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How to argue for making a new plant public transit friendly
  • Saving money/space on building the parking and increased pool of potential workers seem like the two arguments that are written in the language that corporations speak. Not sure how effective they will be, but they're the most likely to work out of the ones you posted. Good luck!

  • Rainbows and Rollerblades: The queer evolution of the Scott Pilgrim series
  • I was never super critical of the queer representation in the movie because it is probably my favorite movie, but the article raised good points and I agree that the treatment of Roxie left a lot to be desired. Pleasantly surprised that the new anime was as good as it was! I still think I love the film more because of the crisp dialogue and visual comedy

  • Brand new car rolls through beachside home after driver reportedly forgets handbrake
  • For some reason I assumed all brand new cars would have automatic parking breaks... Must only be for the mid/high range ones then

    Edit: it was a Patrol. I guess the people who hate the electronification of cars can be happy that they're still making some with a focus on physical/mechanical controls

  • Why isn't it recommended to change the SIGINT shortcut from Ctrl+C to something like Ctrl+SHIFT+C?
  • My solution for this has been on my Linux machine, using keyd, to swap alt and super, and map super+c, super+v to copy and paste. (I also map super+L, super+R, super+T and super+W in Firefox to the control- equivalents using keyd's per-application bindings functionality)

  • Why isn't it recommended to change the SIGINT shortcut from Ctrl+C to something like Ctrl+SHIFT+C?
  • Switching it at the terminal emulator level should work fine for every CLI/TUI though, right? Just have your terminal send 0x03 when you press C-S-c and copy selected text on C-c. I haven't tested it but I'm sure that alacritty, wezterm, windows terminal and probably tmux can do this.

  • Boffins convert typing sounds into text with 95% accuracy
  • I used boba u4 silents on my custom keyboard. Absolutely love them. Wish they made a consumer-grade keyboard with them (or maybe they already do?) But I've been working on a MacBook recently and tbh the keyboard there is pretty good now. So next step for me is to build a low profile keyboard

  • Movie discussion posts?

    Are we going to have movie discussions here like /r/movies used to do? I want to talk about and hear what people thought of Oppenheimer. Is there already a post for Oppenheimer/should I just make one? (Sorry, I'm using Lemmy from the Thunder app and can't figure out if I'm able to search for posts)