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> > YouTube Music is humming along.

The band is obviously playing a game on this one - Neurosis - Irakere (live at Ronnie Scott's) Neurosis - YouTube Music

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Neurosis · Irakere Live At Ronnie Scott's ℗ 1991 Blue Note Records Released on: 1993-01-01 Composer: Chucho...

Neurosis - YouTube Music

Let's play along. Can we name all of the quotes in all of the solos? I got Work Song and Birdland in the piano solo.

Help me choose a doorbell

Wifey wants to be able to see who's at the door before answering.

It seems difficult to match up the capabilities of the various options to what we actually want, so I'm looking for suggestions or recommendations.

Don't want any cloud privacy nightmare nonsense. Don't really even want local storage. Just a live video stream from doorbell to iPhone and/or Android, triggered by the doorbell button.

I don't have HA or any other smart home stuff set up currently, but might like to add it in future.

Required features:

  • answer the door via iPhone, or Android, whoever picks it up first.
  • see who's at the door without letting them know we're looking. Like if I have to "answer" the doorbell before the video comes up, that'd be bad.
  • no cloud / subscription.
  • works without any storage.

Nice to have:

  • Option to add recording/storage later if I change my mind.
  • option for Home Assistant integration later if I ever get around to it.
  • totally wireless / rechargeable.
  • motion detection I guess.

Is there anything suitable out there?

Edit: also nice to have i.e. not required * internet connection so I can see who's at the door even when I'm outside of my wifi range.

DashCam not_woody_shaw
How should I decide whether I need a rear cam?

What kinds of drivers are they the most beneficial for? What other questions do I need to ask myself?

BACK TO THE FUTURE 4 (2024) - First Trailer - Tom Holland

Can you imagine the hype? Yes it's a fake tho 😭

Kurt Elling + Charlie Hunter, full gig. SuperBlue: Recorded Live in Nashville

Recorded live at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville, TN on May 25th 2023.Kurt Elling - VoiceCharlie Hunter - Hybrid GuitarKenny Banks Jr. - KeyboardsMarcus Finnie -...

SuperBlue: Recorded Live in Nashville

With cameo by Tennishu (Marcus Tenney) from Butcher Brown.

Peugeot not_woody_shaw
Yellow map!

I just updated the map on my 3008 and now the sat nav map has gone a disgusting eyeball-searing yellow colour. Is there a way to make it look normal again?

I read on another forum that it's Stellantis's way of letting you know you're in a low emission zone, and maybe in a future update they'll make it sensible again. Any idea when that might be?

Confused about home chargers and their apps

About to get my first plug-in car, and have some questions.

I work in the software industry so I know that all apps eventually get discontinued or abandoned, so what happens to my home EV charger when the app it needs is no longer available?

Are there generic home EV charger apps that work with other brands chargers?

Can I just not install the app? I'm not saying I'd avoid installing it, but knowing how the charger would behave in this scenario is important information.

Vario + steel burrs

So I put the steel burrs in my Vario, hoping for more clarity in my espresso and a much improved V60. The pourovers are indeed a lot better than with the ceramic burrs, but for espresso... it's complicated.

It's calibrated for chirp at 2Q, and I'm down at 1A, the absolute finest it goes, and the shortest ratio shot I can do is 1:2.5 (17g -> 42g, 25sec)

This is fine for light roast single origins, altho it's a little scary being at the extreme end of the grind setting range. But I feel like I should still be able to pull a 1:2 shot from more traditional darker blends when I want to, without dismantling the grinder to swap the burrs back to ceramic.

Can I safely calibrate it finer?

Is it more likely the alignment?

I did attempt the "alicorn" hyper-alignment procedure after swapping the burrs, but since then it's been sent off to repair the electronics, so the alignment may be suspect again.

Are there any better resources or guides for the hyper-alignment these days? The two YouTube videos I followed were very confusing and seemed more of a proof of concept than a how-to guide. I don't really have the patience for multiple go-rounds of assemble/disassemble to wipe-check the alignment then adjust again. And I suspect doing this the first time was how the grinder electronics got killed.

Any help or advice gratefully received.

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