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  • I've been testing Claude the last month. It's good for 90% of the tasks but for the remaining 10% i couldn't convince it to give a proper answer and used ChatGPT instead. Technical questions and coding is what I use llms for.

  • Suggest me a secure chat platform for my family
  • XMPP. It just works, requires very little resources, is stable and has decent clients.

    I would go with Snikket instead of Prosody if I had been starting now.

    Conversations on phones, Dino or Gajim on PCs, plus a conversejs install on the xmpp server, to allow web access when needed.

    Conversations is easy for the family to figure out.

  • How do you stay active and healthy?
  • I ride a regular bike from time to time, it's my favourite form of exercise, but the downside to it is that it's not good for your back. Similar parts of your back are stressed on bike and on a computer chair alike.

  • Roll-on deodorant refill?

    I've noticed that the Nivea roll-on deodorants I'm using are pretty easy to open after used up, but haven't found any refill fluid on the market.

    I know some people use powders etc, I'm not willing to try that, but does anyone know of a reasonably priced refill?


    Drive safely!


    Trying and failing to use on mobile

    I'm trying to log in to my brand new account using Jeroba on Android. I copied the password from my laptop, and the login is rather hard to get wrong, and Jeroba keeps giving me "invalid login" error.

    When I'm trying to use web version of via Bromite (Android web browser based on Chrome), the circle keeps spinning and login page does not display any error or complete the login. When refreshing, I'm still not logged in. I tried desktop mode in Bromite too, same problem.

    On the laptop everything works perfectly with the web version.

    Is this something on your side or Jeroba?