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The old primary argument against panpsychism has now become the primary argument for it
  • People being convinced that something is conscious is a long, long way from a compelling argument that something is conscious. People naturally anthropomorphize, and a reasonably accurate human speech predictor is a prime example of something that can be very easily anthropomorphized. It is also unsurprising that LLMs have developed such conceptual nodes; these concepts are fundamental to the human experience, thus undergird most human speech, and it is therefore not only unsurprising but expected that a system built to detect statistical patterns in human speech would identify these foundational concepts.

    “So rocks are conscious” isn’t, at least in my opinion, the classic counter to panpsychism; it’s an attempt at reductio ad absurdum, but not a very good one, as the panpsychist can very easily fall back on the credible argument that consciousness comes in degrees, perhaps informed by systematic complexity, and so the consciousness of a rock is to the consciousness of a person as the mass of an atom is to the mass of a brain.

    The problem with panpsychism is, and has always been, that there’s absolutely no reason to think that it’s true. It’s a pleasingly neat solution to Chalmers’ “hard problem” of neuroscience, but ultimately just as baseless as positing the existence of an all-powerful God through whose grace we are granted consciousness; that is, it rests on a premise that, while sufficiently explanatory, is neither provable nor disprovable.

    We ultimately have absolutely no idea how consciousness arises from physical matter. It is possible that we cannot know, and that the mechanism is hidden in facets of reality that the human experience is not equipped to parse. It is also possible that, given sufficiently advanced neuroscience, we will be able to offer a compelling account of how human consciousness arises. Then—and only then—will we be in a position to credibly offer arguments about machine intelligence. Until then, it is simply a matter of faith. The believers will see a sufficiently advanced language model and convince themselves that there is no way such a thing is not conscious, and the disbelievers will repeat the same tired arguments resting on the notion that a lack of proof is tantamount to a disproof.

  • Summer is the worst season of the year, isn't?
  • Not a huge beach guy, but I live for the summer. 80F is the ideal temperature; anything up to 100 is great too, as long as I don't need to perform prolonged manual labor outside. Long sunny days make my lizard soul happy, and all of my best clothes are summer clothes.

  • Team Fortress 2 reaches o overwhelmingly negative recent reviews
  • It's been steadily overrun by bots, and I guess the community hit a breaking point

  • Fudging rolls is the path to the dark side...
  • So that my players see me roll the dice. As long as they believe the illusion, the roll is real to them, and so their experience is meaningful and memorable; at the end of the day, that's what matters most to me as a DM.

  • SSDE
  • That's a remarkable number of words to dodge a very simple question lmao

  • SSDE
  • Just to be entirely clear--are you taking the position that given the choice between (a) the world where you don't vote and Trump wins and (b) the world where you vote Biden and Trump loses, you would take (a)?

  • SSDE
  • Because the stakes of this election are so very, very high. Trump genuinely and explicitly wants to create a fascist state; it's borderline incomprehensible that somebody would choose to sit out and let that happen just because they don't like Biden.

  • Join the movement today
  • That's most definitely not "ceasing all road construction," and actually sounds like a feasible (ignoring realities of modern politics) plan that I would get behind.

  • Join the movement today
  • OK so... demonstrate it? Explain how, with absolutely 0 maintenance for 20 years (or whatever you consider a reasonable time to bring every single road up to bicycle and pedestrian usability standards), the roads would be able to support the flow of commuters, emergency vehicles, and deliveries. You can appeal to your own authority all you want, but it's worth just about jack if you don't back it up.

  • Join the movement today
  • Given that it takes a long time to bring a street up to standard (budgeting, design, contracting, and constructing), that would probably be 10-20 years at an optimistic estimate to get every street up. In that time, under your proposal, the roads would become undrivable, and therefore:

    • Emergency vehicles would be unable to operate. Thousands die.
    • Traffic increases exponentially as the usable roads become increasingly infrequent and commuters flock to the few good ones. The above problem is made worse; gas usage increases dramatically as more and more cars sit idle for hours a day.
    • Highway safety plummets. Thousands die in avoidable crashes.
    • Roads become impassible to trucks. Deliveries of food and goods grind to a halt. Starvation, food riots, economic collapse follow.

    I'm all for increasing walkability and bikability; I'm fortunate enough to live in a city that is both, and it's great. Proposals like this, however, do nothing but make it look like the movement is a bunch of "fuck cars" knee-jerkers who know nothing about infrastructure and can thus be safely disregarded.

  • Remove text on TPE phone case?
  • That looks fairly tightly bonded to me--you'd probably be better off trying to cover it than remove it. There's maybe a solvent, but without knowing which compounds are used for the lettering and the case, it's a shot in the dark--always worth trying isopropyl alcohol for this sort of thing imo, but it also might damage the case.

    Unrelated, but the random blue "AI" slapped haphazardly on top is a beautiful piece of accidental comedy given That Company's rollout of AI

  • Commissioner: Automated ball-strike system a possibility, but unlikely to take place by '25
  • The "but framing is an art" argument has never made sense to me. The job of calling balls and strikes is already too hard for even an excellent umpire to do perfectly; the notion that we should reward players for trying to make it harder is lunacy. Every rules change forces players to adapt, and benefits some while hurting others.

  • Thar is so much evidunce
  • Don't forget that Cleveland team! Not as bad as Washington, but disgraceful that it lasted so long.

  • Dunes vs Star Wars
  • They're definitely better entertainment pound-for-pound. I'd contend that the book gives you a lot more to think about, so it really depends what you're after. I like them both a lot--I think they complement each other very nicely.

  • What is the Legal copyright on a Lemmy Post?
  • does adding the copyright/license information do anything?

    Not a lawyer, but I'd be sore amazed if "your honor, he copy/pasted my Lemmy comment" flies in court, regardless of your copyright status. The same goes for those AI use notices--they're a nice feel-good statement, but the scrapers won't care, and good luck (a) proving they scraped your comment, (b) proving they made money on it, and (c) getting a single red dime for your troubles.

  • steam-presence: A script that takes the game you're playing on steam and displays it on discord
  • For many people, socialization is a core part of gaming, and Discord is far and away the most common platform for that socialization.

  • I'm finally getting the hang of Sekiro
  • Fair enough--there is one specific boss that comes to mind where a specific prosthetic is supremely useful, as well as some mini bosses. All the "enemy with sword" bosses like Genichiro are pretty straight up, though.

  • In what subtle (or significant) ways has your hometown changed since your childhood?
  • Gentrification and weed. When I was growing up, there were large swathes of town where you just didn't go after dark. Now they're all brand new office and lab space punctuated with dispensaries every couple of blocks.

  • I'm finally getting the hang of Sekiro
  • Juzou the Drunkard is a brutal fight! I rushed Hirata Estate my first playthrough and got stuck there for a long time.

    IMO spirit emblems are cool but ultimately a waste of time--they're a lot of fun to play with in the open areas, but for ~a boss~ most bosses, it's faster to just learn the fight than spend time farming tokens to try to grind it out with prosthetics.

    You may know this already, but a slightly hidden mechanic is that the parry window is a while .5 seconds if you hold the parry button down--if you just tap it you only get a couple frames, but if you hold it, you will find the window far more forgiving.

  • Patient gamers, what are your favourite city builders?
  • Timberborn! It's a city builder about beavers, the primary conceit is that there are periodic droughts that can and will kill all your beavers if you haven't saved enough water.

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