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3.99 a pound.
  • Wow, ok you said that and I was like I've totally seen that price on the regular, which is why I stick to gala, but I went looking and can't find anything over $2.49, so, way to go, you fixed inflation! What else don't you believe?

  • We're cooked...
  • I feel like it's at least possible that this will work like that trick of if you can't decide between two things, toss a coin and call it and then notice how you feel. Like a coin was tossed here and maybe some of these dead inside non-voters will feel something, maybe an anxiety, the absence of relief, wistful. You can act on that. It's not too late.

  • Is Anyone Gonna Post A Challenge Besides Myself?
  • I tried to make a few with free Craiyon, and the results were just unusably lame. I saw the list posted earlier, I'll see about using one of the more serious ones or paying for better features. I don't have any other reason to experiment with that software, but I do like the game.

  • Why do wireless carriers knock on my door in a major city trying to sell 5G home internet service?
  • I think the 5g value really depends on like the exact neighborhood you're in, based on proximity to the towers, so it makes sense for them to target by address. Also, as a Nextdoor reader, I can tell you lots of people have no idea what their options are and if they weren't exactly the same people who think a doorbell is a prelude to murder these sales might actually make sense.

  • Can I use a 1T thumb drive for Time Machine backups?

    My recent experience is no -- the first backup went just fine, but all subsequent attempts to add to it have failed, giving various errors in the logs, including mounting problems, timeout during the initial write test, bad database, etc. I did rename the drive between backups, maybe that was bad? The log shows Time Machine using the new name and finding the drive just fine.

    Googling this I see that people have these same problems with external hard drives, though, so I'm wondering if anyone has been successful using a thumb drive and if there's any trick to it.