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OnePlus Rumored To Be Developing A 7,000mAh Battery For Its Future Smartphones, Will Likely Be Possible Thanks To Its Glacier Technology
  • I mean I would at least pay more than they currently make by serving me ads based on all the bullshit.

    It never fails to amaze me how purposefully dense people can be. There are literal thousands of more users who will use the app for free and ignore the minor inconvenience of ads by simply ignoring it or using an adblock. Believe it or not, the universe doesn't revolve around your personal needs. That 1 cent from a user becomes thousand with thousand users and grows thousand more if it's actually good. But you know all the ins and out of app dev since you mention lunar program approach. 🤦‍♂️

    Or better yet, how about you develop software that doesn't just take up whateber is currentlt available RAM and power???

    I mean I would at least pay a one time fee of $3.50 and expect lifetime of updates. It's more than some currently make by serving me ads based on all the bullshit.

    I agree that there are tons of shitty apps but this holier than thou attitude without any experience of their own as app developers is fucking insane. Be the change you want to see, instead of being angry at other people, all the time.

  • 7 Essential Linux Terms Explained: Distro, DE, Repos, and More
  • There's a reason most of the regular posters on reddit and (probably lemmy too? it isn't hard to automate these things) are likely run by marketing agencies. Post relevant posts 90% of the time, comment occasionally, and then sneak in a post or ad disguised as an article rest of the time.

    All run by virtual assistant in some third world countries for that human touch.

  • Microsoft bans China-based employees from using Android devices for work, mandates switch to iPhones
  • better, lmao. They're switching to apple because they want their staff to be obedient little guinea pigs that that won't tinker with their phones but are tracked and monitored just the same like all Apple users.

    So better for surveillance, of course they are. That's why they're still allowed to operate and bend over to every request by authoritarian nations. But you do you.

  • Turns out her job is pretty important
  • ya, it's all totally real and none of it is faked for marketing purposes to get more attention to their account at all… nope

    Some people really do believe everything on the internet.

  • China defends its human rights record at UN meeting
  • Talk is cheap. This is your side of the story. Let the Uyghurs and the rest of the population speak for themselves freely without the fear of being prosecuted, then everyone will see it for themselves. Without that, it's just lip service.

    Israel is also only going after "Hamas" according to their "official" statement. And we know for sure, it ain't true. So do better.

  • ChatGPT spills its prompt
  • Because these posts are nothing but the model making up something believable to the user. This "prompt engineering" is like asking a parrot who's learned quite a lot of words (but not their meaning), and then the self-proclaimed "pet whisperer" asks some random questions and the parrot, by coincidence makes up something cohesive. And he's like "I made the parrot spill the beans."

  • Chinese electric car makers hit with new European Union tariffs
  • West(when their billionaires hyped up EVs): EVs are the future, we need to shift fast or face the wrath of climate change. We are always at the forefront of adopting technology and sustainability unlike the savages of the rest of the world. We need to act NOW!

    China: Okay, here are your EVs

    West: No, not like that. Climate change can shut up and go sit in corner, while we try to make this a political theatre.

  • Julian’s first birthday in freedom in fourteen years.
  • You know the reddit survey where they found the heaviest user were from a army base but reddit then scraped any traces of it? Lemmy is getting infiltrated by US supremacist trying to drown out any criticism.

    Genocide is fine, our election of geriatric human rights abusers is more important. Every other country should revolt against their authoritarian regimes, but we need to keep ours because it pretends like democracy with a good PR. US war crimes? meh… but crimes of other countries? real shit. And if you reveal our war crimes and illegal surveillance, you're a traitor.

    Rights of PoC don't matter and US can do no wrong. If you say anything critical even with sources to back you up, you're a tankie or a russian misinformation agent trying to divide people in the US. It's not like their action (and there's a fuck ton of it) speak for itself.

    So much brainwashing. Pathetic

  • China is building a mammoth 8 GW solar farm
  • You could take back all the manufacturing done for your country's company to help them get there faster. Or is it just their problem when you can just profit off of it? coal or otherwise.

  • YouTube’s Rulings on Gaza War Videos Spark Internal Backlash
  • Why is it when Israel is trying to eradicate Hamas, thousands of innocent Palestinians are dead? Seems like they planned it just like the song encourages it, doesn't it?

    but keep your head up yours.

  • Zoot Suit Riots (1943) On this day in 1943, the Zoot Suit Riots began when thousands of white American servicemen in California began indiscriminately attacking people (mostly Latinos) wearing...

    cross-posted from:

    > Zoot Suit Riots (1943) On this day in 1943, the Zoot Suit Riots began when thousands of white American servicemen in California began indiscriminately attacking people (mostly Latinos) wearing... > > ## Zoot Suit Riots (1943) > > ### Thu Jun 03, 1943 > !Image > > Image: Two boys, beaten during the Zoot Suit riots, lie in the street, surrounded by a crowd. One is stripped down to his underwear. [Wikipedia] > > --- > On this day in 1943, the Zoot Suit Riots began when thousands of white American servicemen in California began indiscriminately attacking people (mostly Latinos) wearing Zoot Suits, which were seen as unpatriotic. The suits were ostensibly seen as unpatriotic due to wartime rations, although they were also racialized, with L.A. Councilman Norris Nelson stating "the zoot suit has become a badge of hoodlumism". > > The riots began on the night of June 3rd when ~12 sailors and a group of young Mexicans in zoot suits began fighting. The LAPD responded to the incident "seeking to clean up Main Street from what they viewed as the loathsome influence of pachuco gangs", according to historian Luis Alvarez. The police arrested the sailors and not the Mexicans. > > The next day, 200 sailors headed for East Los Angeles, a Mexican-American part of town, and attacked and stripped everyone they came across who were wearing zoot suits. Local press heralded the violence as cleaning up the town, and soon thousands of sailors joined the riot. Journalist Carey McWilliams described what happened like this: > > "Marching through the streets of downtown Los Angeles, a mob of several thousand soldiers, sailors, and civilians, proceeded to beat up every zoot suiter they could find. Pushing its way into the important motion picture theaters, the mob ordered the management to turn on the house lights and then ran up and down the aisles dragging Mexicans out of their seats. Streetcars were halted while Mexicans, and some Filipinos and Negroes, were jerked from their seats, pushed into the streets and beaten with a sadistic frenzy." > > The L.A. City Council approved a resolution criminalizing zoot suits, although the ordinance was not signed into law. The Navy and Marine Corps Staff prohibited sailors from traveling to L.A. in an effort to curb the violence, however they officially maintained that the men were acting in self-defense. > > --- > - Date: 1943-06-03 > - Learn More:, > - Tags: #Riots. > - Source:


    Lemmy instance admin snooping at votes

    So I was going through /all and this admin is snooping at vote counts for posts in his instance and then posting it publicly.

    Just a reminder that these kind of petty people exist. Pick a trustworthy instance or better yet, host your own.