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Beef produces 85 kg CO2e per kg of food. Tofu produces 2.9 kg CO2e per kg of food.
  • Isn't air travel and large ships far worse for the environment? I don't mean to derail a conversation, but I suspect that air travel and ocean liners have a significantly bigger impact and I don't see as much coverage on that issue.

  • Donald Trump shares image of Joe Biden bound and gagged
  • Biden has funded a genocide and oversees an government which completely sold out to corporate interests, the military industrial complex, and the prison industrial complex. They watched big pharma kill thousands in the opioid epidemic. They bailed out the banks after the great financial crisis, while the middle class was left to die.

    Every congress member relies on corporate funding for campaigns. They can literally hold stock in the companies they regulate. Those corporations' interests are completely opposite of the interests of the working class.

    I couldn't care less if some feckless oaf posts a picture of a US figurehead in such a position.

  • NGD: Epiphone Riviera P93!
  • It came that way! The pickup controls are interesting. The middle p90 is reverse wound and independent of the 3-way switch. You can get some interesting tones similar to positions 2 and 4 on a strat.

  • NGD: Epiphone Riviera P93!
  • It's incredible. The build is excellent and the neck is pretty thick. I got a bone nut and a roller bridge installed to help with tuning stability. I might like it more than my sg and strat. 😀

  • What other parts of the fediverse are you using?
  • Yeah, I prefer Twitter. I have a suspicion that Mastodon will only get a chance at relevance if something at Twitter pushes people off the platform. Reddit's 3rd party API ordeal seems to have boosted Lemmy quite a bit, so it shouldn't take too much, but maybe I'm too optimistic.