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Not a sentient pile of alley cats in a trench coat. You ask a lotta questions.

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Looking for suggestions on Junji Ito
  • didn't like Uzumaki

    We can't be friends.

    You should read it all, imo, but maybe focus on anthologies? Don't bother with No Longer Human, I don't think you'll like that one.

  • Mhhhh
  • Yun Yun's younger than Megumin

  • Who could pass up this ballin' opportunity?
  • I also prefer the 2012 art to the modern style, but if Mike likes to draw the way he does now then good for him. He's clearly demonstrated his artistic prowess over the years and I'd guess wanted to make his own exaggerated style. It's definitely instantly recognizable as his

  • Who could pass up this ballin' opportunity?
  • PA refers to Penny Arcade, a gaming culture webcomic that's run since '98 that's linked by Corngood up there. Tycho Brahe (besides being a 16th centure Danish astronomer) is name of one of the main characters in the comic as well as the pseudonym of it's main writer, Jerry Holkins.

  • Mhhhh
  • of the three, I guess it would go for Darkness. She'd be a lot of effort to keep happy though. I just couldn't deal with Aqua and Megumin is way too young

    IMO best girl is Luna, the adventurer's guild receptionist. Wiz is also good. Chris too.

  • Putin calls Taliban Russia's 'ally' in combating terrorism | The Express Tribune
  • The one where ISIS exists and attacked Moscow's Crocus City Hall theater in March. IIRC the Taliban and ISIS aren't best friends because ISIS sees them as resting on their laurels and wanting to stabilize their control of Afghanistan rather than expanding and building an Islamic State.

  • Yoshi P apologizes for Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail issues. The expansion is currently in early access.
  • you also get exp-boosting earrings that work until the max level of the previous expansion, and a unique minion (little pet to show off)

  • Yoshi P apologizes for Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail issues. The expansion is currently in early access.
  • it's not 'early access' in that way, it's just that if you preorder you get access 3 or 4 days early

  • My job isnt so bad after all...
  • doesn't seem like such a bad job

    • low impact
    • low stress
    • gossip with your coworkers if they're chill
    • if they're not, podcasts/ebooks/flatout watching shit on your phone
  • What's up with all the "___punk" stuff?
  • It's not meaningless, it's just evolved into signifying an aesthetic/lifestyle different from the norm. English is a living language, so many words change in meaning over time

  • Epic Games - Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition
  • disagree, because Disco Elysium

  • Everyone needs a Nijika
  • I know it's a meme but introversion != crippling shyness/social awkwardness, it just means that you "gain energy" when you're alone whereas extroverts "gain energy" from being with other people.

  • hmmm
  • Granddad, you can't tame the white supremacist power structure with cheese!

  • Vermont Republican secretly poured water into colleague’s bag over months
  • She "claimed that she didn’t know the bag belonged to him." 🙄

    She intended to pour water in someone else's bag several times over a period of months in a targeted harrasment campaign, it's fine!

  • And it just seemed like any other show.
  • aussie slang for american. seppo = septic tank = yank


    Seppo is a mildly derogatory Australian slang term for an American, shortened from septic tank.

  • Todd Howard: 'We Don't Need to Rush' Next Fallout Game
  • I really wish we could go back to smaller scale rpgs that came out more frequently. Tighter, trimmer play areas with efficient stories. They don't need to have tons of side quests with mediocre at best writing. Just pare it down for shit's sake

  • Spend eternity in Robinson, Illinois. Your loved ones will appreciate the tranquil view of Marathon Oil headquarters as they place flowers on your grave.
  • My Grandpa and I are driving. We pass a cemetery. He nudges my leg, points to the cemetery, and says "Y'know, people're dying to get in there."

    Same joke, every single time.

    I miss my Grandpa

  • The Things by Peter Watts Clarkesworld Magazine - Science Fiction & Fantasy

    Clarkesworld Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine and Podcast. This page: The Things by Peter Watts

    Clarkesworld Magazine - Science Fiction & Fantasy

    Companion to the John Carpenter film The Thing.


    [Withdrawn][Vote] Should we set a 24 hour voting period on c/Agora?

    Currently there is no rule for when a vote is over, or when the vote is tallied. I propose we allow 24 hours from post creation to allow everyone in the community to have a chance to see and consider a proposal and vote. After 24 hours from post creation, the 'polls' would close and the votes can be tallied. Any votes cast after 24 hours would be invalid.

    Edit: some good points made, I withdraw this proposal