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East Palestine, Ohio, mayor to speak at Republican convention
  • Trump rolled back a whole bunch of rail safety regulations that the Obama administration had put into motion. Backing the guy whose change made rail less safe seems like a bad idea for a town severely damaged by a rail accident.

  • Signal downplays encryption key flaw, fixes it after X drama
  • For example, Someone can change Keepass master password if the user is already logged in to the session, if they have physical access to the PC and lock you out of all your accounts.

    This seems like easy fix is available. On Windows, Access Shadow copies, restore previous version from $DayBeforeLockout. Or on Linux, specific file systems have automatic volume level snapshotting available. Or on either...restore the keepass file from a backup before the change.

  • Let's see who's gonna get roped into this job
  • I'm half thinking Trump won't pick a running mate and simply try to run VP-less because he'd be afraid this VP would try to knock him off and take the Presidency.

    The loyal GOP base would rush to support the decision that a VP isn't required even though we all know the Constitution requires one.

  • Alignment Chart Shitpost
  • Its not just about quantity but effort too.

    • Lawful good has of a full roll on the spindle with no backup is technically the minimum good. No points deducted for that, but no points earned.
    • Neutral good still has a partial roll on the spindle, but they also went to the extra effort to provide an additional backup roll. Extra points for extra effort of supplying an additional roll when they didn't have to.
  • Spirit Airlines just gave me the best flight experience of my life
  • Its been a number of years but another unforgettable Vegas experience was taking a helicopter to the Grand Canyon. It can be pricey, but was well worth it. You get up in the early morning and a shuttle picks you up from your Vegas strip hotel. They drive you to the helicopter airport where you get a short safety instruction, and with some light refreshments served. Within the hour you, and 30 or so others assigned to helicopters already running on landing pads outside (2-5 passengers to a helicopter). You seatbeat in and all eight helicopters take off almost simultaneously. The ground drops away, and your visual points of reference are the skyline and the other seven helicopters flying in formation with you!

    Over the next 30 to 45 minutes (from memory) you're treated to gorgeous views of the desert from above, lake (Powell?), and even see Hoover damn from above. You're wearing headsets so you can converse with other passengers and the pilot. Eventually you see the edge of the Grand Canyon in the distance in front of you first small, but then large as it looms into view.

    After flying over the outskirts, you suddenly see the lead helicopter veers sharply left and down into a canyon. The four other helicopters in front of you do the same as you stretch out in a line. Then its your helicopter's turn. Your helicopter banks hard and the red rocks of the canyon fill your full front view as you dive down. You glance back to see sky and the trailing helicopters dive down behind you. You look out the side windows and see nothing but canyon wall. In front, the tail rotor of the helicopter you're following a few hundred meters in front of you. The helicopter engine whines higher as the pilot shoves the throttle forward. You feel yourself pushed back in the seat as you race through the winding canyon like the goddamn star wars trench run!

    Winding back and forth through the deep canyon the walls rising far above you, you can't decide where to look! You see your fellow passengers with huge smiles on their faces and realize you're wearing one yourself. You can't help it! This goes on for 7 or 8 minutes as you see rock formations unseeable except by aircraft. No roads. No paths. The the river's white water you're chasing as you rush through the canyon.

    The helicopter slow as the canyon opens wide. You're hovering and finally able to take in everything you see at once. In the far FAR distance your pilot points out the Grand Canyon Skywalk and realize how silly it would be to try to take in the canyon from there. The helicopter pitches right, and after a couple more minutes you see your leading helicopters landing one after another on pads at the bottom of the canyon! Yours does the same and when you exit, the sounds of nature fills the air after the last helicopter lands and its engine shuts off. A sound of the river rushing nearby, the wind whipping through the twisted rocks.

    Its then you have your lunch! There's a small covered outbuilding with picnic tables and your pilot has brought two picnic baskets from your helicopter. You have light sandwiches and champagne as you take in the beautiful vista. Lunch finished, you walk around a bit and stare deeply at the river and in 30 min you're back on your helicopter lifting off one after another for your flight home.

    Its been a long day and the sun is sitting lower in the sky now. You touch down at the airport and are shuttled back to your strip hotel. You have a memory you take with you forever.

    I think this was $300 per person about 10 years go.

  • In a first, Republican majority on a Nevada county commission refuses to certify election
  • This is particularly interesting because its not a right wing opposition to left wing winning a vote. Its a FAR right wing opposition to a right wing winning a vote.

    The vote Tuesday was against certifying recounts for a Washoe County Commission Republican primary and a nonpartisan school board primary, both on June 11. The recounts were requested by a Republican who lost to incumbent Commissioner Clara Andriola and a right-leaning candidate in a crowded nonpartisan primary. Both got funding from local activist Robert Beadles.

  • Also young Magneto got played by Michael Fassbender
  • We do have good old fashioned evil villains. They're us.

    We're the ones destroying the world, killing wildlife, and enslaving the innocent. We're not doing it with a space aged death ray, but by emitting carbon where we don't need. We're not putting chains on the people living down the block and selling them into slavery, but we are supporting slavery when we buy T-shirts made of cotton from Xinjiang whose culture and religion are slowing being erased.

    Classic comic book villains look pretty shallow and vanilla when you learn what we're doing thats far worse.

  • They'll wear out your hardware
  • Today, class, we'll be continuing our discussion on the early human economics centuries. Remember these key points for the quiz at the end of the week:

    • First they dug shiny gold out of the ground and traded it with one another until they ran out of gold
    • Then they traded paper made from trees representing the gold that they no longer traded because there wasn't enough of gold
    • When they finally wiped out trees, they could no longer create more paper to trade, so they started trading random bits of data.

    All of this was before the Fortnite skins economy took over, but thats next week's lesson....

  • Ariane-6 first launch: Europe's rocket blasts off for first time
  • European launch got hit with a double whammy with the delays in Ariane-6 and the forced retirement of Euro-Soyuz after Russia went full mask-off and invaded Ukraine. Vega launch challenges didn't help.

    I'm glad to see Europe having medium and heavy lift capability again even without needed reusability.

  • Devs should not be "forced to run on a treadmill until their mental or physical health breaks", says publisher of Manor Lords, citing how gamers seem to be trained to expect endless content work now
  • And while that does come with an expectation of more content the speed people expect it at is wrong especially since this game is basically being made by one person.

    I appreciate the solo developer, and that they are doing most everything else right, but he opened this can of worms because he sold early access. He could have chosen to wait until the game was finished to release it, but I imagine wanted the money up front from early access to help finance the development.

    If you release unfinished, you open yourself up to your customers wanting it finished, and also wanting a say in how it gets developed. I'm not saying he doesn't have a right to sell via early access, but he brought this on himself.

  • When transmission lines fell, 16 electric vehicles fed power into the grid. It showed electric vehicles can provide the backup Australia needs
  • V2G tech is pretty new so it stands to reason that it would only be found in the newest models.

    It isn't though. As proved by the article, the cars in question used were Nissan Leaf cars, which came out in as early as 2009. V2G was built into the Chademo connector and implemented on day 1 by Nissan.

    Both CCS and NACS( J3400) include V2G in the spec, but only two cars total (Lightning and Cybertruck) that I'm aware of have implemented it. EV manufacturers are likely worried about battery life and warranty. EVs with V2G might have their warranty terms evolve from "number of miles driven" to "X number of cycles of battery or Y number of miles, whichever comes first".

  • Comedian Tom Smothers, one-half of the Smothers Brothers, dies at 86

    Tom Smothers, half of the Smothers Brothers and the co-host of one of the most socially conscious and groundbreaking television shows in the history of the medium, has died at 86.

    Comedian Tom Smothers, one-half of the Smothers Brothers, dies at 86

    Tom Smothers, half of the Smothers Brothers and the co-host of one of the most socially conscious and groundbreaking television shows in the history of the medium, has died at 86.

    The National Comedy Center, on behalf of his family, said in a statement Wednesday that Smothers died Tuesday at home in Santa Rosa, California, following a cancer battle.

    “I’m just devastated,” his brother and the duo’s other half, Dick Smothers, told The Associated Press in an interview Wednesday. “Every breath I’ve taken, my brother’s been around.”