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IRS makes free tax return program permanent and is asking all states to join in 2025. This could deal a massive blow to private tax filing services such as TurboTax
  • This is a month late, but what I meant was there is no way to do them completely separately since the state largely uses your federal return. When you submit your state taxes it checks to see if your federal return was already accepted (usually at that point you haven't actually submitted your federal taxes, or at least the IRS hasn't entered them in as submitted), if it shows as being accepted already their system is set up in a way that won't allow a second submission online.

  • I don't even know why I both with Reddit anymore
  • God forbid people use technical/biological terms that have been in use for decades! Oh the horror 😱 People seriously need to get a fucking grip if they can't handle the word "transitioned" or referring to a third person as their dead name.

  • I don't even know why I both with Reddit anymore
  • I literally just got permanbanned from BadWomansAnatomy because I made a joke comment saying "as a guy, I appreciate the change" when a woman said she switched from jeans to yoga pants as her daily clothing. My account is 11 years old, I have only ever been banned from two subs, up until about a few days ago when I have received two warnings (one on my main account and one one my porn account) a temp ban, and now a permaban.

    The IPO has really made them super heavy handed in controlling what is "acceptable" because they gotta keep that money flowing and keep the board happy!

  • I don't even know why I both with Reddit anymore
  • There's a huge difference between referring to a third party as their "dead name" and calling someone their dead name" to their face. I would never refer to my friend Sarah as Andrew, but people are getting pissed that I referred to a celebrity who won't ever see it. It's like I referred to John Wayne as Marion Morrison (his real name) and people call for lynching me in the street.

  • I don't even know why I both with Reddit anymore
  • I can understand calling someone their dead name to their face, I never call my friend Sarah Andrew, because I respect her wishes. These are celebrities that are definitely not going to see this and people are getting pissed off about me referring to someone else. Respect is earned, not given freely. I don't give a fuck if it's Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt or Kaitlyn Jenner. It's like me referring to John Wayne (the actor) as Marion Morrison (his real name) and people flipping shit. Get a fucking grip people.

    Hate speech is one thing, but apparently differing opinions aren't welcomed though, regardless of how they're stated.

  • Looking for new Site Admins
  • Yeah it's pretty common in IT jobs where they're like "we want 25 years experience in these ten different technologies" and then you talk to the hiring manager and they admit that those qualifications are ridiculous.

  • Looking for new Site Admins
  • Agreed, I think it's a lot to ask for in a volunteer position and kind of a dumb idea for the Lemmy Admins to hand over "the keys to the kingdom" to some random dude(tte) because they passed a video interview and submitted a (possibly forged) resume.

  • Looking for new Site Admins
  • I'm an unemployed Linux System Engineer and even though I spent most of my free time right now messing with my home server I wouldn't wanna do it for free for something that actually "mattered" (aka something that people use).

  • Looking for new Site Admins
  • Yep, I work in IT as a Linux System Engineer and I'm currently unemployed. I could do it, but there's a lot involved for zero pay. You really have to love Lemmy or admin work to want to do this for free.

  • I don't even know why I both with Reddit anymore

    I'm a dude, but I frequently browse BadWomansAnatomy. I was having a (calm, respectful) debate with a few users regarding how a lot of people that have "transitioned" still bear hallmarks of their former gender (I mentioned one of my long time friends who has gone from MTF and still looks the same. Kaitlin and Elliot are also good examples). The ban was because I dared to use the "dead names" of Elliot Page and Kaitlin Jenner! Oh the horror! 😱

    I went to post in /r/rant how I just thought it was ridiculous and it was autoremoved because I mentioned the world "mod" in the title and I mentioned a specific community 🤣

    IRS makes free tax return program permanent and is asking all states to join in 2025. This could deal a massive blow to private tax filing services such as TurboTax
  • If you lived in NYC and made than 75k/year you can't file online using the state's website, and both of those were true for me. I moved out of NYC last June, I live in Florida now. Also, why should I have to go see a tax agent? I should just be able to do it all online myself. I've been doing it for 7 years with TurboTax.

  • IRS makes free tax return program permanent and is asking all states to join in 2025. This could deal a massive blow to private tax filing services such as TurboTax
  • I had to mail in my state taxes for NY due to NYC regulations, which I didn't know about since I've been using TurboTax for 7 years. I was only informed of this after I had filed my taxes federally using the IRS system. There is no way to just file your state taxes online, you have to do both and if you submit them a second time it just gets rejected.

    It's good that they're doing this, but it caused a lot of headaches for me that I was unaware of.

  • IRS makes free tax return program permanent and is asking all states to join in 2025. This could deal a massive blow to private tax filing services such as TurboTax
  • A city problem to be more exact. Since I lived in NYC and made more than 75k in a year I couldn't file online, using the site the IRS directed me to (I've been doing it myself with TurboTax for the past 7 years, and paying for it). Due to the IRS' own rules, you can't file just your state tax returns online, since they're largely the same as the federal taxes. So both are actually at fault.

    I live in Florida now so I don't have to pay state taxes, so next year's will be a breeze.

  • Facepalm pete_the_cat

    "I reject sexual labels by assigning one to myself that means I hate labels"

    I saw this on a (scammy) dating app and thought it was hilarious.


    Weight Lifting: How are you supposed to know the weights of unlabled things?

    I started lifting weights (again) and accurately tracking my progress (I bought a "cheap" workout and weight loss plan, which requires a lot of data so you can see your progress (or regress)). When bench pressing and doing squats on the (Cybex) Smith Machine I had assumed that the bar weighed 45 pounds like a free bar does and added it to the total weight. It wasn't until my most recent session (finished about 30 minutes ago) that I realized that the bar doesn't in fact weigh 45 pounds....but weighs anywhere from 7 to 30 pounds, according to what I saw from a quick search. I should have realized that it wasn't 45 pounds because it felt pretty light. Google says that the average weight tends to be about 15 pounds, but I have no idea.

    I was also using the (Cybex) overhead should press machine and saw that the plates past 50 pounds went in 15 pound increments. Then I noticed the additional weight at the top, disabled by a pin. When I lowered it down on to the stack there was no number on it. Was it 5 pounds? 7.5 pounds? 10 pounds? Who knows?

    How are people supposed to know how much weight they're lifting if things aren't numbered properly? They have these huge stickers that say everything, but they can't put "bar weighs 15 lbs" on it?


    The amount of plastic from a Kinder Bueno 4 pack

    Each bar is wrapped in cellophane, which are then wrapped in the normal outer packaging. To make the 4 pack, they simply took 2x two packs and put them on a cardboard tray,and then wrapped those.

    I don't think I've ever gone through so much unwrapping for candy.


    Wow, it's really become a shithole there

    It's been going downhill for a while but I feel it's gotten exponentially worse. Someone made a post under "insane facebook people" which had a picture of a sign on a hospital patient's door that said "please knock before entering I wear a veil". I said "you have to cover your face or Mohammed will smite you!" (which is literally the reason they do it) and the mod perma-banned me for violating a "rule". I called them a power hungry loser and said it was clearly a sarcastic comment...and they responded by calling me a Republican (which confuses the hell out of me) and blocked me from responding to them for 3 days.

    Someone else posted in the New York City thread saying "inflation is out of control, this place wants $15 for a bacon, egg and cheese!" and everyone there was supporting the place that charged $15. Any comment OP made was immediately downvoted to hell, regardless of the content.

    People were calling someone from a story posted a "pedophile" in another sub because they found an adult (18 years old) attractive. When someone else was like "umm a pedophile is someone that's attracted to pre-pubescent children..." everyone was just like "shut up pedo! You just want to fuck kids!".

    Everyone seems to have a hair trigger, is insane, or loves to rage-bait/troll just for the fun of it.