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New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC
  • Wasn't that basically Bonzi Buddy and whatever software bundled it without any options to opt out? 😆

  • New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC
  • Remember when this was considered the behavior of malware?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  • Postal worker caught racing Mustang in USPS van, hitting 105 mph in a 60 mph zone - Inshort
  • Ah, gotcha. Thanks for clarifying. The article image was what I had pictured in my mind, and I've heard those called both trucks and vans interchangeably.

  • ‘Meet Baby Olivia’: anti-abortion groups target US sex-ed classes
  • That's just the living room. You should see the kitchen.

  • Postal worker caught racing Mustang in USPS van, hitting 105 mph in a 60 mph zone - Inshort
  • I'm actually impressed those mail trucks can go that fast. I thought they were more like glorified golf carts.

  • Political Pundits in 2024
  • People banging the drum on the wedge issues got me like:

  • Microsoft’s “Copilot+” AI PC requirements are embarrassing for Intel and AMD
  • So, they're demanding chips that don't exist to support a feature that no one wants?

  • Shooting Something Into the Sun is HARD
  • The "what" gets shot into the sun is less important, lol. I just found it interesting that shooting anything into our sun is more difficult than sending it to another sun.

  • Shooting Something Into the Sun is HARD
  • Thanks for that. I was watching it via the embed in the article and didn't realize the YT link I copied had the timestamp from my current position.

    Updated the post.

  • Shooting Something Into the Sun is HARD

    Article if you'd rather read about it.

    A common joke is "just launch X into the sun and be done with it". Turns out, that's actually a really difficult thing to do.

    From Earth, we would have to accelerate a spacecraft to 33 m/s in the opposite direction of our orbit in order to get it to fall into the sun (without entering an elliptical orbit) For reference, we only need to launch a spacecraft at 11 km/s in the same direction of our orbit to cause the spacecraft to escape our solar system.

    This means that it would take less energy to launch a spacecraft to another star than our own sun.

    Hot Topic
  • Worf does not look pleased to be on that particular away mission.

  • Create one new account every other day on less well-known lemmy
  • I mean, you're right, it kind of is provoking an "immune" response 🤷🏻‍♂️. Several UIs already add badges to new accounts since trolls spinning up new accounts to ban-evade is an ongoing problem.

    I maintain a Lemmy UI, and I'm now adding a feature to let people hide new accounts; they can specify a minimum age and only accounts older than that will be shown in communities they're not a moderator of.

  • Create one new account every other day on less well-known lemmy
  • But they're not real accounts; just abandoned burner accounts. I would hardly call that growth.

  • Create one new account every other day on less well-known lemmy
  • I disagree you're helping smaller instances in any way and posit that you're making the fediverse worse with that practice.

    You're creating and abandoning accounts on the regular. Those accounts federate out to every instance the home one is linked to and exist in perpetuity. We're talking several thousand instances or more. All filling up with abandoned accounts from the same person.

    This post isn't the flex you think it is.

  • Create one new account every other day on less well-known lemmy
  • That's....literally the same process trolls use.

  • A Perfect Circle - The Noose
  • Totally agree.

  • Ghostwriter - Lenni's "You Gotta Believe" Song

    I'm not sure what triggered this random memory, but I was driving back from a day trip and this song just popped into my head in full clarity.

    Over 30 years later, I"m just now realizing Hector is doing some ASL interpretation (which is about the closest to dancing I can do lol).

    🎵You gotta believe, reach for the sky. You gotta believe, let your spirit soar high. You gotta believe, let no one stand in your way, and and your dreams will be reality. Some day 🎵

    Are all phone calls voip (voice over Internet protocol) now?
  • Re: landlines

    Technically they are from the CO (central office) once they hit the carrier's trunk.

    Re: Cell phones

    I'm not sure about 3G, but VoLTE (voice over LTE) is VoIP.

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    70's Music Admiral Patrick
    Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You [1973]
    Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly [1999]
  • I love that. lol

    Specifically, when that happens to critics; they invent a whole ethos and message, and the artist is just like "What? I just wanted an ice cream cone."

    Edit: Just saw the Clarkson interview video you added. She practically died inside. Oh man. lol.

  • 90's Music Admiral Patrick
    Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly [1999]

    Was out on a drive earlier and this song came on. I think it's the first time I've heard it in at least 5 or 6 years, maybe longer.

    Also,completely forgot how awesome the video for it is.

    Progress Report on 1.4.0 "Intrepid"

    I don't normally jump minor versions this fast, but since this release completely breaks backwards-compatibility with 0.18.x I figured the jump was warranted. Any bugfixes or feature backports that need to be done to 1.3.0 will be released in the 1.3.x series.

    Lemmy 0.19.3 is now the minimum supported API version as of Tesseract 1.4.0

    Note: If you are using the hosted instance ( and are connecting to an 0.18.x instance, you will need to make arrangements to either self host 1.3.0 or ask your instance admin to offer it as an option. Once 1.4.0 enters beta testing, the hosted version will be upgraded and 0.18.x support will no longer be available there.

    New Features Preview

    I'm still tweaking some of these, so the release version may look slightly different from what's pictured here.

    Image Upload Management

    You can now delete post, post body, and comment images. Be kind to your instance admins and clean up after yourself :).

    There's a new "delete" button next to the post image upload that activates once you upload an image. In addition, in the post body and comment text editors, your uploads will be shown as thumbnails along the bottom along with a "delete" button for each.

    !Post form with upload management

    It also works on mobile:

    !Mobile view of post editor with image upload management

    You can also specify the alt text in the image upload (not for post images, though; API limitation).

    !Screenshot of the new image upload modal with alt text field.

    Deleting images also deletes them in the API, so again, be kind to your instance admins and delete mistaken uploads :)

    User Profile Modals

    User links throughout the application now load a modal with action items and basic user details.

    !User Profile Modal

    Users Without Profile Avatars Now Use Dicebear "Adventurer" Avatars

    I put a lot of work into making profiles look nice and got tired of half or more of the users that show up in them having blank profiles with just the initials placeholder. Blank profiles now automatically generate a pseudo-random avatar. They're based on the user's actor_id value, so the same user will always have the same random avatar until/unless they set one of their own.

    !An otherwise blank profile with a randomly-generated avatar

    Upgraded /instances Instance Browser

    After releasing 1.3.0, I realized that the /instances page used about 800-900 MB RAM because it's rendering several thousand instance objects each with action items, etc. I re-wrote it completely and wrote custom pagination to go along with the filters so only 100 are shown at once. This has cut memory usage significantly.

    !New instances page now with pagination and federation state

    Additionally, I added federation status information, when available, to each. If the instance is Lemmy, you can pull it's outbound federation status for your instance. This is useful if you think your instance is lagging behind any other; it will show you an estimate of how many activities you're behind by.

    !Instance Object with Federation State Shown

    You can quick-access the federation state from the "Instances" menu on posts:

    !Instance menu on post showing option to show instance stats

    Hide Submissions from New Accounts

    Annoyed by people spinning up burner accounts and bouncing, often deleting the account and content afterwards and taking any meaningful conversations with it?

    Tired of seeing spam / troll posts from brand new accounts?

    Me too. Now you can choose to hide submissions from accounts considered new. If they stick around, then the posts will become visible to you after the account has matured past the configurable cutoff age (1-30 days). If they don't, or they get banned, then you'll never see their garbage.

    !Filtering settings showing new options to hide submissions from new accounts and set the number of days an account is considered new

    This setting behaves differently for mods and admins. If you are a moderator, you will still see submissions to any community you moderate. If you are a local admin, you will see submissions to any community that is local to your instance (whether you are an official mod of it or not).

    Submissions in the user's profile will still be visible regardless of this setting.

    Vote Viewer (Admins Only)

    As with Lemmy-UI, admins can view the votes on any post/comment to check for manipulation by alts, sockpuppets, etc. You can access the vote view through the Moderation menu on posts/comments.

    !Vote Viewer

    I did not redact that as I intentionally chose a new post with the single, default creator upvote. Clicking the username will open a profile modal.

    Other Under-the-Hood Changes

    • The internal image upload proxy has been removed as it is no longer needed. Was required in 0.18.x since POST -> /pictrs/image was CORS-restricted to the API's origin.
    • Unprivileged users can no longer see the admin and community settings.
    • Moderator View listing type is now available
    • Scaled sort is now selectable as a default sort option
    • Various tweaks to look better on mobile
    • Added more polish to moderation modals (got rid of ugly checkboxes, moved action buttons to better places, etc)
    • Removed most of the backwards-compatibility hacks from 1.3.0 that were required to support both 0.18.x and 0.19.x


    No scheduled release date. All of the listed features are completed and stable, but there's still a laundry list of "to do" items. 2FA setup is also planned for this release, and I still haven't gotten around to re-writing the custom feeds.

    Librarians Are Waging a Quiet War Against International “Data Cartels”

    cross-posted from:

    > Digital collections put library patrons’ privacy at risk

    AI's most notable accomplishment...

    Alt text: A rocket engine attached to a train. The rocket is labeled "AI" and the train labeled "Enshittification train".

    Sandi Toksvig & Alan Davies Interview (2024)

    Sandi and Alan discuss how the Klaxon was Alan's idea, their favorite guests, and possibilities after Series Z

    [RFC] Thoughts on Combining Comments for Crossposts?

    Disclaimer: If this isn't in the spirit of the community, feel free to remove the post and I'll re-post it in my app-specific community. I'm posting it here since it's a feature that I'm thinking through that may eventually make it into the Lemmy app I develop, and the people here would probably have good ideas/opinions on the matter. Plus, other apps may have already implemented this, and someone may helpfully point that out.

    With that out of the way, I'm looking to get some feedback on whether this is a good idea or something that only sounds like a good idea.

    Basically, when a post has crossposts, my idea is to fetch the comments for the other cross posts and merge them all into one big comment tree. Regardless of which cross-post you land on, you'll see the same comments.

    • If you reply to the post (top-level comment), it'll post to whichever cross post you're currently on.
    • If you reply to an existing comment, it'll go to whatever post that comment was posted to.

    The goal is to bring some unity to disparate communities that have a lot of crossover content.

    Is this a good idea? Dumb idea? Can anyone think of any gotchas that might crop up? If I do implement this, it will be something the user can turn on/off.

    Potential issues:

    • Culture clash between different communities
    • Mods of one community would not be able to mod every item shown
    • ???


    Stephen Fry's camp "mein handy"

    Fry is amused that, in Germany, mobile phones are called "handies".

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    Everclear - I Will Buy You A New Life [1997]
    0 Gov. Jim Justice Faces Heavy Business Debts as He Seeks Senate Seat

    The Justice companies have long had a reputation for not paying their debts. But that may be catching up to them.

    Gov. Jim Justice Faces Heavy Business Debts as He Seeks Senate Seat

    cross-posted from:

    This kind of debt likely means that he's for sale, which is not great when it comes to public officials

    Upgraded backend to 0.19.3

    Finally got around to upgrading to 0.19.3.

    Upgrade did not go smoothly due to multiple DB migration step failures and less than helpful logging from Lemmy during the DB migrations. (surprised Pikachu).

    After digging through to figure out what it was complaining about, the upgrade was finally able to be completed.

    You will likely need to log in again (at least I did).

    [Completed] Migrating Pict-rs to Postgres. Images will be unavailable for a bit

    I'm in the process of migrating the pict-rs database to Postgres. Pict-rs has to be offline during this process, so images here will appear to be broken for a bit. You also won't be able to upload any images for the duration of this migration.

    Estimated time is about 20-30 minutes.


    cross-posted from:

    Victoria Coren Mitchell explaining Only Connect's switch from Greek letters to Egyptian hieroglyphs

    I tried to cue the video up in the link, but if it doesn't work, that clip is at 2:37 mark.

    > "In our first series, it was Greek letters. But then people wrote in and said 'we like the show, but we find that pretentious'. So we began Series 3 with an apology: "We'd like to say to everyone that's been enjoying the show but found the Greek letters a bit pretentious, we've listened. It's your BBC. You've reached out, we've heard you. Please choose....your Egyptian hieroglyph.

    Political Memes Admiral Patrick
    Avoid consequences for your crimes with this one simple life hack

    Image description: Homer Simpson runs a red light at a 4-way intersection, and multiple cars slam on their brakes to avoid an accident. He waves out the window and yells "It's alright, I'm running for president" and drives away.

    PSA: Just fixed an admin role detection bug. May want to update if you use Tesseract as an admin

    TL;DR: If you've been using Tesseract and didn't realize it had admin capabilities: surprise! It totally does.

    A user pointed out to me this morning that Tesseract wasn't detecting that they were an admin.

    Basically, I completely forgot that the admin flag was moved from person to local_user in 0.19 and never updated the admin check function to account for that. So when it looked in the person object in 0.19, it wasn't there, the admin role was never assigned, and a big chunk of the application remained hidden away.

    This meant the admin panel, instance-wide moderation menus, and admin-only options (ban from instance, registration applications, private message reports, etc) were not being shown to admins on 0.19.x instances. Only communities they were explicit moderators of would show the mod options or reports.

    Mea culpa.

    The only instance I can test admin role functions against is my own, which is still on 0.18.5 (for reasons, I swear). So, I was not aware that this has been a bug for months 🙃

    I've pushed a fix to the 1.3.0 branch and merged it into main as well. The Docker images for 1.3.0 and latest were also updated with this fix. The change is backwards-compatible with 0.18.x so nothing will change there.

    If you deployed a version of 1.3.0 prior to 2024-05-11 12:40:00 UTC (or are still running 1.2.9 on a 0.19.x instance), you may want to pull the updated image or rebuild from the main or 1.3.0 branches to grab this fix.

    "Don't call me that. I'm a member of Parliament, not your favorite Risian stripper."

    Offscreen is Amos hitting on Lwaxana who just kind of materialized on the Roci. Holden blamed the Protomolecule, and Amos named her "Pumpkins".

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    Ask me anything.

    I also develop Tesseract UI for Lemmy/Sublinks

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