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Groq Releases ‘Groqbook’, an App that Generates Entire Books in Seconds.
  • This sounds like nothing, especially as its just "non fiction."

    Sounds like the company made an app that can fill an arbitrary length of paper with various tidbits, some very likely hallucinated, about actual events.

  • My fellow software engineer, It's the year 2024...
  • So far, thats the most specific reason someone has given to use XDG, but I dont think it accurate.

    FHS is the most used, as it's been the primary linux filesystem standard for decades. Isn't it better to stick with it if the only metric is popularity?

  • My fellow software engineer, It's the year 2024...
  • Yeah, I fully get that. The post and comments were very specific about how if you dont follow XDG, you're fucking up, while only generally saying that "everything would be better if everyone followed the same standard."

    I pointed out that there are several standards and asked for a unique reason why XDG was the best to use.

    I still haven't heard one, which is fine, but it undermines the "If youre not using, XDG youre a idiot" tone of the post and comments.

  • Steam Independent Games Festival Celebration Days are now live
  • Agreed. I use to make a list of what I want and just get it from the cheapest vendor when it hits the target range im looking for.

    With some many legit steam key resellers now, games are almost always on deep sales after the first 3 months or so.

  • Sizing pants: men's vs women's
  • Cut is part of it, but they literally aren't consistent about the length of the cloth, even with the same number shown.

    "Boot cut" or "skinny" 34 waist from every single brand will differ, even if the cut was exactly the same.

  • My fellow software engineer, It's the year 2024...
  • /etc is a standard, defined in the filesystem hierarchy standard. This is not: produces specifications for interoperability, but we are not an official standards body. There is no requirement for projects to implement all of these specifications, nor certification.

    Below are some of the specifications we have produced, many under the banner of 'XDG', which stands for the Cross-Desktop Group.

    Its nit-picking, but this is a specification, i.e a preference, not an official standard. It would be great if everyone would agree on just one of these to use, but that isn't a foregone conclusion. Even the actual standard, the FHS, isn't followed by popular OS's like NixOS.

  • My fellow software engineer, It's the year 2024...
  • Someone asking a question doesnt merit the insult of saying they "would never ask if they used a terminal." I have no particular dog in this fight, but not being a dick isn't that hard.

    As to using this standard, just because this is your preferred standard, doesnt mean its the only standard.

    It may actually be the best now, but so were the 14 others that came before it. Your stated reasons are the same reasons as everyone agreeing to use any other standard. Consistency, predictability, automation,ease of backup/restore, etc.

    What sets this standard apart from all the rest? Based on their own description, they aren't even an official standard, just one in "very active" use.

    So why this, specifically? Just because its what you're already doing?

  • Medieval hardships
  • Ive known alcoholics that drank 12-24 packs daily and still were perfectly functional. This is 4-5% abv beer, and they did all of the normal activities you would expect. If you didnt know they had a disease/addiction, you likely would never have noticed how much they had to drink that day. They easily consumed 2-3000 calories/day just from beer.

    Human tolerance for alcohol is way, more adaptable than youre implying.

  • Basic instincts
  • And hes proactively ending it with him by helping his kids learn healthy views about individual tastes and respecting others.

    Even if he can't "fix" it for himself, he has already protected others.

  • Baba Yaga Boba Yaga by Beth Sparks -

    Source: Boba Yaga (by Beth Sparks - ArtStation) [] > I was gonna wait and post this with some other drawings, probably, but it grew legs on twitter and i’ve gotten a couple of ‘did you draw this’ questions so i’m putting it up now to try and cut down on confu...

    Boba Yaga by Beth Sparks -