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"Don't worry, the Houthis are just trying to help!"
  • You might reread my last sentence, I didn't say anything about the EU.

    The amount of material the US supplies to both Israel and the Saudis amounts to complicity. The tendency for the US to covertly cause coups throughout the world goes beyond complicity. The resulting government are almost always authoritarian and always support US economic interest. If Israel and the Saudis weren't there to serve the US's interests they would install someone who would.

    I wish it was a simple issue of conservatism in the states causing this problem but is seems to be nonpartisan.

  • "Don't worry, the Houthis are just trying to help!"
  • The frustrating thing is both Hamas and the Houtis are as powerful as they are because of the massive suppression of alternatives by the various powers at play in their respective conflicts.

    Israel picked Hamas to be it's enemy. They suppressed the alternatives and funded Hamas.

    In Yemen the government in the North and the Saudis are much more interested in fighting the Houtis than allowing the pro democratic forces to become ascendant.

    This whole situation is the fault of US allies.

  • ‘This doesn’t make sense. How much shopping can you really carry on a bicycle?’
  • I hope rentable cargo bikes show up in my city soon. I can't justify spending the money on a bike I'll only occasionally use. Currently I'll rent a car instead but there are plenty of times when a cargo bike would work fine

  • Anyone use "Da Brim" on their helmet?
  • Thanks for posting this! I've been meaning to get something in this vein.

    A bit of advice for those like me who don't like sunscreen, long sleeve fishing shirts with SPF protection are awesome for hot weather. They breathe wonderfully and have kept me from burning despite all day rides. I don't like that they're all plastic of some kind, so I've been looking into hemp shirts, they naturally block uv, and I've had good luck with them as well.

  • Question about ownership of the means of production
  • There are alternatives to owning a tractor yourself. Finding a group of people who would use the tractor is feasible. Setup a democratic system to control the use of the tractor and a system of dues to ensure it is well maintained. Basically treat the tractor as a commons that people can exploit in an ethical manner.

    This kind of system can be expanded to all means of production in theory. All capital treated as commons for workers to use.

    This has the added benefit of being feasible within the current system, makes it easier for workers to survive, and acting as material evidence for alternative economic systems.

  • What it's like to be a developer in 2024
  • I've been using it for a few months. It's good. I get the official docs for my first result using OP's query. 300 queries, their starting tier was not enough for my use. I was using DDG before and like it well enough. I'm not sure if it's worth it but I like the idea of paying for services I use. I stopped using Google years ago because of all the captchas I had to fill due to my VPN

  • Deleuze
  • Depends on the plant. Some plants, like plum or fig trees, have a lot of suckers poking out of the ground and putting up shoots. If they get disconnected from the rest of the roots they keep on growing.

  • How pervasive is antisemitism on US campuses? A look at the language of the protests
  • You're not wrong, but that doesn't contradict what I said. Just because some Jews are willing to take anti-semetically motivated help doesn't make that help not anti-semetic. The added effect on diaspora Jews is destabilizing as well. Every antisemite can justify abuse by telling people just to go to Israel.

    This is a tangent but, a common belief is that Jews needed an ethnically Jewish state in Palestine in order to live there. That is not true. Jewish folks have lived in that area continuously for millennia. In a lot of ways Zionism is a power grab. It's a way to grab land to get rich in a speculative land market. It's not dissimilar from how the genocide of indigenous peoples played out in the United States.

  • How pervasive is antisemitism on US campuses? A look at the language of the protests
  • The existence of Israel as a state has an antisemitic history. Britain, created Israel so Jews would have a place to go. So Britain wouldn't have to take them. The reaction should not have been let's create a place where Jews can be expelled to. We should have ensured refugees of all kind had places to go no matter where they came from. We should have made societies that Jews could feel safe in. Instead we created a people without a land.

  • [Serious] Why do so many people seem to hate veganism?
  • There's another factor here. People who are vegan, sober, poly, don't drive, and any number of choices are breaking societal norms. Most people don't even think about these things as choices. They do the default. Realizing that there's a choice, and that this person decided not to do the default, puts people off. It makes them uncomfortable. They begin to question things they've never had to evaluate.

  • Young Democrats face Gaza blowback as they try to mobilize students for Biden
  • I'm glad Biden ended family separation and has increased electronic monitoring over detention. Unfortunately, tons of people are still in abusive privately run immigration prisons. Many are dying during border crossings. Plenty of kids who immigrated are laboring in meat packing plants.

    Biden continues many of Trump's awful policies, but because he does it in a quieter, more respectable tone he receives less backlash. The lack of support people get from us is stark and the abolish ICE movement has withering away.

    Both these situations are bad. I think my point is less about the election and more that we collectively should do something about these conditions. Mutual aid, volunteer, harass a representative, just something.

  • Young Democrats face Gaza blowback as they try to mobilize students for Biden
  • Honestly not sure the situation for immigrants is that much better under Biden. Especially with the immigration bill from earlier in the year they tried to pass and the It Could Happen Here episodes about the border conditions under Biden. At least during Trump's term there were news reports and people were more active giving aid.

  • I'm almost finished reading Blackshirts and Reds. Do y'all have any recommendations of books or essays that respond?

    Basically what the title says. I tend to lean anarchist but I'm not opposed to reading some Soviet sympathetic literature since I like to expand my horizons.

    Edit: to be more specific. Parenti describes life in the Soviet Union as largely comfortable, perhaps too comfortable. People's needs are largely met. They have economic security. Most folks are quite skeptical of the news, "I know of all these disasters happening around the world but I don't know anything that's happening in my own country" and a general disbelief in the true news about the problems in capitalist countries. This results in a disatisfaction, particularly among the intelligencia and beauracracy, that results in the top down disollution of the USSR. From there he describes shock therapy and the deprevation that resulted.

    How good is his research? How good are his sources? I believe quite strongly that we live in the most sophisticated propoganda machine ever devised. That makes me skeptical of a lot of the common narratives about the USSR but more than just the US is capable of lying and I'm curious how willing Parenti is to believe in obvious falsehood.

    It should be noted he does criticize the USSR but at the end of the day believes in the project of state communism.

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