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Minecraft players outraged as Microsoft deletes accounts that weren't transitioned
  • Not to Pirate, (i own the Java version since 2015~)but is there a way to have a minecraft executable that runs localy and never connects to microsoft/internet? I know minetest exists, have made a world there a while ago, but its ever so slightly diffrent

  • Which is more ram efficient Lemmy or Reddit?
  • Reddit would stutter after a while of scrolling the frontpage on my 8gb Laptop(new reddit with ublock), but run endlessly on the Infinity app on phone. Lemmy has no infinite long frontpage and gets refreshed with every new page. Had no noticable stutters on lemmy, but i use it mostly on the mobile Browser.

  • Safety rules


    Not Total Recall (1990)

    First strawberries! For those that grow them, how big is your patch?
  • I had wild forest-strawberries a few times the last 3 Weeks while hiking. They are everywhere if you look for it. No Idea how to grow them, tried it once but they dried out. Raspberrys are easy to grow, mine get larger every Year.

  • Oh no! I forgot the open Oat Milk in the Freezer for 3 Months, Anyway

    I remembered how nasty cooking was with all the grease and smells. Now its just Tofu, yummy


    unused is wasted

    this is right after closing qemu-kvm


    Old phone to Webcam/security?

    Is there a good Foss Android-App or Termux way to see the camera from a older Android Phone ( ~Android 9) in the same network on another Phone or a Computer.