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China's subsidies create, not destroy, value
  • What I'm seeing is that China's subsidies create cheaper products that benefit consumers, be it Chinese or the world at large.

    Meanwhile American subsidies to American companies benefit their CEOs who then cut themselves an obscenely fat bonus, and fire half their downline staff.

  • What industry secret are you aware of that most people aren't?
  • I'm not so sure about food, but for many mass market products it is indeed true that the same manufacturer can be engaged to make the same product under different branding. The difference then comes down to the corners cut to meet the client's pricing. Crappier boxes, thinner bags, packing material, and quality inspection. Assuming the core ingredients are not compromised in some way.

  • What good/positive habits have you taken away from your time in Covid lockdown and kept up since then?
  • I learned what without hired help and a mother that got incapacitated, a house can turn into a sloppy mess real quick.

    Learned to cook real meals, do laundry, and give the house a good vacuum and mop.

    Went from a 105kg manchild to a 93kg still-a-manchild. Who knew that controlling your own food and regular physical activity would make a potbelly shrink.

  • The Palestine experience
  • Perhaps one should go to the website whose address is written in the corner of the video? I struggle to find the article for this specific incident, because there seem to be over a thousand written articles, going back as far as 2009.

  • My opinion on Bone conduction earphones
  • That sucks to hear. I got the Titanium too. Would simply continue using that, but the battery seems to be bulging now. The new open run pro just feels flimsy by comparison and 1.3 times the original price of the Titanium.

    I'm starting to consider other brands.

  • Mystical land pirates (with pizza)
  • I feel sad. When I was younger I would always try and figure out North by the position of the sun, time of day and time of year, whenever I was in a new place. Its gotten so useless to do so I have forgotten how.

    Last time I used these skills was in Norway. figured out North while walking around Tromso by looking at the Satellite Dishes.

  • Mystical land pirates (with pizza)
  • In my younger years my city used to publish a comprehensive road map that you could navigate by reading the road name index, figuring out its location on a greater city map grid, then finding its detailed map on a page listed on that grid. I literally used to help my parents navigate unknown roads like a Garmin before Garmin was even a thing. Every 2 years I would pick up the new edition of the map because the old one was getting ratty and out of date.

    Good times.

  • Mystical land pirates (with pizza)
  • In the before times, I was uniquely blessed with the ability to decipher these paper maps. I was seen as a god among men.

    Alas, with the advent of GPS and navigation I am but a mere relic of days gone by, regaling my days of glory to whomever should have the ears to listen.

  • Ubisoft Exec Says Gamers Need to Get 'Comfortable' Not Owning Their Games for Subscriptions to Take Off
  • After the bore fest which was division, which I pre-ordered, I finally uninstalled Ubisoft launcher, the name of which is can't be bothered to recall. Someone gave me a free game code for division 2, I still could not bother to reinstall the unnamed launcher.

  • Gamers who have gamed for a long time
  • Nothing sticks in my mind anymore. I tried to reinstall CP2077 and do a replay, but ultimately each time i exit it gets harder to start up and resume. I struggle to bother remembering which part of the story im am at. 20 years ago i would get "tetris effect" from pretty much any game I play; daydreaming about an RPG im playing, see tetris blocks falling into place, etc. Nowadays I don't even get that with literal Tetris Effect.

    It may be work life, stress etc. But part of myself just feels gaming is missing that old multiplayer feel where a whole bunch of us are in the Computer Science Lab, installing Doom 3 on the lab machines and playing til they kick us out at midnight. I'm also missing that feel of a whole bunch of us huddled in a McDonalds playing Mario Kart DS multiplayer, screaming so loud when someone triggers a lighting bolt, that the store manager essentially banned us from playing there ever again.

    As for games like 2077, the sad realization is that the denouement leaves the me kinda confused more than anything. so many games I finish now leave me checking online to ask "What was that?"

    I feel old now.

  • "Just Season It" by Mr.Lovenstein
  • The wild banana has almost nothing to eat, being filled with large seeds and we can still find wild apples, by nature very tart but still edible. Every single cereal we plant and harvest today was originally nothing more than a wild grass.

    I cannot help thinking about the first proto-human that started munching on the tips of wild grass.

    • "Hey Unk, check out Krug over there, chewin on the grass. That shit's messed up."
    • "I dunno Greg. Looks pretty tasty to me."
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