder Moonfire NVR Frigate MotionEyeOS OS-NVR Are all good options Also closed source options like shinobi, I spy, blueiris, and a ton of others

    Not revealing my specific setup for opsec

    This imo is the best possible setup. For one, it sounds expensive but ultimately costs just a bit more. You can get super expensive poe cameras but comparable poe cameras to wyze/eufy/etc are often a bit cheaper because they don’t have the WiFi nonsense built in. Of course, you pay that back with the switch and server.

    But the bigger thing is reliability and customization. Before this I had a eufy cam setup. They were wireless which was admittedly easier to setup, no fishing wires. But every couple days I’d get notifications “camera x is unavailable” for no reason. My home has a very solid mesh WiFi network with several APs. The cameras are just shit and drop connection randomly. Sometimes they’ll be on for 4 weeks straight, sometimes they’ll disconnect 20 times an day. If you have a setup with 10 cameras it means one is always doing it.

    Then eufy came out and was server siding thumbnail id images, despite claiming to never do this. Then they doubled down on this, and took away the guarantee that they wouldn’t “cloud” your shit. Essentially they would do “ai” facial recognition server side because their little base stations aren’t powerful enough. They’d then store thumbnails of recognized users for future id purposes. This caused me to sell the eufy cameras and go poe. The poe cameras work in an isolated vlan, eg the cameras and all their features work without a connection to the internet and I can tunnel to my server to view them remotely. You don’t need to have this setup but I’d recommend it if you can

    Finally going off the above with your own server and your own hardware you can do whatever. Eufy had ai recognition but it was shitty. I’m sure it’s improved a bit. I’ve found running the models locally appears to be better, more features like yard perimeters, object detection, etc. you can also separate the ai model from the nvr software, etc. frigate is an interesting potential here, still needs some growth wrt object detection but if they get it a bit more mature imo will be a serious contender

  • Protect yourself from our shitty infrastructure for just $22.99 per month! One-time installation fees as low as $49.99 for a limited time only!
  • What’s crazy is you can get a whole home surge protector in your panel for like $130 plus the cost of a breaker for your panel (~$10-20) if you don’t have an empty one of high amperage (been awhile since I installed mine but I think it needs a 50a breaker). they’re pretty simple to install but if you’re not extremely comfortable working with electricity you absolutely should get an electrician to do it and not fuck around inside your panel though. If your home is relatively new you also potentially already have this as iirc they added this to building codes in many locales in recent years

    Edit: I’m realizing the monthly fee is for generator monitoring. I have a generac generator and they charge similar fees if you use their crazy overpriced hardware but the genmon project on GitHub uses a raspberry pi and some cheap cables to achieve much more robust monitoring without the need for a subscription if you have a Honeywell or generac generator. Fuck fees.

    But that’s actually a decent price for a whole home surge protector + install, which makes me assume it’s probably a cheaper one. Mines one of the nicer spec’d models bc I use a decent amount of power, there are def cheaper options, plus I’m sure they get them much cheaper buying in bulk

  • I'm a psychologist—doomscrolling has a devastating impact
  • I don’t have a name for it but excessive idle scrolling without purpose can be considered a deactivating behavior and may contribute to depressive states. It generally does not give us a sense of accomplishment or happiness.

    It’s not a horrible thing to engage in of course but it’s all about moderation and context. 10-15 minutes on your break? Probably not the worst thing. 3 hours after work? Maybe not the best but for some people maybe helps wind down. 3 hours right after you wake up? Probably not a great idea, setting a bad momentum for the day. But all of these as isolated incidents? Not a huge issue. All of them happening regularly? Maybe look at replacing them with something that makes you feel more of a sense of achievement or at least feels intentional and see how that impacts your mood. Might be more drastic than you’d think

  • Cruelty-based intervention: Russia is set to reintroduce antipsychotic drug as autism treatment
  • Thankfully in the past 10 years I’ve seen a decline in practitioners prescribing seroquel for sleep disorders but that’s entirely anecdotal and based only on my small geographic area unfortunately, not sure of any literature to support that this is actually declining. And unfortunately in the USA i believe it’s still somewhat regularly used as a chemical restraint in long term nursing care for geriatric populations despite indications for other medications being potentially better choices but I can’t speak much to that as it’s not my practice area or population

  • Cruelty-based intervention: Russia is set to reintroduce antipsychotic drug as autism treatment
  • Are you talking about haloperidol? It doesn’t really get used a sedative in emergency psychiatric situations but often gets paired with benzodiazepines. Sometimes one or the other. Sedative would more typically be Ativan. To be clear haldol does have some sedative effects but it is not typically used as a first line sedative in inpatient psychiatric settings; it’s a poor choice for this purpose because it has a fairly slow onset for sedative effects to be seen (~15-20m for many individuals)

    Haloperidol is used for acute psychosis and agitation. Ativan is used for sedation. Care has to be taken because benzos/ativan can worsen delirium, eg in an elderly patient, thus the use of haldol if they are agitated. Or you might use diazepam if you are intending a chemical restraint as this lasts longer than ativan. But this metabolizes via liver so you again have to be careful about pt, late stage alcoholic would get ativan bc metabolic pathway is renal. Additionally ativan alone be best fit for someone detoxing from alcohol who is agitated as the underlying cause of their agitation better targeted by benzos than haldol. Knowledge of pt is key. Of course that info is not always available unfortunately

    Project path explains rationale behind psychopharmacology for emergency treatment of agitation better than I can

  • Cruelty-based intervention: Russia is set to reintroduce antipsychotic drug as autism treatment
  • If Russia is forcing this for all people with autism they are foolish but that is extremely unlikely and a reactionary response

    What is far more likely is that this is a treatment for extreme behavior in a small subset of people with autism. It is important to remember that autism is a spectrum and not everyone with autism is a secret stem genius who is just socially awkward. It’s actually kind of fucked up to keep projecting that stereotype. There are people with autism who are bad at math and science. There are people with autism who cannot speak. And there are people with autism whose cognitive and expressive deficits cause them to get so frustrated and irritable that they frequently become violent.

    That said it is crucially important to note that treating with haloperidol as a first line of defense is also very fucked up. That is a strategy that is basically saying “shut these kids up”. It is a strategy of sedation and a lack of concern over side effects. Haloperidol is admittedly safe and usually well tolerated but not always and is heavily sedating. Drugs like risperdal do not have nearly as much of a sedative effect, an arguably more tolerable side effect profile (weight gain and breast tissue accumulation/gynecomastia are the big ones), and allow the individual to maintain a better quality of life. And with either additional focus has to be on simultaneous clinical treatment to address skill deficits in stress management, executive functioning, etc as well as government policy to increase access to early intervention to decrease likelihood of future cases

  • Cruelty-based intervention: Russia is set to reintroduce antipsychotic drug as autism treatment
  • The United States would more typically utilize risperdal as a first line pharmacological intervention for individuals with autism who experience violent behavior during irritability. It obviously can vary by practitioner a bit but there would need to be some valid justification as this is the only fda approved medication for treating irritability in autism.

    Lots of people speaking out of their lane in these replies though! Nothing like conjecture!

  • Language not allowed

    Getting an error that says language not allowed when trying to post comments. Appears random; can comment within some communities and get it on some threads but not others

    Also, is it possible to search within a community? I see the ability to search for communities and to search for posts but not to search for posts within a community. So sorry if this has been posted about, couldn’t figure that one out. Great app so far though!