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GOP party convention says quiet part out loud: “We do not want to be a democracy.”
  • The United States is one of the best examples of a democratic republic, it is absolutely both a democracy and a republic.

    Eugene Volokh of the UCLA School of Law observes that the United States exemplifies the varied nature of a constitutional republic—a country where some decisions (often local) are made by direct democratic processes, while others (often federal) are made by democratically elected representatives

    The lack of high school civics education in this country has done untold damage

  • Chinese self-driving cars have quietly traveled 1.8 million miles on U.S. roads, collecting detailed data with cameras and lasers
  • I think it’s a valid concern in that we need real laws around data and what you’re allowed to do with it or China/ whoever can just buy the data from an american company without needing to do anything themselves. Similarly forcing a sale of TikTok is meaningless if China can buy data from them or compromise their security ala solar winds. There’s a reason Saudi Arabia is so deeply invested in Uber, Reddit, lucid, etc.

  • Whether It’s Biden or Someone Else, Gaza Remains Top Priority for “Uncommitted” Voters
  • And we didn’t abolish slavery for 89 years after declaring independence. We can absolutely agree change is usually painfully, unnecessarily, terribly slow but it does happen, requiring time, work, and sacrifice

    our lives are worse than four, eight, twelve, sixteen, or however many four years you want to go back our lives get worse every election no matter who wins

    Is what I was replying to and it’s objectively false.

    An important caveat is that positive societal change is absolutely not inevitable, generations have fought to improve the injustices of their times and we must carry on their legacy lest we allow their sacrifices to be in vain

  • An experiment doled out money to homeless people in Denver, no strings attached. Here’s what happened.
  • I’m confused at how they spent 2.1 million dollars or close to a quarter of what they raised on fundraising and delivery. If there were aid workers working with people that would make sense but there were just 3 surveys over the course of the year and if you didn’t fill it out you still got paid. This seems like a relatively minimal amount of work: establish direct deposits, create a survey, and analyze a bit of data when you’re done

    Also maybe I’m misinterpreting but the graphs seem to show the control group having much more similar outcomes to those getting larger sums and payments having much less of an effect than I’d expect

  • Gen Z are desperate to be eco-friendly but LinkedIn says they’re so underskilled they actually pose a ‘risk’ to climate progress
  • I mean it explicitly says it’s not Gen Z’s fault they don’t have the requisite training. They want to learn more than the rest of the population, there just aren’t good opportunities to learn the relatively niche skills.

    I totally agree the article should have been written way better, and I question why it focuses on just gen z when a lack of sustainable talent seems like a multigenerational problem, but improving training being most critical for gen Z as they will be taking over more and more of the workforce in the oncoming years (critically during the window of opportunity to reverse more of the effects of climate change) makes sense to me

  • Follow Up to Lakota Language Consortioum Story
  • I was wondering about this situation, thanks for posting an update. I think the podcast did a great job of explaining the complexity of the issue while making sure to leave passing judgement or picking a side to the tribal leaders and stewards of the language

  • Biden’s Love for His Son Is Beautiful — and It Hits Home for Me
  • I’m not shocked by the willingness of the right to throw a suffering former addict under the bus, they’ve shown who they are, but I am a bit surprised by the number of liberals and leftists who seem to agree or not to care

  • Genetic testing firm 23andMe investigated over hack
  • From what I’ve heard people got their accounts at random other companies/ services hacked, their emails and passwords were posted/ sold online, and then the hackers bought them and tried entering them into 23andMe which succeeded for a number of users who use the same creds across services. I agree the article could have been clearer, but it does seem like a meaningful distinction to me that 23andMe itself didn’t get hacked

  • Inside the brain school
  • I think the clumsily forcing children to relive their trauma in an unwelcoming environment with strangers without any preparation for how that might go wrong is the part that seems the most harmful.

    Regardless though, any time a scientific study is being performed on an at risk population there are a set of safeguards and guardrails that need to be put in place to ensure safety and ethics. Children of First Nations families who have experienced trauma are one of the most vulnerable groups I can possibly think of, who don’t have the same ability to advocate for themselves or the same safety nets as others.

    You’re correct that this seems to have done less harm than many of the egregious examples of experiments or acts done to native peoples on colonized land, but the fact is that in the 21st century every group, regulatory body, ethics review board, and government agency that was involved in this seemed to shrug and leave these kids in the hands of a lunatic who thought he could teach them to fly or talk to angels by altering brainwaves

    Sure it could have been worse and this doctor could have caused more harm than he did, but honestly the fact that he was given the access, funding, and opportunities he was is a resounding indictment of the system as a whole regardless of what he did with them

  • Inside the brain school
  • I know a bit about Canada’s history there, I appreciate you sharing more information.

    The level of disregard our society has for indigenous populations and the injustices they suffer is heartbreaking and infuriating, most people seem to think it’s either a problem of the past or an uncomfortable conversation to ignore

  • The full video from the famous "Tank Man" photo
  • I don’t think I’ve heard anyone imply that he’s important because he’s a martyr, it’s the fact he believes in his cause strongly enough and he was brave enough to stare down inevitable death and force the other guy to blink that’s so memorable about that image (at least for me and those I’ve spoken to about it)

    The psyops propaganda you posted is definitely cringe af but it seems to clearly show the tank turning in the clip, calling it a clear example of misleading people into thinking he was killed is a pretty big stretch imo

  • Do you prefer Reddit or Lemmy?
  • Agree, it feels like everyone wants it to be less toxic than Reddit but I’m not sure it actually is. There are just as many mods out of control, wild politics, trolls etc. here than there, and just because it’s a smaller community and easier to stick to your instance/ block others doesn’t mean it’s better. I certainly have more communities, servers, and individuals blocked on lemmy than I ever did on Reddit