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Why haven't car manufacturers standardized automatic brake lights when a built in accelerometer detects deceleration?
  • One foot EV driving does turn on the brake lights when it exceeds a certain deceleration amount.

    But most EVs default to slowly charging the car and slowing it in a similar way to ICE compression braking (which uses 0 fuel in fuel injected cars BTW).

    Anyway regardless of how the vehicle is slowing down, the NHTSA allows for the brake lights to be activated by other devices that slow the car (not just the pedal), and the UN requires brake lights be applied if the vehicle deceleration exceeds

  • :-O
  • Imagine if the shooter was actually a Republican or cop or something who didn’t like Trump and the RNC won’t let his identity out.

    Or if it’s the dad of some teen Trump raped.

    Probably it’s still just the Sercret Service wanting to track down everyone even tangentially involved and detain and question them all before the guy’s name is out there.

  • Maybe it was someone from the future.
  • Now we need to make sure one idiots attempt to stop him from being president, doesn’t derail the rest of our determination to stop him from being president the democratic way.

    I’m sure we can do it, but all the non MAGAts need to work together to ensure it.

  • Another storm, another electricity failure in Texas: Why can't the energy state deliver reliable electricity?
  • No that’s the non proportional voting system, gerrymandering, and electoral college system that allows the Republicans to get away with it.

    Also add in the shit education, money = speech, and late stage capitalism bullshit to get the morons voting that way in the first place.

  • Another storm, another electricity failure in Texas: Why can't the energy state deliver reliable electricity?
  • There is a financial incentive to keep things failure prone, because demand pricing allows them to make the same amount of revenue with whatever (lack of) production is available.

    So when only a few neighborhoods still have power they just end up paying for the whole damn city. It’s nuts.

  • What is everyone's favorite coffee brand?
  • Looks like it’s independent still. But not really close to the size of the Nestle brands (like Starbucks bagged coffee)

    Here’s the brands listed on the Wikipedia page (though Seattles Best is missing, but present on Nestles own site):


  • What is your favorite movie theater where you live?
  • There’s the Coolidge (green line is a bit of a pain) and Somerville Theater (right off the redline in Davis square).

    The Brattle is also really good for rare, arthouse films and it’s a rear projection screen which is kinda novel now.

    I haven’t been to the Drafhouse, but see no reason to, especially now that it’s owned by Sony.

  • This will surely stop people making fun of HR
  • Insurance is more than “to some extent”. Insurance companies are there to make a profit and protect as much of their gross revenue as possible (not just US health insurance either). The more they give back to customers as claims, the less they have for market investment, or just straight CEO pay and shareholder dividends. One possible exception for non-profit insurance companies, but they are pretty rare (unless you’re in Florida and the state insurance is all that’s left).

  • Hexcodle #336
  • I got Hexcodle #336 in 5! Score: 56%


    This was fun!

    Haven’t hand coded css colors in a while. Lots of programmatic hsla has been more fun since I’ve been able to dictate the design (instead of replicating shitty designer’s PSDs).

  • Yeah, it's basically a Ferrari

    “Testarossa” vent sticker detail in comments.

    Never liked the 3 spoke wheels at the time, but kinda fun to see nowadays.


    Technically it's a 90s car

    It’s a 1991 VW Multivan so it came with a poptop, and a cabinet in the back (so it has a weird L shaped downstairs bed), but no kitchen, just seating for 8 with two backwards facing jump seats.

    It is very much 1980s technology (especially the convoluted ignition and injection system that still managed to act like a carburetor on cold starts). Everyone who approaches it at gas stations and parking lots always asks what year it is, then they look confused when it starts with a 9.


    [bug] unable to mark messages as read

    Both tapping to read and tapping the check box in the messages view fails to make unread messages as read.

    Also unable to post, my instance signed in properly and I can post from Voyager with the same login just fine.