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German Chancellor promotes government cloud from SAP and Microsoft
  • Sovereignity by ditching open source software for a proprietary solution made by a US company? How depraved is our dear Bundeskanzler?! The source code of each software update will be made available to the German service provider. Does Scholz really expect someone checking it thoroughly, each time?

  • 1990 - 2005 Gaming Build
  • Carmageddon and GTA were quite some bangers, and I think they still are. Or Age of Empires 1&2.

    Honorable mentions:

    • Dark Project
    • Soul Reaver
    • Blood Omen
    • King's Quest
    • Ballistics
    • Dethkarz
    • Ken's Labyrinth
    • The Settlers
  • Is there a keybind I can use to restart my graphics driver?
  • REISUB would sync all remaining disk operations and then restart the entire machine.

    You could try the old combo for restarting X: Ctrl+Alt+Backspace. I'm not sure though, whether it will work on your system.

  • Suggestions for a wireless headset, anyone?

    One of the challenges when it comes to switching gaming setups from the Windows world to Linux, is fully-featured hardware support.

    The Xbox Wireless Headset + official dongle does a decent job with a lot of bang for the buck. However, It's not (yet) supported by XONE or any other driver. I can connect it via bluetooth, but then it just sounds dull - no surprise!

    That's why I'm now looking for a new headset which is approved by the community. It must offer decent (surround-)sound in games.


    Distro suggestions, anyone?

    I'm planning to rebuild my gaming PC (Specs so far: Ryzen 5 7600, B650 chipset, RTX 3060, Dan Case A4).

    Yet, I'm not sure which OS it will be. Important features will most probably be:

    • low latency kernel
    • decent hardware support (GPU driver should support the kernel without the need of compiling everything manually)
    • modern looks, rather than a 2003-style xfce configuration
    • still having the freedom to modify and install anything I want

    Study: Inhalation vs Injection

    Yet another study: Inhalation vs injection of 1.6 mg Δ⁹-THC-CBD solution.

    No surprise: blood concentration is much higher when injected.

    Please find the paper:


    Study about CBD oil (2018)

    I just stumbled upon this scientific paper from 2018. It references a Dutch study where 46 canna oil samples from patiens were analyzed. It's shocking how the labels deviate from the actual concentrations.

    Here's the link to the paper:

    And the other related issues:


    Organize your life with a daily journal and a knowledge base

    Half a year ago I stumbled upon two notetaking tools of which one improved my life's quality, so I thought I share my experience with the community. I'm not sponsored by either of these projects.

    Both of these tools are powerful extendable markdown editors with a daily journal, calender function, TODO list and a knowledge base similar to a Wiki. Every page or block can be crosslinked, referenced or embedded. That way, I can keep an overview over my daily tasks with all necessary information directly accessible.

    The one tool I use daily now, is Logseq. I synchronize my notes among all my devices via git. Works great under Linux, but I needed to install termux on Android. They are working on a sync service for logseq, which should make it more interesting for most users. There is one caveat though: It's not on Google's PlayStore, nor on f-droid.

    The other similar tool, which I can recommend because it is more easily available, is Obsidian. The company also offers a sync service for premium users. I found one missing feature which is more a niche, but still a bummer: Code blocks cannot be indented.

    What do you think? Do you use similar - maybe even better - note taking tools?